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Data analysis use to predict …. driver happiness?

| July 06, 2013
Click through this image for a lengthy FleetRisk infographic touting aggregate customer results from use of predictive analysis.

Click through this image for a lengthy FleetRisk infographic touting aggregate customer results from use of predictive analysis.

Fleets deploying the data-analytics service available from the folks at FleetRisk Advisors have seen results that amount to a more than 80 percent reduction in accidents and a similarly sized drop in driver turnover. You might think of the predictive modeling FleetRisk does as a sort of “Moneyball” approach to accident prevention and other workplace improvement efforts. Essentially, FleetRisk, a business unit of Qualcomm’s Omnitracs fleet management device/software company, mines drivers’ operational data, including “tenure, compensation, safety and accident record, level of fatigue, and hours on the job,” they say on their website.

Running such data through proprietary predictive modeling engines, the company says, enables carriers to identify drivers at risk of safety-related events for the purposes of targeting fleet resources for particular drivers to reduce accidents as well as workers compensation claims on a fleet policy. FleetRisk is so convinced of the efficacy of what they’re doing, they’ve made pretty broad claims about use of predictive modeling in the future, where they see it figuring in all aspects of trucking industrywide.

Fair enough. But then there’s the driver-turnover piece. Check out this graph, showing three-year results from a company using FleetRisk’s predictive modeling to, well, tell them which drivers were most likely to leave the company.

Fleetrisk retention performance graph

Notice the vastly better turnover rate in the third year versus the first. Here’s my question for you: What do you think the fleet did in the interim after identifying those drivers most at risk of leaving?

I don’t know how easy it is to predict happiness levels from individual to individual, but I do know it ought to be a fairly simple task to keep a fleet’s turnover rates low. While carrier efforts at treating drivers better could involve all manner of things, there’s one aspect that you can bet on: It’s a three-letter word, rhymes with day.

In any case, if you’re leased to a carrier using the service, have you seen FleetRisk’s predictive analysis for your operation? What’s the verdict — will you be happy in five years? Enquiring minds want to know.

  • No Reform

    Psychologigical Evaluations Now? I guess the other Data they are compiling is not enuff? Dispatchers maybe trained to administer these “scientific” tests before we drive? What will they think of next? The dash cam will be monitoring our facial expressions for signs of unhappiness?

  • No Reform

    Driver PAY is about 1/2 of what it should be….and we are treated with utter DISRESPECT without repercussion by Dispatchers, Shippers, Receivers, Brokers, Cops….just to name a few. Maybe Fleet Risk’s predictive alalytics will feed THAT part in….the STRESS is overwhelming..and getting WORSE everyday…Owners would rather pay for anylitical observations than Pay the EMPLOYEE and money.

  • Ken Nilsen

    What should driver pay be? What is it based on? if you are treated with dis-respect why are you still trying to live the lifestyle? If the stress is too much for you then please get out of the truck today before you kill someone.

  • Shaun

    Anyone affected by the fuel rebate scam with flying j, pilot and cvc give me a call at 949 290 4648. I’ll be enrolling people tomorrow. You deserve your money back plus some. Feel free to call me. If I don’t get to your call leave me a message. I’ve been talking to about 100 people a day for a week.

  • mousekiller

    SHHHH dont be so loud or Mn will get the fatigued list out again and share it.
    As far as cameras go they are in trucks now. My Brother in law has one in his company truck one camera lens is looking out the windshield and the other is looking at him. I my self use a dash cam just to record the idiots I share the road with and they are not all driving cars.

  • martymarsh

    Ken, I need to know what kind of perfect life you are living. You can’t be a driver because just going down the road when everything is going right and someone will do something stupid in front of you, you don’t call that stress?

  • martymarsh

    They have been in the computers for years, QUALCOMM and such, but no seems to catch on. Everyone smile.

  • Ken Nilsen

    I never said there is no stress, I was simply stating the obvious. If you cannot handle it and it is overwhelming like the poster wrote then you do not need to be behind the wheel.

  • martymarsh

    Took you awhile to think up that one, hey? Try responding from the real world, everyone has some kind of stress and when they don’t they have their head up their butt anyway, which means their body is in the truck or the car for that matter but their mind is not with them, and it doesn’t have to be stress. So who determines if one can’t handle it, if they stay at it obviously they are handling it. Of course if they voice their opinion then someone wants to shut them up. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.