Diesel price jumps 3.9 cents in first consecutive increase in three months

| December 03, 2013

12-2-13 fuelThe national average price for a gallon of on-highway diesel rose for the second week in a row in the week ended Dec. 2, moving up 3.9 cents to $3.883, presumably spurred by increased demand from movement of goods for the holidays and consumer-related holiday activities like traveling and shopping.

This is the first time since the weeks ended Aug. 26 and Sept. 2 that the national average price increased in back to back weeks.


Diesel price still projected to fall in 2013, further in 2014

The Dept. of Energy forecasts the price for a gallon of on-highway diesel will be $3.93 in 2013 and drop to $3.76 in 2014.

The 3.9-cent increase is also the highest weekly uptick  — save for Sept. 2’s 6.8-cent increase caused by increased likelihood of U.S. military intervention in the Syrian civil war — since a 3.9-cent increase in the week ended July 15.

The increase in the week ended Nov. 25 ended a string of 11 weeks without a week-to-week rise.

Diesel prices rose roughly the same in the last week of November last year before beginning a seven-week string of drops. The national average price is also still 14.4 cents cheaper than the same week in 2012.

Regionally, all prices rose, too, led by 5.7-cent and 5-cent increases in the West Coast less California region and the Midwest region, respectively. The Rocky Mountain region had the smallest increase, 2.1-cents, followed by a 2.7-cent increase in the Gulf Coast region.

The Gulf Coast also still has the country’s cheapest diesel, $3.780 a gallon, while California has the most expensive, $4.056. The California and New England regions are the only two to have average prices higher than $4.

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  • ilovdieselsmoke

    it could be a $1.20 per gallon if our government officials didn’t have the oil company lobbyist funding their election campaigns. Of course big oil isn’t doing anything different than any other giant US corporation is not already doing to the American people.. We the people is a thing of the past.. A blind man could see who’s actually running our country now. I don’t see good hard working people getting ahead anymore. You have a slim chance to none at all playing by the rules. Sadly it’s those who use or abuse the system who make it today without the headache of trying to play this game fairly. I for one am tired of funding all these dead a$$ individuals who manipulate the system including the giant corporations. There used to be money in trucking. Now most of our trucking money earned goes to the oil companies who act like they are about to file chapter 7 every time they want another government handout or subsidy from our “we the people representatives” in Washington, DC who also enjoy hefty tax payer handouts! .

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