DOT’s Foxx defends hours rule, saying it is ‘product of years’ of research

| September 19, 2013
Secretary Anthony Foxx

Secretary Anthony Foxx

Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx sent Wednesday, Sept. 18, to 51 House members a response letter defending the current hours of service rule and saying it is the result of years of research into driver fatigue and safety and analysis of comments from the public. 

The letter was individually addressed and sent to each of the 51 signees of a letter sent to Foxx in August criticizing the hours of service rule and its implementation.

Rep. Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.), has been an outspoken proponent of the current hours rule and spearheaded the Aug. 29 letter to DOT head Foxx, which called the hours rule “counter to commonsense” and requested the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provide it with a date as to when an hours of service study required by the MAP-21 highway funding law — passed last year – would be completed. Hanna also released a statement this week saying he intends to “restore some commonsense to this flawed regulatory process,” referring to the hours rule. 

In his letter, Foxx points to the fact that the MAP-21 legislation “was enacted well after the” final hours rule was published in December 2011. The letter from House members was critical of FMCSA and the DOT for the rule going final even though the MAP-21-required study had not been completed. 

Foxx said the hours rule “is also the result of input from a wide range of stakeholders, including trucking companies, drivers, law enforcement, unions and safety advocates,” in addition to the aforementioned research. 

The data collection phase of the study has been completed, however, says Foxx, who also wrote that the agency is in the “final stages of analysis.” 

A date to which the study will be reported to Congress could not be provided, says Foxx, but the agency is working to get it finished and reported, he says. 

Click here to see coverage of the House letter sent to Foxx last month.

  • Jim Flindt

    Look…Bush did NOTHING to stop or repeal NAFTA, so blaming Obama for your woes accomplishes nothing. It’s Clear you’re a Regressive….I mean Republican, so remove politics from your argument and you HAVE no argument!

  • Jim Flindt

    Ah Yes…Another Racist Comment…Can’t expect much else from some of these people.

  • Jim Flindt

    Ah Yes…Another Racist Comment…Can’t expect much else from some of these people!

  • Dave

    I do not think drivers and trucking companies agreed with this. The lying never stops. On another bad note. A trucker strike for 3 days on a weekend. REALLY? On a weekend when the majority of drivers are home? Yeah! Thats going to get noticed. The last time it was on a weekend. We were laughed at. It just goes to show know one is really willing to fight. You have to shut things down during working hours. In the middle of a week when everyone is waiting on products. Shutdown production lines in the middle of the week. Get the attention of warehouse, distribution centers, manufacturing owners. Get the big wigs bitching to the government. Sitting at home with your remote for a weekend.Doesn’t prove nothing. A normal weekend.

  • James Reed

    Mr. Foxx, when was the last time you had your butt behind the wheel of a truck????? I would say, NEVER…..

  • cjmarley

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  • Buford Powers

    The real problem in trucking, is with the rules being in favor of the shipper or manufacturer of product. We are no longer in business as long as corporation can dictate rate, how is it that ever service business I ever seen or heard of, set’s the rate it will perform a service. the problem is even worse when the corporate office can take it’s on slow time to pay when the service as been provided at cost, immediately to the trucker. why in the time of technology, and real time does a trucking company or driver have to wait so long for compensation? want to boost the economy pay in 21 day’s of service. Buford Powers.

  • Buford Powers

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  • lastgoodusername

    this is a link to Mr. Foxx’s bio.
    Would someone explain where his vast knowledge of transportation came from. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.