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Todd Dills

Ever been pulled by a big rig?

| May 18, 2013

Tennessee Highway Patrol Peterbilt 379

Scary, huh?

Not exactly. This picture was staged by Cookeville, Tenn.-based eight-year driver and current Greatwide subagent/dispatcher Michael Winton when he came upon the somewhat infamous Tennessee Highway Patrol Peterbilt 379 parked locally two weekends back. “I just had to get a picture of it” with his custom pickup, he says.

Another interesting detail: Notice it’s hooked to a “No Zone” trailer, which I wrote about following Schneider’s 75th-anniversary event three years ago, where I came upon one. With any luck, the location here is a local school, and the THP was set up there to help teach young drivers about safe on-highway habits around big rigs.

Here’s wishing a safe weekend dodging the four-wheelers to you all — and hope against those big blue lights in the side-view. Here’s a somewhat closer look at the rig:

Tennessee Highway Patrol Peterbilt 379, close

  • Jimmy

    Is this actually on the road to protect Truckrs?
    Not being negative but would like too know the qualification of the (Driver). Trooper or not! How many miles under the belt or just School trained. Have to admit,makes a differents in my book.

  • barney

    There other applications that don’t measure experience in miles. Like mixer/dump/garbage, etc. You are right though about trooper’s qualifications/experience. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.