FMCSA shuts down fleet behind driver said to have been on duty 35 hours

| April 03, 2014

Illinois-based carrier DND International has been ordered to shut down by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration after the agency said its investigators found “widespread, serious violations” of hours of service regulations and with falsifying logs. 

The agency’s investigation into the carrier was spurred by a fatal crash allegedly caused by one of its drivers in February, when Renato V. Velasquez crashed into two fully illuminated stationary vehicles, killing an Illinois Tollway worker and injuring a state trooper. 


Agency shuts down driver said to have driven 35 hours straight before fatal crash

FMCSA announced it has shut down an Illinois-based driver with an imminent hazard out-of-service order after a fatal crash led to the discovery he had ...

Velasquez was, according to an FMCSA investigation, on duty for 26 hours straight, with just three and a half to five and a half hours of break time. Local news outlets, however, reported Velasquez was on duty for 35 hours, driving 1,000 miles in that time. 

The agency issued a shut down order to Velasquez in February and was charged with multiple felonies. FMCSA says Velasquez also had been falsifying his logs. 

FMCSA began investigating his carrier, DND, following the accident. The agency says it compared toll transaction data with logs of seven of the carrier’s drivers, and all seven had falsified their logs. 

FMCSA says its investigation showed “an unmistakable, dangerous pattern of serious falsifications that substantially increase the likelihood of serious injury or death to [the carrier’s] drivers and the motoring public.”

DND is the ninth carrier shut down by the agency this year. FMCSA has also shut down four drivers.

“The constant focus of every driver, particularly operators of very large commercial vehicles, must be on safety,” said FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro.  “Companies and commercial drivers that knowingly jeopardize public safety by disregarding common-sense regulations that prevent driver fatigue will not be tolerated and will be banned from continuing their dangerous and illegal behavior.”

  • Just a driver

    You’re focusing on the driver. In general, the driver, isn’t the policy maker at any carrier. Why aren’t the owners and upper management, or even the dispatchers being held accountable?

  • magoo

    Bcuz it’s ALWAYS the driver’s fault. U no this!

  • EagleOne

    Shut down the company you take care of all the issues at once. I fully support the govt’s efforts. It must be a very serious shock to drivers who have become accustomed to driving extended HOS. But those days are done now. Want to continue driving? Drive within the rules. Simple.

  • brian

    Its the drivers responsibility to drive legal..dispatchers will always try to get you yo go over your hours or haul a load too heavy…they dont care they just want freight moved

  • dirtmover

    Learn how to spell. Your post makes truck drivers look stupid.

  • chickenman

    Don’t just shut down the company ! Cease all assets and equipment. If its loaded cease the load as well. Imprison everyone involved that knew what was going on. Then and only then do you start to solve the problem !

  • Mike64

    Im surprised somebody didn’t say” look at all the money he’s making” I’m familiar with IL carriers. DND is a container hauling outfit that has been shady as far back as I can remember.

  • jesse wood

    just switch to a tanker and deliver propane and you can drive all the hrs you want

  • SemperFi

    I was told that this companies CSA score was 97%. EACH and EVERY weight station he passed along his route, the supervisor and officer should be held partially responsible for the death of the tollway worker.
    It is also the responsibility of the States when drivers such as this remain on the roads. CSA scores are available and should be checked by the stations. Companies over 70% should have their logs and equipment checked until their score goes down. FMCSA cries safety but refuses to hold their own accontable for their neglagence.

  • DE_from_NC

    Ever heard of text message shortcuts or acronyms ? That’s what “magoo” was using. I really don’t know at this point how to put your “it makes drivers look stupid comment” into context, just like EagleOne’s comment. He must be able to get by just fine on 1500 mi a week when shippers/receivers hold him up for hours and his “toybox log” won’t let him leave, but anyway I imagine it would involve standing in front of a mirror and repeat to THAT person your “it makes drivers look stupid” comment. And I hardly ever text anybody and I could see what he was doing. Be careful with name calling, those comments do ricochet sometimes.

  • Saddlesore

    Kinda ironic. What could be more safe than a tired driver hauling haz on bad roads?

  • It Dude

    I am a former driver for this company, I actually quit last week because of safety issues., and reported the company to fmsca last Tuesday. I’m a rookie driver and they tried to force me to run from home teminal to Seward ,Ne with a know fuel leak & electrical tape covering a hole in my emergency air line. Plus we we’re told after the incident involving Mr.Velasquez, that if we are going to lie on the logs, take the i pass, wrap it in foil so it won’t be detected. Personally I believe you gotta be crazy to put your life & freedom on the line for any amount of extra miles or dollars, it’s not worth your life or the lives of others.

  • Brian

    As the driver of my truck I am the responsible operator it is my duty to stop this vehicle. In 20+ plus yrs driving I have never been forced to run over my hrs….. don’t blame the dispatchers owners etc blame the driver he made that choice to operate the vehicle…….

  • Brian

    Dude quit reading the chat room complaints as you said your a rookie…… these companies don’t force you to run like that it was the drivers fault he chose to drive now he needs to pay the price quit blaming the companies and take responsibliy for your own actions

  • julian

    I think ,with 35 hrs I can make legaly 1000 miles and 10 hrs of sleep .

  • Max Log

    They are no longer with the company probably, already opened another company, changed the signs on the door and are harassing another driver to drive non stop like a machine… they should be hauling propane if they wanna run 35 hour days, it’s “safer” to be carrying inflammable liquified gas on the FMCSA eyes, they are very worried about safety!

  • Doug

    A ceasefire score has nothing to do with the company’s safety I can tell you as a small company owner I had a driver get a speeding ticket and a warning for his log book not being current right after he came on duty a month later he was stopped for a roadside inspection and was given a warning for his seatbelt and not showing his 1/2 hr brake and he didn’t fill out hisI inspection report my truck was inspected both times no violations other than a speed warning for 7 over the limit that has my company safety rating @ 94 from 1driver in a matter of about a month and a half he’s working for someone else but I still have the score for 2 years although my trucks have been through numerous checks before and after with no violations csa is a to put small business out nothing to do with safety

  • Paul Vineyard


  • guest

    Yep when they crash into the Troopers that”s a CLUE there. CSA doing a fine job. Check that guy’s immmigration status too…..illinois gives licenses
    to illegal aliens….so does Calif, New Mexico, etc etc….speaks well of Trucking doesnt it??? Trucking is filled with criminal aliens…get RID of them and some decent folks my try the trucking industry. As it stands today trucking is a SEWER and getting worse. Hardly “professional” or “safe” you lying cops let any illegal alien right thru your weigh station and you KNOW it. Trucstops look like San Quentin with all the WEIRDOS wandering around…..disgusting…….mostly dirtbag LOSERS…hardly “Professional”.



  • Da Hit Squad Prince

    It Dude,
    Really you know the rules and regulations of driving a truck.You a make a decision on every load you take, you probably still ran the load like that because you where thirsty for some money. You sound like a scorned person, you where probably fired thats why your making crazy accusations against these people. You drivers choose to run that way and blame it on someone else when you get caught up. People like u are trying to ruin peoples lives for a minute of fame.

  • g

    Yep those days are numbered but most companies have always run like this…bald tires, cracked windshield, they get “new guys” to drive and lots of the Old Guys didnt give a damn…and Wanted Miles…….smart that you QUIT. Valesques is going to Prison.

  • Joey

    Holy cow. You didn’t use a single period in all of that.

  • guest

    I believe DUDE is telling the truth and is SMART to quit all though he needed EXPERIENCE and MONEY…these crooked companies Prey on new drivers….knowing they are somewhat desperate for a job. There are thousands of Outlaw companies who run JUNK equipment and laugh about hours of service. Thanks for Speaking Up Dude…..that company owner is probably an Ex Con like so MANY of them are…using trucking for fast MONEY and searching for CHUMPS to drive his junkers. lol

  • Christie Fields

    90% of the morons posting here must have a 2nd grade education judging by the pathetic spelling and grammar.

  • guest

    welcome ta truckin….yee haa!!

  • M devo

    Lmao. Every company that they have shut down has been foreigners. Do you get the picture yet

  • g

    me speaky spanny… drivey trookay….yuk yuk.
    fastest growing semgent is foreign drivers….no speakie americano….’we’re taking back our land’………all criminal aliens. many haul DOPE too. Cops get paid to look the other way.

  • it dude

    I ruined the corporation life by cooperating with fmsca with photos & texts, plus by being smarter than the average dummy, my complaint put me in the position where I’m being compensated for their attemp to prey on a rookie, I covered my a**, one week after my call, they get shut down, screw a minute of fame, my life is worth any check dnd or any company can write, I wish I could upload pics to show this silly rabbit how to get things done, cause with less than 2yrs otr I got a local career, benefits, & stability. I bet you probably one of the dudes got put out of service with them…lol

  • it dude

    The dispatchers own the trucks, therefore are getting the real money for the load, I left they 47000lbs of coils in the yard, walked 15ft to another truck and started making more money without putting me at risk… As a rookie driver you utilize a tool call networking, knowing it was a matter of time before they crashed, not only did I get land a better job beforehand, I walked away knowing I didn’t put anyone life at risk over a couple dollars.

  • Deborah Ulery

    right,and they black your future with lies about you,and get by with it.I ran all states and Canada and mexico,dedicated, and that was no time for sleep,then if you go by the rules they really turn on you,all about power.Thank god someone cares,our roads need to be safe.ive even heard get that gd load there,or else,screaming ,holloring, laughing,rules only apply when there the boss,and guess what, all you cheaters will get caught,and that will be great,they should crack down on all the cb pottymouth,know it all on the cbs,their professionalism is a discrace to dedicated truckers .I heard years ago that ,your not a trucker until you embrace the reality, that you know nothing and in that theirs something to learn everyday.ya wanna know something just ask,usually truckers are more than helpful,and a true driver, is a proud driver.the bads got to go.I love trucking,and it was also an adventure,everyday a surprise,i love that,as love as you communicate and take it seriously,because it is serious,a time for work, and a time for play.I can think back at a lot of office bull s ,playing favorites,whos next,just like a cartoon,or some one steady pussing your buttons,because mr new guys great, lets see how long.26 yrs of drivingand a good attitude is esencial for all aspests of your must have pride,smile and never forget to thank god for another mile.god bless you.BREEZE

  • Da Hit Squad Prince

    I would love to see pics. I am not saying I don’t believe you your post sounded like a scorned person. You should post the pics for the world to see if they are as crooked then they should be exposed!

  • davedubya

    1000 MI IN 35 HOURS = 29MPH. Was he tired or bored?

  • Phil

    I think they are hoping if you are smart enough to haul Haz mat you are smart enough to shut it down if the roads get too bad or you get tired.

  • Phil

    It is always the drivers responsibility to operate safe and legal. If we have an accident that causes death and we were doing something illegal, it is us doing the prison time! Not the company, not the dispatcher, not the broker not anybody but the driver. In 22 years I have told many people I couldn’t do something because I didn’t have the hours and It was never an issue because I didn’t leave them any option. Look out for yourselves Drivers!

  • Kendall Oakleaf

    No such company

  • Kendall Oakleaf

    DND International is not a company

  • Guest

    Yeah the driver is ultimately responsible, but if the carrier threatens the driver with termination or suspension some drivers will act like beat dogs and do it anyway, so both are to blame

  • Brian

    That is a very weak excuse…. there are too many trucking companies looking for drivers….. That would be like a friend telling you if you didn’t do something he wasn’t going to be your anymore…Take responsibility for yourself

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  • Gary cook

    A driver is responsible for his/her actions out here on the road.drivers are suppose to be professionals out here.its up to you.dont let your dispatcher force you to run illegal it’s not their driving record that gets fucked up its the drivers.learn to say NO to illegal running!!!

  • Keith Stancato

    14 yrs otr, local, van, reefer, flatbed, belly and end dumps, double’s, been there done most, and this is still a problem. Just 2 weeks ago was my most recent job driving otr and being told to run overweight load,80,220 gross, flatbed split 40800, and after i objected they basiclly said “if you get stopped by dot, act stipid and tell them that you were told by office to run load because you dont know its overwgt, and if there is any tickets issued for overwgt tha. Co will pay for any overwgt tickets that dot issues because all dot cares about is generating money and then if there is any other problems you tell dot fuck you”. This is only scratching the surface with aholes. They track you 2 ways, qcom and not so hidden gps tracking device like lojack. And this is priority 1 knowing exactly where you are at all times. If you stop, call is made wanting to know why you stopped ( don’t matter why), and not just one call, but 4-5 calls within in 15 min of each other and from a different person in the office, which they all sit next to each other at on table. P/u, del info from them is never accurate as to true dates and times. Lots of oversize freight cause it pays more. Then the tell you that 12′ wide load is not oversize and run load as fast as you can. Permits? ” Not necessary because its not oversize. Qcom e log in truck is changed in office as always able to drive cause you never reach 10 hr break after 11 drive or 14 on duty, so detroit to los angeles in 2 days solo is norm for them. Is happening right now. Fact. Then when i got back to yard, removed from truck, asked to leave property, and being owed well over 1800, was not happening, as i never filled app, never took drug screen, or even did a dmv license ck. Also has fuel stops where 50 gal purchases @ 7-8 stops along the way is how and where you fuel. This co is located @ 2510 s canal lansing mi. Greenway trans, or lts trans, or azda trans(name on trucks) is what they use as a name of co. Alex and david (russian nat) brothers run co, and dot needs to put them not just closing down co, but prision for all involved is a must and large fines imposed from not just DOT BUT IRS,EPA, and deportation. Make them an example. They are so blinded by greed they dont care about nothing but” makeing lots of fucking money”

  • Roger Xavier Jackson

    Wow wonder when they going to crack down on the driver pay rates from big trucking companies . If you are paid good there is no desperate need to run illegal. ..The driver holds the responsibility of being legal.A message to the real gear jammer these new super truckers don’t no the law and learn a code of conduct from rejects. Divide and councor is in full effect. The youngsters will get caught in the net than they will turn to us in future or a robot driver

  • Roger Xavier Jackson

    Nobody says anything about the exemption of gas and oil haulers.they have bad accident it is kept quite look at the wiggle wagons in ditch every year all is kept under wraps

  • Gusp453

    As a driver with 20 years in I have to say it is the driver that has to say no and shut down the truck. I haul mostly oversize loads now days so I don’t have to worry about being pushed. We also went to E-Logs I personally like them. If we want safe roads to drive on then these drivers need to grow a backbone and stand up to these carriers. FYI I still make over 70,000 a year running E-Logs.

  • Winus Cleyne

    Big mouth truckers No CAHONIES it doesn’t matter what it is hrs. Hours of service Dot. Carb In. Ca ……in truckstops they have big mouths. Out here they say ,yes sir,no sir ,bend over and hand them the yar of Vaseline ……..and that’s what they get up the Ass……

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