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Four wheeler wildly passes, gets hit by big rig — Could trucker have prevented it?

| October 04, 2013
John Doe was passed

Truck driver John Doe was passed by a crazed sports car driver and then hit the car when it lost control. Could he have prevented the accident?

Truck driver John Doe had just passed some parked cars on a one-way street in Bear Paw, S.D., and was approaching an intersection. 

The light was green, and Doe was approaching with caution in cased the signal changed. Suddenly, a sports car zoomed around Doe’s right side in an attempt to pass him — through parking spaces — and then lost control in front of him. The sports car hit the right front fender of a rusty Chevy van pacing Doe in the left lane, and Doe’s truck slammed into the side of the sports car. 

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The wasn’t the only hit — After the incident, Doe receiver a preventable accident warning letter from his carrier. Doe contested, and the National Safety Council Accident Review Committee was asked to render a decision. 

The committee upheld the preventable accident ruling, saying Doe should have checked his right side mirror and, if he had, he could have prevented the accident. 

This was an adaptation of Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s “Preventable or not?” series, which appears regularly on

  • mousekiller

    your point is?

  • Not John Doe

    And we wonder why nobody is willing to become a truck driver anymore! You are guilty of evey stupid little thing that someone else does.How about people take responsibilty for there own stupid actions.BLAME THE DRIVER???? MY ASS!!!!!!

  • Jeff Rutherford

    By the written description and cartoon visual, the only thing the truck driver could have done is cover more of his lane. The car was in the wrong by passing illegally and on the wrong side of the truck. And if the car was speeding past the truck there would have been little time to react without causing more damage to other vehicles.

  • D Rafeek

    “Preventable ” does not assign blame to the truck driver for the accident. It merely states that the driver could have done “something more than he had done” that may have prevented or lessened the damage from the accident. It is designed to improve driving habits and thus improve safety. We the professional drivers are held to a higher standard because we are trained to perform at higher levels of attention, skill, and anticipation. We can avoid most if not all accidents by removing ourselves as much as possible from the high risk environment or situation we may encounter each and every day.

  • USMC 69-75

    Not to mention, if he has already passed “empty” parking spots on the right, why would he be “focusing” on empty spots, when he has traffic, a light and possibly pedestrians in front and on his left? What a bunch of morons! But look at what is running this country, need to do something…..”Shutdown” Oct 11,12 13 2013!

  • USMC 69-75

    Pete is being a D_ _ _ head mousekiller!

  • Jerry

    Insurance Fraud; im curious what the insurance Company position on paying is. (After all, people are new to learning a job, and this shouldn’t be held against them…whether its in a Carrier Safety Dept. or @ National Safety Council.) For myself, im not impressed by the Carriers Safety Dept. interpretations…jury is still out.

  • Jerry

    Premonitions: on what someones actions will be, has a basis in law; where the driver whom held the premonition on the other drivers actions is Not at Fault.

  • Paul

    What did the National Safety Council Accident Review Committee say in their decision? Who was cited at the scene? I would definately lean towards not calling this a preventable accident, but not knowing all the information can’t say for sure. I would hope that any company’s accident review committee would have at least half their members active drivers who would look at all the evidence before making a decision. And, sometimes warning letters don’t mean anything.

  • Vaudreyvil

    Checking his right side mirror … at that split second? What are the odds of THAT happening? He’d have to be looking at the mirror continually to have likely prevented the accident.

  • Richard Fugate

    Screw that company I’m hiring if the driver is looking for a company that gives a damn about his employees! I’m a small carrier no board to control my thoughts I was a driver for years and know how 4 wheel idiots can cost a driver his career call me if you want a true boss that has been a driver.

  • Stan D Mute

    Well whatever you do, DO NOT engage in any kind of protest or industry-wide shut down. Make absolutely sure that all anybody does is post comments on disqus because that’s what will really make the tyrants sit up and take notice. Again, no matter what happens, never ever do anything that might shut down the supply of alcohol and drugs that fuels Washington DC .. that way when they’re handing out chauffeur licenses like EBT cards to 20 million “new Americans” they’ll be sure to let you compete for loads after all the “minority” quotas have been met…

    Again, whatever you do, don’t show the tyrants that without you they will collapse into chaos. Just smile and be good little pets. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll allow you to work more than eight hours a day so you can afford that shiny new healthcare they’ll force you to buy for $1500 a month..

  • Zaphod58

    I was in an accident up near Chicago, where I was waiting to turn left into a customer. There was no turn lane, and no shoulder on the side of the road I was on, and there were two trucks waiting to turn right, while the driveway was full. I started to make my turn, and got to the point where my mirror was looking at my trailer, and another truck tried to whip around me on the wrong side of the road. I wound up hitting him and trashing his front end with the back of my trailer.

    The police came out and said that it was his fault for trying to pass on the wrong side of the road. I called Safety and reported it as I was supposed to, and said the police said it was his fault. I was told that this was a chargeable accident, and that it was my fault, because I should have been looking in my mirror and seen him trying to go around me.

    So now I have an accident on my record, and was charged $1000 to have the trailer repaired (deductible from my insurance).

  • Chris Vintson

    So if I say was checking my right mirror and did not see the car pull in front of me and I hit them! I will be EXONERATED of all charges and not be at fault. This is why TRUCKERS should shut down for 7 days and let the FMCSA, DOT in every state, Brokers, andLumpers and there Organizers, Insurance companys, and the list goes on the we as a Brotherhood and sisterhood of Truckers are not playing like the Government is playing with our jobs,family and our Trucks that keep us moving.

  • DonM

    The trucker should have utilized the magic fly away button when he saw the crazy person passing on his right. The magic fly away button would have allowed him to fly to the nearest interstate of his choice.

    It seems to me that National Safety Council, is manned by people with no real world experience. They cant even assemble a proper sentence. ” The word “Receiver”, should have been, “Received”.

  • Shanny skacker

    Thats nothing. I was in the left lane on a four lane highway. Had my left signal on. ( with a 12′ wide trailer) When a four wheeler passed me on the left as I was turning. Who’s at fault? The four wheeler told the bear that he thought I had my fuor ways on so he passed me. (Wife and 2 Small children in the van) Think you know the answer? If you say the four wheeler you would be wrong! They Said I was at fault because I took to much of the lane of travel up. Even though the fuor wheeler crossed the double yellow line. Now aint that a kick in the you know where.

  • joeanimal

    I was dropping off laundry in front of my house, it was about 50 yards from a corner street, i was getting back in my truck, no traffic whatsoever, as i climbed in and just about had the door shut BAM…!,
    my Driver Door was laying in the street…! a dude came flyin around the corner with those extended mirrors on his pickup and sideswiped me knocking my door off, a few seconds earlier it would have been my leg….we exchanged insurance info and i used duck-tape to put my door back on and take it to the shop, took off on the road again and after investigation they said it was Preventable and My Fault…!

  • Dave

    It was not the truck drivers fault. Car was totally in the wrong and never should have done this. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.