Friday marks deadline to file for extension to comply with Calif. emissions regs

| January 29, 2014

Click through the image to enlarge the map. find a copy in this pdf, too, of proposed Truck and Bus Rule amendments.

Truck owners have until Friday, Jan. 31, to report to the California Air Resources Board their “good faith” efforts to comply with the state’s Truck and Bus Rule emissions regs that require older trucks to be retrofitted with particulate matter filters to operate in compliance. 

Those who can show efforts to comply could have the enforcement date delayed to July 1. Truck owners must use the CARB TRUCRS system to report. Click here to learn more about TRUCRS.

Per previous Overdrive reporting on the extension, truck owners must have taken one of the following steps: 


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  • Have an agreement with an authorized installer for a particulate matter filter retrofit.
  • Signed a purchase contract and ordered a replacement truck equipped with a particulate matter filter (engines must be 2007 model or newer)
  • Approved or denied financing for a retrofit particulate matter filter or for a replacement truck equipped with a particulate matter filter

CARB did propose in December some potential exemptions for operators that would allow truck owners who only run in certain parts of the state or infrequently in and out of the state. 

Certain regions in the state are deemed “NOx-exempt,” meaning NOx values there are below federally required levels, and owners and operators who run into and out of the NOx-exempt areas would not have to comply with the filter retrofit regs until January 2015, per a CARB proposal made in early December.


CARB public meetings clarify proposed rule amendments, hear other ideas

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However, the proposal will not be finalized until April, so to avoid non-compliance, truck owners must either have their pre-2007 engines retrofitted with a filter or register for the compliance delay.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association filed a suit against CARB in December, alleging the state’s retrofit requirements are unfairly costly, not beneficial and in violation of the commerce clause of the U.S. Constitution. It asked the court to stop CARB from enforcing the retrofit requirement for owners and operators who live outside of California or primarily conduct business outside of the state.

Click here to use Overdrive‘s interactive tool to determine what action, if any, you would be required to take to operate legally in California in 2014.

  • Thomas Duncan

    This crap is destroying what few true truckers are left.To some of us it is not just a job,it’s our damned life and we are angry as hell!!!

  • Big Dog

    As some Independents have noticed, brokers like CH Robinson and Coyote have LOTS MORE and BETTER PAYING Loads available to CA than only 60 Days ago!! This is not a seasonal abnormality, this is market pressure coming to shippers TO CA, and is likewise raising rates OUT of CA. If Truckers can maintain their older trucks with high safety standards and the pride of ownership that marked the true Owner-Operator, then the forces of supply and demand will begin to push aside the socialist ideas of a State that thinks, “WE Know better than you and the FREE market ” Studies show that Jet Traffic at LAX in one day puts out more soot than Trucks in CA do in a month. Look on any horizon in CA and see the TONS of soot being dumped into CA air by Super Trains, pulling the grades 24 hrs a day. The CARB, however centers their enforcement around trucks, because trucks Scare them, trucks Delay them, trucks are greasy, dirty,and their hoods dwarf their short, shriveled prius.

    Violation of the Constitution by this President is becoming normal, But it appears that common sense, fueled by steadfast Owner Operators drawing the line at the desert border, is letting the Constitutional freedom of free trade determine the future of transportation in the Golden State.

  • bigred

    Screw the compliance BS, I`m going to run my reg loads to and from Ca. as always without any carb filters. Hell, give me a ticket, I run under federal guidelines and I see they are not supporting this carb shit…I am loaded right now with a return Ca. load in a 2004 truck.

  • Zedd

    Boo hoo. Stop shipping to/from CA. When they can’t get any goods in or out of the state they will have to lay in their own grave.

    Poorly educated snobs like CARB are why I left the state and never looked back. Great place if you get rid of the people. Colorado is a much better home for me, the mountains are nearly as much fun as the coast.

  • Mark277

    I’d like to do the same. how will you get out of the ticket or out of service status? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.