Frustrated with California regs? So are these guys

| April 01, 2013

exhaust emissionsA few small trucking company owners took the opportunity last week to give California’s Air Resources Board “an earful,” pointing to both general and specific issues with implementation of the state’s latest emissions regulations (which went into effect this year), according to KHSL 12, a CBS affiliate in Chico, Calif.

Namely, the requirement that 2000-2004 year-model engines be retrofitted with a state-approved soot filter or the vehicles be done away with or updated was the rule drawing the most fire.

Noncompliance could be met with $1,000 fines, block of registration or even impounding vehicles.

A town hall meeting put together by California Assemblyman Dan Logue gave business owners the opportunity “to vent their frustrations,” says KHSL’s article.

One small fleet oner said he’s already had to lay off two workers and retire two trucks that weren’t compliant with the new regs.

Business owners, says Randy McLaughlin of Old Durham Wood, just aren’t able to afford the ever-tightening CARB regulations. When 2014 rules go into effect, “those single truck owners will be out of business,” says McLaughlin.

Click here to see KHSL’s article.

  • Sharon Estes

    I’m suprised they let the CARB guy out of there alive. People in CA are mad unless of course you are union. Do you know even if you get the $45,000 grant fund for a new truck you still can’t go into the ports for 3 years? What is the point?

  • Josef

    I’m not flustrated with California regulations. I boycott California for two years now. If everybody would do that there would be no California regulations. You guys are doing it to your self.

  • Dave Thomson

    Easiest way to deal with California is to stay out of it. Feel bad for the operators stuck there.

  • Toby

    Nothing better then the government !!!!!!

  • Doug

    The politicians in Californicate have ruined that state and it’s corrupt system is now trying to change the rest of America

  • john rouse


  • Tony

    I have been in trucking for more than 30 years and the comments I see here re-affirm that nothing has changed. People were bitching about CA 30 years ago and they will continue to do so. Meanwhile, California’s economy is still huge so it can do without a lot of you guys/gals that don’t want to run there. In fact, I wish more of you would stay out so the rates would go up. But, for 30 years, the rates have never been anything to brag about. So,there will never be a shortage of trucks in CA.

  • Stacey Moritz-Erb

    You just wait until these companies start jackin the rates up.Its not the drivers who will benefit. We are a Ca company and i think its absolutely ridiculous that CARB has this power. Ca trucks put up with more bull than any other state.

  • Ronn

    Interesting posts…you folks must like breathing dirty air. I remember what LA air was like years ago. Clean it up !!

  • Sandy Aborn

    We quit running CA two years ago. Where do these idiots think mobile home guys have $30,000.00 to spend on new engines that are pieces of crap. They are doing this because that is the only way they can sell the new junk engines that they are putting in these new trucks, by government mandate. Heil Nancy, Harry and Barack. I don’t know why anyone would stay in CA and put up with this nonsense.

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  • Fine in Cali!

    Hey Ronn, you are a certifiable Ideot! The air is fine in so. cal. I lived in cali for 50 yrs. You are the problem, you have nothing better to do but complain about the business owners paying your unemployment! We are risking everything to stay in business in this state. I have spent many hours in Sacramento hearing the BS that the zelots have to spue! This is a no business state. I cant wait till we go broke!

  • Jess McClure

    hopefuly we in California will go broke and the unions will lose their pensions , may the head of the snake in California die and put us out of our misery for the sake of the rest of the states – stay out of here and let us die , please !

  • K Vernon Castleton

    California is dying a slow regulatory death. They keep killing jobs and forcing people onto state sponsored welfare. Those who have the will left in them to work are moving out of state in record numbers. Californians beware: you are killing yourselves.

  • Keith

    I quit going to CA 7 years ago when I was blackmailed into sendng them money to pay for their debt problem. If they think they can get away with it they will mandate others to pay their bills.

  • General

    Tony its guy like you, who stay and put up with this junk that kept the rates low. boy cot the commies!

  • Jess McClure

    well after 2015 and you have a 2010 engine your free to truck all day – its just bad for older trucks here – but for now just stay out of California till 2015 –

  • Jess McClure

    i do want to find an old 8V92 Detroit and run an exhaust pipe into Nancy Pelosi’s house and drop the hammer and get rid of that bug up her a** , time to fumigate California

  • Michael FitzSimmons

    I don’t go to caliphoneya, NYC or any other communist countries

  • odi

    i think the only way to fix the problem is to strike the entire country but i doubt that will ever happen and that is exactly why the goverment does what it does. by the way ronn i lived in calif in the 70’s the smog was just as bad then as now your an idoit. your last name wouldnt be pelosi? or maybe a brother named harry reed?

  • Jimmy the Greek

    No they well just move to Texas .

  • Conan the Barbarian

    Whos really the ideot…or idiot??

  • Guest

    I just got my new 2013 FL with $45K from the state CA… YES PLEASE ALL OF YOU STAY OUT SO I CAN GET ANOTHER ONE!!

  • julian

    How about driving higher speeds , engine getting warmer it means creating more complete burn of particles (10-15 % cleaner exaust ) problem solved. All the trucks have a “sweet spot ” in the engine , Detroit 60 driven for almost 2 000 000 miles 1650 rpm with a speed ranging 72-75 miles per hour , 6.5 mpg coast to coast on average load 40 000 lbs . Do I need say more . This days we getting 20% more of cleaner exaust .Is this the way to save the planet ?????????????

  • Robert

    If we could rely on every trucking co in the country to just say no to California as many must at this time it would not take long for the liberals driving from LA to AZ to pick up there good they would be demanding a change. The other thing is they will not cut fire lines until the woods are burning or allow property owners to even trim brush back from there homes but complain of vehicle soot how much soot do you think those fires create every year but yet they take no action attack what will do better. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.