Hours of service delay backed by members of Congress

TruckerTim0095 - sleeper - sleepSiding with the American Trucking Associations and its request to delay the changing hours of service rules set to be implemented in July, four key Transportation committee members from the House have penned a letter to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration asking that it postpone the rule’s effective date until a court case between ATA and FMCSA has been resolved.

The two parties were in court March 15 presenting oral arguments in a U.S. appellate court in the District of Columbia Circuit. There’s been no word on when a ruling will be made.

The letter sent to FMCSA was written by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.), Chairman of the House’s Transportation Committee, and signed by Rep. Thomas Peri (R-Wis.), chairman of the highway subcommittee; Rep. Nick Rahall (D-W.Va.), ranking committee member; and Pete DeFazio (D-Ore.), ranking subcommittee member.

FMCSA rejected ATA’s request to postpone implementation.


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  • greek9014

    The best thing that could happen would be for Congress to defund the FMCSA , CSA , and DOT , and just go back to the old ICC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alicia.serleyfisher Alicia Serley-Fisher

    No the best thing they could do is leave them alone
    data shows it works fine

  • bigred

    The data is biased period…These new rules force all drivers(new and old) to drive in all kinds conditions(weather,ice,snow,wind, hail,heavy traffic,etc) and is unsafe period…We cannot even take a break from this if we want to pay our bills and everyone in trucking knows this,,,Safety, bullshit, forcing especially new drivers to drive in these conditions is flat out unsafe,,,

  • kiko kika

    if you notice FMCA,CSA,and D .O.T they only push the small guy but they cannot penetrate on the big company this big corporation and trucking company they just laugh at them on there D.O.T inspection fines …i work on this blue truck in el paso with a oregon plate they just told us this D.O.T fines it just a big Bs they just want some pocket change

  • Josef


  • Josef

    I think the best would be to take all these FMCSA idiots and put them behind the steering wheel of the 18 wheeler and let them try to make a living sticking into their own rules.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.mckelvie William McKelvie

    Time for the T& I committee to clean house @ FMCSA. Ferro and crew still have that stupid blame the trucker even if not at fault accident rule in place. They should have kicked her and anyone else who voted for that and passed that as CSA law out of the FMCSA immediately. Time for US to speak up, and go on a national trucker holiday July 1.

  • rosie

    I think that it is funny that the government is more worried about how much money they would lose for the tickets that are not written, then the safety of the drivers driving the rigs on the road. Glad to hear that the safety of the children and each person on the roads are out of the question when it comes to money and politics. thanks!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/don.lanier1 Don Lanier

    Too many Lawyers in Congress attempting to pad the pockets of there trial lawyer brethren, I agree defund all this garbage, Truckers are safer and have better equipment, yes some bad apples ruin it for the lot of us, but do what there doing PIT THESE OFFENDERS OUT OF BUSINESS and leave the rest of us hard working guys and gals alone, were attempting to feed our familys, pay our bills and all the new regulations just pick our pocket and Im tired of it, DEFUND NOW..

  • Dennis

    Studies have already shown that under the current rules, accidents have dropped and our industry has become safer. Leave the rules as they are, we are never going to have zero accidents because of human error and mechanical failure. Ray LaHood lives in a fantasy world somewhere out there and needs to go. Sure , I would like to see no accidents, but the fact is that will never happen no matter what we do.

  • Walt

    Look its all about the money! We know it,they know it and they’er finding out that we know it. So the Bully move is next. The question is WHAT ARE U DOING ABOUT IT fellow truckers. No action means no results. Take action!!! We need to start putting our money where our mouth is. Lawyer up!!! If we spent as more time trying to unit and less time talking BS on the radio maybe we could get a movement started and a change.

  • rosie

    What we need to do is have all truck drivers stop. Stop till we make the laws our way. They are not going to stop messing with us till all of the trucks are stop. When no product move that starves the country. Starving the country starves the goverment. Maybe then the government will start listening. But how many would go on strike to get the government to listen. As soon as one company stops to strike another trucking company will move in and take all of there work. We need to all stop at once. Tell D.O.T. enough is enough! Lawers are not going to do anything. Except take our money that we all work hard for. That is why no one will do anything. Every truck in America needs to stop till someone starts to listen. Do not move any product till then. Then you will see the price of fuel go down, the laws for truck driver change, and companies start making money. We also need to make the government stop sending our money to other countries when we need it here. who will do it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1289745590 Steven Charles

    I know longer drive but still follow the topics and trends of the day. In order for a “truck out” to work you would have to have all the large corp. carriers ie: swift, crete, schnieder etc to do it to in order to be effective. Then you have companys like Walmart that truck to their own freight. But I’ve wondered even if these guys not participating in the “truck out” there isn’t enough trucks nor drivers out there that could pick up all the freight that would have to be moved so it is still possible that a “truck out” would work.

  • http://twitter.com/RhondaHale13 Rhonda Hale

    The Government needs to stay out of trucking. We do not work a 9-5 job. We cannot go home at the end of the day like they do. Who the heck put these people in charge when they know nothing about the industry. It makes me so mad.

  • http://twitter.com/RhondaHale13 Rhonda Hale

    Hurray. I believe we all agree with this one.

  • David S. McQueen

    Anne Ferro reports to Ray LaHood (SecDOT) who reports directly to Obama). Who do you think calls the shots? HINT: it ain’t Anne or Ray.

  • Dave

    I know longer drive either. But i was ready to buy another one. That idea came and went! Drivers the last time anyone did anything that even came close to a strike. Was on a weekend. What a joke! A lot of drivers were home anyway. And businesses closed. PROVED NOTHING! You got laughed at. Time to quit whining! Or find another line of work. Everyone uses the excuse. Well, if JB HUNT,SWIFT, ETC, doesn’t shutdown. Theres know use. BULLSHIT! If these small companies that employ only owner operators, operators with their own authority, companies that believe the way we do all shutdown. Attention will be got. Lets take a part of the trucking industry a lot drivers don’t like. Intermodal. 98% of the companies are owner operator powered. So, imagine nothing moving off the ports or out of the railyards. Everything and anything is in those containers. Like them or not. My wife owns a Intermodal agency. I’m in a, lets say discussion with the FMCSA over a few things to do with intermodal. That a driver or company has know control over. But, the owner operator pays the fines and gets the marks on the MVR. I’ve sent Ferro and Chief Safety Officer proof. Of the lack of responsibility at the ports and railyards. All safety related. Completely, ignored! THIS IS SAFETY MIND YOU. WHAT THEY SUPPOSE TO BE ABOUT. NEXT STOP WHITE HOUSE. I HAVE PLENTY OF OTHER THINGS. NOT INTERMODAL RELATED. I WAS ON THE ROAD FOR 25 YEARS. If i could afford it. I’d be there in person. If your counting on Bill Graves at ATA. You better look again. He pushed the electronic logs, hes pushing for truck makers to limit 65mph trucks, hes pushing for higher fuel taxes for the so-called infrastructure. Google Bill Graves. ATA website will not tell you. His bio. on google will.

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