Hours rules, CSA top industry issues, study shows

| October 24, 2013

truck highwayThough taken from fleet executive responses and geared toward the same group, an annual study released this week shows regulations and programs of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration — namely, hours of service rules and CSA — draw the most concern from carriers. 

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The American Transportation Research Institute, the research arm of the American Trucking Associations, unveiled its 10 Top Industry Issues list this week, along with methods carriers plan to pursue to deal with them or combat them. 

Hours of service rules, which saw even more restrictions go into effect July 1, topped the list. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program ranked second among carrier concerns. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 12.31.43 PMInfographic: Owner-operators inspected four times more often than large fleets

To deal with hours of service rule changes, carriers said in the report the industry could pursue the following: 

  • “Quantify the impacts” of the new hours rules on operations, productivity and safety
  • Looking for innovate and flexible strategies for managing fatigue than prescriptive hours rules
  • Advocating for increased flexibility in the current sleeper berth provision

To make CSA easier to deal with, the report offered the following: 

  • Continue to seek crash accountability in the agency’s scoring methods so carriers and drivers aren’t dinged for accidents they had no fault in
  • Utilize Inspector General and Government Accountability Office reports to force FMCSA’s hand on fixing the flawed CSA scoring system
  • Show the impact that the disparity in state enforcement has on CSA scores

Here’s the full list from ATRI on top carrier concerns: 

1. Hours-of-service

2. CSA

3. Driver shortage

4. Economy

5. Electronic logging device mandate

6. Truck parking

7. Driver retention

8. Fuel supply/fuel prices

9. Infrastructure/congestion/funding

10. Driver health and wellness

  • Dave Nichols

    I was doing some math a while ago. seems a driver could work about 84 hours a week after 5 days plus a day and a half reset. the new rules have taken away a half hour a day of work time, (rest break) plus the 6th work day that used to occur after 154 hours. This due to the once reset a week rule. So the total lost payable time a week is 16 hours, or 832 hours a year. Thats a loss of at least $14976 just at $18 straight time. This may not effect carriers so much as they might hire more drivers if they can be found. But it is a serious blow to earning capacity for drivers of all types.
    It is perhaps a good thing that we will have a more normal work/sleep cycle and some time for family and activities and may even allow ability to cammond better wage rates. time will tell.

  • guest

    of Course they list Driver Shortage high on the list…soon they wont have anymore CHUMPS to choose from! Nobody in their right mind would JOIN this idiot industry today. lol

  • guest

    Decker Transport of Iowa is advertising on CRAIGSLIST they are so DESPERATE..coz they rip off drivers and pay diddley squat…..they WILL consider FELONY. DUI. SUSSPENDED LICENSE. That says ALOT about a company…theydont mind shoving these JACKASSES onto the REST of us either do they? We work to keep OUR credentils in ORDER and this PUKE sends DRUNK FELONS who may or may NOT have a Drvers License out because he could NOt Retain a driving force to Save his Life…coz he is a typical Low Paying Uncaring Rip Off mega fleet? THIS is the company that needs INVESTIGATED..Not a working man with a mud flap issue or a light bulb out.

  • chuck

    It’s funny that they have all these problems still today. They started cramming this down everybody throat 20 years ago and it’s more of a problem now than it was then I’m sure they know what they are doing. The next joke is electronic logs watch the professional drivers that have this on their door, they pull out in front of traffic, impede traffic, and are very inconsiderate. All because the federal government has forced them to do so. The funny part is the educated idiots are so smart they still think they know how to fix the problem.

  • guest

    Driver TURNOVER was announced for 3rd quarter at 104% ANNUALLY….how Funny. These ignorant fleets cant RETAIN a driver to save their lives!! Their Entire Fleet walks off the job every year!! COPS should take NOTICE!! Something terrible going on in these FLEETS….WHY would the DRIVERS all be LEAVING??? Anne Ferro….go get em!!!
    What in HELL is going WRONG with Fleet Companies??? It is really UNSAFE having a NEW GUY in every truck in the Fleet not Knowing what the Hell he is doing to begin with…and inexperienced in company procedures…DISTRACTED, FRUSTRATED, LOST, ANGRY, this sounds UNSAFE ANNE FERRO!!!!! Get after THEM before they cause Even MORE accidents!!!! UNION DRIVERS dont quit their job Anne Ferro!!! Hell NO they get PAID Good and UNDERSTAND their JOB coz they have been doing the same routine for YEARS!!!! But NO not the CHEESEBALL Bottom Feeder Companies!! Hire and Fire willy nilly and Create a HAZARD for everyone!!! ANNE FERRO…is this SAFE???? You Bought and paid for CROOK….Tell US Is This SAFE????

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