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Max Heine

How to get caught up for the election

| October 18, 2012

Haul the Vote, created by a group of carriers, provides a great resource for getting registered to vote, seeing who will be on your ballot, and learning about issues inside and outside of trucking. If you’d like a more detailed look at how early and absentee voting works and individual state policies on it, check this recent Overdrive story  by Editor Randy Grider.

Haul the Vote has a good roundup of trucking issues, including owner-operator topics, hours of service, diesel prices, tolls and highway privatization. It doesn’t tell you where President Obama and Mitt Romeny appear to stand on them, but a separate section does make a brief stab at trucking-related aspects of their records.

You’ll also see the candidates’ stances on other matters of importance to you, such as taxes and health.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Brown/100002411832072 Paul Brown

    I’ll vote for Mitt Romney, we have had enough of Odummer’s 4 years and 16.5 trillion dollar deficits, we CANNOT afford another 4 years of Obozo, he’s got to go and not fast enough for this country. We can’t afford his $ 5.00 a gallon fuel anymore, or we’ll all go bankrupt as well.

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