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Groups press Congress for electronic log mandate

| May 08, 2012

In a letter sent to members of the House and Senate currently negotiating the highway bill in conference, several industry and advocacy groups, urged the retention of the Senate’s proposed mandate for electronic logging devices.

“The National Transportation Safety Board has repeatedly recommended to the DOT that all trucks and buses be equipped with [electronic logs] as an effective strategy to improve the accuracy of carrier [hours-of-service] records,” the letter stated. “In fact, in 2010-2011, the NTSB included this recommendation on the agency’s ‘Most Wanted List’ of transportation safety improvements.”

In addition to American Trucking Associations President and CEO Bill Graves, the letter was signed by representatives of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, the Alliance for Driver Safety and Security, the Arkansas Trucking Association, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and the Truck Safety Coalition.

The groups also urged the House-Senate conferees to dismiss claims by opponents of an electronic logging mandate that the devices would impose a costly regulatory burden on the trucking industry, saying they “believe the cost of [electronic logging devices] is being overstated by at least one organization opposed to [a mandate].”

“The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has estimated the annualized cost to be between $525 and $785 per truck over a 10-year period,” the letter said. “This is a reasonable cost to help improve compliance with and enforcement of important truck safety rules.”

Here’s a story posted two weeks ago detailing the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association’s battle with ATA over the EOBR mandate.

  • Daniel McCreary

    Only $585-$785 per truck? Really? What kind of Alice in Wonderland world do these guys live in? We’re already burdened with registration fees over $2,000, thousands of dollars in emissions systems and their maintenance, 12% FET, more thousands in fuel taxes, and profit margins are already razor thin. Considering government understatement where costs are involved, we can assume at least $800-$1,000. This is absurd. Don’t forget about their push for very expensive sleep apnea testing & other mandates which must be funded.

  • Marty Marsh

    ATA has there own agenda,just look them up and see who is on the board.

  • yendor_65

    The courts have already ruled on this issue.
    The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in August 2011 vacated the agency’s EOBR rule following a challenge by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. OOIDA had argued that the final rule had not met federal regulations stipulating FMCSA ensure the devices not be used to harass vehicle operators.

  • Dwane Ponx

    More cost for the O.O. We have enough rules. More revenue for the government crush the small guy even more till all that is left are big companies.

  • Mike Jones

    Yea and if ur will need to buy an Oxygen Bottle to sleep hooked up to……more and more stuff…. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.