Jabin Bogan’s charge reduced

Just as I was seeing local news of the reduction of former Demco Express driver Jabin Bogan’s charge by an appeals judge in Mexico, just before a Dallas GATS press conference held by the new Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypassing system folks, who should stop by to introduce herself but Aletha Smith, Bogan’s mother.

We talked early on in the story of her son’s detention in Mexico — which Bogan (pictured) mistakenly entered in Ciudad Juarez back in April hauling a load of surplus ammunition. With Smith was Dan Fuller, former hauler and proprietor of Hotels4Truckers.com, who built a website early on in Bogan’s detention with hopes of rallying support among drivers to bring him home.

Bogan had been charged with arms trafficking, initially — after court proceedings in Mexico, however, as Smith said, her family and North Dallas may relatively soon get him back.

Fuller in his late 20s is about the same age as Bogan and has connected with Smith with their shared faith. “I wish my company were better positioned to step up and help,” he said of the potential eventual outcome of a fine being the condition of Bogan’s release. “My focus now is on helping [Smith] get in front of the trucking audience and get some exposure, to try to be a support vehicle. She’s a good Christian woman and I love the Lord — we had a bond in that way, trusting in the Lord that he will bring [Bogan] home.”


  • http://twitter.com/MesaBulldog Dale Setzer

    The US DOT or the TEXAS DOT need to get bogan out.one way is to grab mexican trucks and drivers and hold all of it .It will be the only thing mexico will understand.

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