Overdrive Staff | May 04, 2010

Perry said the capacity shortage will result because the demand for drivers will exceed the system’s ability to provide drivers.

— Max Kvidera

Cummins: 2010 engines meeting fuel goals

Cummins’ 2010 heavy-duty diesels are making good on the company’s promise to deliver at least 5 percent better fuel economy than their 2007-compliant emissions technology, the company says.

“A half-dozen to a dozen fleet owners are reporting double-digit fuel economy increases,’ says Jim Kelly, Cummins vice president and the retiring president of the Cummins engine business.

Over the next decade, the key competitive question for engine suppliers will be who can deliver the best fuel economy, says Rich Freeland, who is succeeding Kelly.

— Staff reports

Highway happenings

CALIFORNIA. Construction on 71 miles of I-80 between Colfax and the Nevada state line will continue into November. Check www.getacross80.com for updates.

COLORADO. Repair work is scheduled for completion by May 15 on I-70 between mile markers 124 and 125 which has been closed since March 8 because of a rockslide.

CONNECTICUT. Construction is expected to be completed by May 8 on I-95 southbound between exits 19 and 17 in Westport.

IOWA. The state has imposed a ban against texting while driving. For adult drivers, using a handheld cell phone or texting is a secondary offense that allows law enforcement officials to ticket drivers if they are pulled over for another offense.

NEW YORK. The State Department of Transportation will not restrict trucks longer than 45 feet from seven state routes in the Finger Lakes region, as once proposed.

NORTH DAKOTA. Traffic is restricted to one lane during construction on one mile of I-94 eastbound in Mandan. Speeds are reduced to 45 mph and a width restriction of 17 feet is in place until July or August, the state DOT said.

WASHINGTON. Beginning June 10, a new law takes effect that makes texting or cell phone use while driving a primary offense with a $124 fine. Dialing a cell phone isn’t considered texting under the new law.

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