Med examiner rule update: ATA requests six-month delay, FMCSA boosting numbers

| May 19, 2014

medicalThe American Trucking Associations has joined the chorus asking the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to push back the effective date of its National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners until more examiners have been added to its rolls.

The rule’s effective date is this week — May 21 — and all drivers who need medical certification or recertification are required to receive it from an FMCSA-certified examiner after that date.


OOIDA requests FMCSA delay the compliance date of medical registry rule

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has filed a legal petition asking the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to push back the compliance date of the ...

ATA President and CEO Bill Graves sent FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro a letter May 8 saying that while the association supports the rule, some areas in the country may not have enough certified examiners for the number of drivers that live in the area. Graves asked Ferro for a six-month extension of the effective date.

“Not only will the registry lack sufficient numbers of examiners in sum, but the system will be hindered by the inadequate geographic coverage,” Graves wrote in the letter about the May 21 deadline. “Without an adequate supply of medical examiners appropriately dispersed around the country…drivers and motor carriers may be unable to fully comply without excessive expense and costly delays,” the letter states.

FMCSA spokesperson Duane DeBruyne said May 17 that the agency now has 21,600 examiners in its registry — up from the 15,000 that were in the rolls when Graves sent his May 8 letter — and another 4,000 are set to take the test this week. “FMCSA is closely monitoring the growing list and locations of certified medical examiners to ensure that an adequate number are registered by the May 21 deadline,” DeBruyne said.


FMCSA on med exam rule delay: More examiners on the way, numbers will work

Nearly 25,000 medical examiners are somewhere in the process of being certified and added to FMCSA's medical examiner registry, the agency has said in response ...

In its rule, the agency set a target of 40,000 examiners to cover the needs of the 4.4 million drivers subject to the rule. Drivers need medical certification every two years, which the rule does not change.

“It is also important to emphasize that most drivers will not need a new physical exam immediately following the May 21 deadline. Their medical certificates will continue to be valid until until the expiration date that is shown on the card,” DeBruyne said.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association made a similar request to FMCSA in March, asking for a delay in the May 21 date until more examiners could be added to the registry. It too cited high costs and unnecessary downtime spent traveling to an approved examiner.

Click here to read ATA’s request letter.

  • Melissa Bartling

    how can i find out csa score

  • Richard Wilson

    If they hadn’t spent so much time working on a bogus report on the effect of E-Logs on crashes, and a bunch of non important regulatory burdens maybe they could of done this. FMCSA has to many Irons in the fire trying to Pass unnecessary regulation and take work away from truckers instead of listing to the drivers on what they should do to Increase Educational requirements, and Taking Breaks when they are fatigued and getting credit for it! The PSP program is a bust, non Driver Fault and caused getting reported, And CSA has turned into an aggressive enforcement tool we are finding they can’t even agree on what an E-Log is supposed to do!
    They need to stop take a breath and start prioritizing!

  • Richard Wilson

    The upcoming Roadcheck 2014 June 3-5, 2014, 80% of the stops and data they will retrieve, not only the amount of Road side Inspections written up on Non E-Log trucks, that lil sticker “On Board Recorders” will by pass a lot of carriers as will Pre- Pass, for those can afford it!

  • dan

    You can’t afford $17.00 a month. Either your business skills are lacking or you are a cheap ass. Come on for those who can afford it.

  • waltergro1

    you can order a PSP report for $10, here is the website to go to Melissa.

  • tireman

    I just ask a friend of mine who is a operator at nuclear plant in East Georgia if he had to get a physical ever year to work there and he said NO. So I have to have a physical to drive a truck but he does not have to get one to operate a nuclear reactor Damn I’m in the wrong business.

  • FoxStar

    What a shock! Inspectors passing on trucks with high chances of being compliant!

    Logical decision?

    Lol not here!

    It must be some sort of conspiracy!

  • frd

    You idiot its not being cheap its the point that they just keep taking and taking and dipshits like you dont get the point.. your probably one of those SMART drivers that say “if you dont have nothing to hide what are you worried about” thats the problem, we need to protect our rights

  • godfearingrebel

    Just google csa scores and youl be directed to a page where you can enter eithet your dot # or mc # the info os public and dont cost

  • guest

    Its all part of the NEW TRUCKING…many more new rules on the way. Its already been designed and determined…trucking is forever changed. The new Zombie trucker who is obediant and compliant and a slave will drive for a living in The New Trucking…no need to argue with Anne….only OBEY, COMPLY, CONFORM. No need for the trucker/slave toTHINK….that has all been done…….just OBEY.

  • shortchange

    We have no rights. All our war dead
    an our Vets fought for our rights.
    Guess who has all the rights? All the
    jerk offs in Washington. They have the to take your rights away. That’s the way it is. TRUCKING what a joke

  • bigred

    Why does anyone get a pre pass anyway????Cause they are trying to beat the system MAYBE Little Danny Boy!!! If you got nothing to hide why pay the money???

  • Greg

    It’s the rights we lose that’s the real cost. The next time you vote remember two words. YOUR FIRED fire them all and keep your powder dry.

  • Anne Ferro

    A Doctor who graduated from 8 years of medical school and then completed a 3 to 4 year residency at a hospital is qualified to diagnose and treat patients with complex illnesses and dieses. But only doctors who are approved by the FMCSA have the knowledge to determine if an individual is physically fit to drive a truck.

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  • Guest

    WOW. Where did you get E-Logs for $17 / mo.?

  • bigdoghighway

    Yep, you are an idiot! Your one of those know it all, done it all, seen it all, can’t learn anything else because my brain is already overflowing with so much knowledge. I know who you are. I hear you talking your radio trash at the truck stops. I see your handy work out on the highways and on the 5:00 News. Yea, I know you. Your the number one problem with this industry today. Your nothing but an excuse for a human being. A a wanna-be trucker. If we could get people like you out of the trucking business, we could probably get a few things done. If I ever met you, I would slap you in the mouth and pray you would think about doing anything about it so I would have an excuse to finish the job.

  • jim stewart

    Yeah, that’s amazing. They chose the qualified DOT medical specialist by a few simple little training course. All they’ve managed to do with this new government registry is increase the price of our physical and now introduce this newest bogus money scam called sleep apnea. I had to take another physical after receiving a letter saying my medical card was void. This after my doctor had died last year. I’ve been going to him for twenty years but after death they decided he wasn’t qualified to do the hundreds of past DOT medicals he had performed in his office.They gave several of us 10 days and others they gave 30 days to get a new card or revoke or degrade (whatever that means?) our current CDL license. Never mind that these cards were still good for another year or so. I know there were several hundred effected by this decision. They don’t understand anything about the life we live by the ludicrous time frame they gave everyone to replace a medical card that we had been operating on for years. I just wonder how many drivers never received the mail out? The doctor is dead of cancer, how as he to defend himself? The new improved FMCSA doctor asked me all the standard new questions on how much rest I got, how I slept at bedtime. I told them like a baby, plenty sleep all the time, much to restful! I certainly don’t need to be hooked up to any damn machine or paying hundreds of dollars for junk therapy that’s being fraudulently forced on our industry so that thousands of hard working drivers can continue to keep their job or their trucks. It seems today our government is determined to micromanage every part of our stinking life..

  • lastgoodusername

    so what if there is not enough docs. rules for the trucking business are not to make anything easy or to fix a problem. wake up.

  • Allen Smith

    We had as our guest last week Elaine Papp, Division Chief for the FMCSA Office of Medical Programs on Truth About Trucking “Live” and she stated that by the 5/21/14 there would be enough Medical Examiners. Here is her explanation
    “Understanding the National Registry Of Certified Medical Examiners Program”

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  • Ralph

    How about the short haulers? I pass a set of scales sometimes 8 or 10 times a day. What’s so terrible about my having prepass? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.