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Todd Dills

More on broker bond increase, highway bill

| June 26, 2012
  • Stay Informed

    They should set the Broker limits by the percentage of monthly business. The more you’re brokering the more your Bond costs. This way a company might have a chance of recovering some money if the broker goes under. $25, 000 isn’t enough and people will still get screwed.

  • Phil Gates

    Both the House and the Senate need to debate this bill on it’s own. Not attached to anything else. The way the TIA was able to sneak this in to the Highway Bill is nothing but shit ass politics.

  • Steve Fiddler

    What your looking at the American dream of starting a company and you be the owner going away. All the TIA wants is small brokers going away and the big boys control the market. The oil industry is a perfect example of the big boys controlling the game and it has work great for our trucking industry. In a 10 year period fuel has gone from $1.50 gallon to $5.00 and right now at 3.65. Making a truckers cost for 250 mile fuel is at 38% of the cost. Competition is good. The bonds need to be adjusted according to inflation. Just dont knock the brokers out of the game.

  • Deborah McCoy

    The date is Saturday, 6/30/12 – our congress has approved the Transportation Bill which will increase our surety bond to $75,000. I don’t know how we’ll find the money to be able to continue doing business. I’m sure many of my fellow freight brokers are wondering the same thing. I’m very disappointed in our congress and in the TIA.

  • Rod Lucas

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  • Phillius Thomas

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