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Nuggets of wisdom: Don’t forget your shower shoes

| October 18, 2013

shower shoeI’ve learned a lot about life on the road in the past year and a half. We’re often asked for tips from newbies, about things they may want to take on the road with them. My first answer to that question is shower shoes. And as difficult as it may be to find size 12 in men’s platform shower shoes, I would solidly recommend them for everyone.

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It took me a minute to get the showering- in-a -public- place thing down. My first few away from home showers were fraught with horrible experiences. I almost knocked myself out in Tulsa, when I flipped my hair over to put a towel on it and smacked my forehead on the toilet seat. I flooded the entire shower section at the Ohio Turnpike rest area, because my shower shoe was completely blocking the drain and the floors are flat, so the water just ran out all over the place instead of backing up and alerting me that my dumb ass was standing on the one and only way for the water to escape properly. (This, thankfully, is one of those things that only happen once. I’m completely aware of where the drain is now.)

Narrow escape from automatic hell

There are a few things I’ve learned never to be without. Clorox wipes and baby wipes are indispensable, but don’t get them mixed up, as Clorox wipes are extremely stingy when you try to remove eye makeup with them. Also, lavender-scented Clorox wipes smell a lot like lavender-scented baby wipes when you’re rummaging around in the dark, trying not to wake someone up who’s sleeping four inches from you. I might also add that screaming, “Oh God, I’m going to be blind!” is highly frowned upon by aforementioned sleeping person four inches from you.

There’s no substitute for experience. I’ve got a shower bag I could successfully take a shower in a biological hazard with now. I am prepared with my own towels, antiseptic shower spray, flashlight, toilet paper, biohazard bags, .22 semi-automatic pistol and a Leatherman. Kidding! No one carries biohazard bags in their shower grip! You’re so silly!

But seriously, don’t forget your shower shoes.

  • Kast55

    Talking about showers, why is Pilot Truck Stops changing the sink faucets to a regulated one….. just like the one in the rest areas.

  • guest

    Shower Shoes for certain…you will be athletes foot that is incurable and toe nail fungus for Life in those dumps.
    THIS is only ONE reason the PAY is too LOW for Road Drivers…it is dangerous and Unhealthy. Wendy should carry a WHISTLE or SIREN as well as her GUN. Increasing amount of illegal aliens and Ex Convicts(cheap labor with good driving record-coz they been locked up)…flooding the trucking business today…making possibility of attack and assault on a woman(or man) a very real threat…..ANOTHER reason for HIGHER Pay. I would NOT send my Wife into the truckstop in the Dark ALONE….to shower or otherwise.
    Not today with the KOOKS they have hired as “drivers”..any Cop will tell you that…..and the Grizzly Murders at Truckstops. Pleasant dreams Low Paid Drivers.

  • guest

    I hope the faucets are “no touch”….with all the foreign drivers you know they are bringing New Diseases from their 3rd world villages….dont touch anything in those dumps…Wendy is a Medical professional she knows to carry CLOROX WIPES….Butt Gaskets are a MUST……you will catch some incurable disease in those hell holes they call truck stops…..CRINGEWORTHY DIVES……Disgusting.

  • Karmen Scott Skala

    lol- luv your blog

  • jesse wood

    you should have been into trucking when i first started the men used a community shower, no private showers back thenj

  • jesse wood

    about the showers the people holding the steering wheel now days are not truck drivers just a warm body

  • Mind Games

    Here’s a tip that will save your feet and your and possibly your life! Carry rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spray the the spigot so you can brush tour teet and your feet once you get out the shower.
    I once ran across a spigot that had blood knit from the bottom side and the back side had not been cleaned I also ran across a shower that had semen in the curtain too! ( I got sex out of the curtain deal).
    Now don’t laugh these are facts not made up stories and trust me you may save your life.
    Also you may wanna bring your own towel too they wipe the showers with the towel you just dried off with and or spray chemicals with those same towels tk clean them as well.
    If only the Heath departments around the nation really did their jobs instead of laying up on their tails doing nothing we would get some clean showers.

  • Mark ‘Saddle Tramp’ Haines

    Shower Shoes! HA-HA! What a laugh! Most of the “drivers” today wear “shower shoes’ as work shoes. I would wager that a lot of them use the same flip-flops that they just walked across the urine drenched parking lot into the shower as well. No wonder I can’t find a boot polishing stand anymore. I just laugh when these guys wearing shorts and flip-flops take a leak on the parking lot, knowing that their piss is splattering off the blacktop and all over their feet and lower legs. And the reason there has been no respect for truck drivers by the public, shippers/receivers, carriers and even truck drivers themselves, is because respect starts within,

  • Mark “Saddle Tramp” Haines

    Yeah Jesse, The last one I remember seeing was in Old Washington, off of I-70 in eastern Ohio. A large room with 10 or 12 shower heads. I remember the ‘Speed and Briscoe” Union 76 north of Richmond, Va. It had about 5 showers and they were just chest high walls with the shower in the back and a small bench and dressing area in the front. You think they have a driver shortage NOW, If that were the way it is now, they would all run home to mommy! There was no wait for a shower then because no one had time to sit on the commode and, well, play around. Then spend 10 minutes blow drying their hair. Good days in the 70’s and 80’s, even if they were harder.

  • Danette Norrell Adamson

    i agree truckin is for sissies now it used to not be it was real truckdrivers … i hate what the industry has become

  • guest

    Carry a Gallon Of Clorox Disinfectant Spray Bottle!! The “showers” are used every day by Guatamalan Refugees who just crawled under the Fence carrying nasty diseases from their villages….they actually ride up here from El Salvador to Los Angeles in Boxcars…and soon are hired to drive TRUCK for crooked “logistics” companies…coughing and hacking up Typhoid fever and Tuberculosis….they dont know what a toilet is for and usually crap in the corner…..Disinfectant is Mandatory for survival…dont touch any door handle on the way Out of theDUMP(truckstop)..wipe hand thouroughly once outside the DIVE. Truckstops look like breeding grounds for 3rd world savages today…..Huge Change from what it used to be….nasty incurabe diseases in those Hell Hole cracker box dumps.

  • g

    I remember showering at Rubes it was like junior high school locker room shower..and the Orange Ball
    had a bunch of plastic showers with glass door..guys would get their Wallet stolen sometimes..ya had to put ur clothes on a bench….

  • g

    I remember the first time I went into that dump to shower I was driving for Madwestern Dist out of Fort Scott….I was a bit seemed like showering at San Quentin.

  • guest

    yep those towels are scary…I wouldnt bet the farm on a truckstop washed towel…yyyuuuuuuuk.

  • grandpa5x

    A driver I saw solved that problem by standing on the top step outside his door relieving himself at 8AM. Dont know what his safety man said to him after I called and reported him.

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