Obamacare: Decision upcoming for uninsured operators

| August 21, 2013

The consultants at owner-operator business services firm ATBS have put together a helpful primer on the particulars of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, as part of a regular newsletter you can download via this link. The piece is intended to help owner-operators make the decision about what route to take for health insurance under the act — without some kind of coverage come tax time in 2015, individuals will pay a penalty. Such penalties grow to as much as $2,085 or 2.5 percent of total income over $20,000, whichever is greater, for tax year 2016. 

Put together by ATBS Tax Manager Andy Erwin, the informational piece also details various metrics that owner-operators currently without insurance can use to make their decision, including dollar figures for potential subsidy assistance if purchasing on the newly established individual health-care exchanges. Enrollment in the new exchanges is scheduled to begin October 1. 

Download Erwin’s report via this link. 

Find more info about premium rates published early for packages purchased on state-administered insurance exchanges via this post. 

Given the delay in the mandate for employers of more than 50 individuals to offer an insurance option, many have suggested a delay in the individual mandate should also be granted. Tell us what you think in the comments here. 

Some exemptions to the individual requirement to have health insurance under the ACA do exist. The following chart from ATBS’ newsletter shows them.

Healthcare reform penalty decision tree

  • USMC 69-75

    That’s why they passed….top see what’s in the freaking thing? How stupid is that????

  • USMC 69-75

    Nothing is free! So go get your own, don’t be under big brothers thumb!
    It’s apparent you don’t get it MZ!

  • localnet

    Amen brother! Semper Fi, from an old Navy Corpsman… Who worked for a few years in civilian medicine… This is a disaster waiting to happen. Enough said.

  • M.j. Zuzich

    I have no way to know your situation or any of the actuarial tables that would apply as to your employment status. There is no single answer, never has been. That’s why God made insurance agents I suppose.

  • M.j. Zuzich

    As Bonnie Prince Ronnie famously once said “-there you go again.” For your notes; I’ve bought my insurance coverage(s) for the last twelve years. For my drivers, since 2009. But wait, what was it that you wanted me to go get some of?

  • localnet

    I have one word for you, “Canada”…

    DMC, Detroit MI, Surgical Nurse, Orthopedics, and one hell of a waiting list 20+ years ago… I can only imagine what it is like now. And you are a jackass. Enough said.


    Unless you are paying CASH… ;)

  • localnet

    Medicine is now on equal par with trucking… Remember that, you get what YOU pay for, not the insurance company/broker… Jackass.

  • localnet

    I’m fine, give me some numbers. BSN in surgical nursing here, driving truck because it pays better. So tell me what you know sport that I don’t know?

  • localnet

    MJ, your an idiot. Enough said.

  • localnet

    There are legal ways around all of it… Idiot

  • M.j. Zuzich

    Listen, you can try to hide all of your ignorance any way you want. But it’s pretty clear that you haven’t got any solid facts on the costs of coverage under these new ‘ACA requirements.’ In my case, I’ve just this week started getting some of the numbers back on my coverage and with the credits that will apply to me, my costs are going to drop about 1.5% over what I’ve been paying for my personal medical policy. I haven’t gotten any of those proposals back yet on the costs of the individual policies for my guys yet. I’ve just got the rough estimates for them that try to tell me that those four are going to come in around 1% less than the group policy. Until I get the actual proposal back all I’ve got is not so reliable. It does follow along with both, the Bloomberg and Forbes articles I’d seen published in the last two weeks.

  • localnet

    Medicine is not free, or a right. Wait until food is free, and someone sticks a gun in your face and tells you to drive. Any of you got a lick of sense? Because that is what you are asking our medical profession to do… You all that support this BS, wrap your two brain cells around that. F’n educated idiots… Save our country, shoot an educated idiot. Enough said. Humph.

  • Won’t Be Able To Retire

    The young voters who did not vote I asked a few of my childs friends who they voted for and they said they didn’t when I asked them why they said they did not like either candidate. I informed them you always vote for the lesser of two evils or if some did vote they voted for Obama because they think they don’t have to work for anything it should be handed to them were screwed and tattooed :(

  • Don

    Since FL opted out of Obama Care tell us what that means for independent truckers out of FL

  • bigkahunah

    hey, just makin funno some freakin IDIOTS ! and YEAH, I dropped outta college to open a fukkin bar. you got me there. Porked lotsa college hotties there ;:p — good memories == THANKS for reminding me !

  • bigkahuna

    it’s AUTOMATICALLY going to become part of your standard tax liability. you’re GOING TO pay it, like it or not..

    I’m a ‘contractor’, too DDDUUUUUU


  • bigkahuna

    they’ll just ignore you. that’s what they do when they hear ‘a truth’ that they don’t like !

    that’s why I curse at em — it’s the only thing they understand. violence. word violence. but if we were in the same room with some of em, they’d wanna FIGHT ! they’d wanna KICK YOUR ASS SOCIALIST !!

    cause they’re INCAPABLE of fighting with their minds..

  • WES


  • bigkahuna

    PULL YOUR HEAT outta Rush Limpbrain’s ASS for once in your life !


    GOOD stories though ! but like your ‘bible’ they’re just FUKKIN FAIRY TALES

    fukkin MORON, talk about ‘makin trukkers look bad’ ! ‘LeftHandedPueblo’ is the poster-child

  • bigkahuna



  • bigkahuna

    DUDE ! Have you ever heard of ‘SARCASM’ ???

    i was mocking ignorant CONservaTARDs who take those positions.. racism, obama-hating, homo-hating, etc, etc..

    c’mon man, WAKE UP, it was a ‘joke’ . .

    although I agee with your last statement — most tea bagggers are embarassment to the reBUBBAkin party..

    and most reBUBBAkins are an embarrassment to most citizens of the United States

  • bigkahuna

    They don’t come to your house dipshit. If you don’t pay, they’ll deduct it outta your refund, or they’ll start fining you just like they do when you don’t pay income tax. the penalties will build & you’ll just pay more later. they’ll dock your pay — they’ll freeze your bank accounts.. you’ll pay sooner or later…

    you’re a freakin IDIOT . .

    you DO realize that the ‘IRS’ & the ‘Treasury Department’ are kinda the SAME THING right ?? the ‘Fed’.. ALL THE SAME SHIT DUDE ! they CONTROL the monetary system. you can run, but you cannot hide.

    how many teeth ya got, Wes ??

  • M.j. Zuzich

    Absolutely nothing. Fl. only told the Feds that the Feds will have to put the insurance clearinghouse in place since their State Gov’t. won’t spend any time or effort to put insurance info. out to Fl. residents. I live in Tn. and they’ve done the same thing. But it doesn’t matter to you or me. We all will still have to comply with the mandate. If you’ve got health insurance, you are already in compliance.

  • bigkahuna

    you ARE a part of it, LIKE IT OR NOT. moron.

    and you wanna blame someone, blame the dipshit reBUBBAKINS that all y’all RIGHT-WINGNUT retards voted for.

    they’re the ones that blocked the ‘public option’. It they’d been looking out for us, they’ve MADE SURE that we got some other ‘OPTION’, along with the ‘mandate’. If we had a reasonable priced ‘option’ to the Monopolistic insurance companies (I call them the ‘legalized mafia’), then the ‘mandate’ wouldn’t matter that much, & competition would bring the price down.

    just like having the ‘Post Office’ around keeps prices of shipping down. How much do you think UPS & FedEx would charge to deliver a letter, or a package, if the USPS did not exist ???

    All you stoopid mutherfukkers need a BASIC economics lesson..

    you DUMBASSES shouldn’t be able to vote unless you have a basic understanding of economics.

  • bigkahuna

    you mean the SECOND worst president, behind THAT FREAKIN MORONN ‘dipshit-W’ Bush!

  • bigkahuna

    ya cain’t NOT PAY IT !

    GOD DAMMM you sheeple are FOKKIN MORONS

  • bigkahuna

    apparently, most of you drivers, at least the majority represented here, are PURE FUKKIN RETARDS

    It’s a TAX. YA CAN’T NOT PAY IT. It’ll be automatically added if you or your accountant don’t add it on your income tax forms.

    you CANNOT get out of paying it.

    you ARE A FUKKING IDIOT, you ignorant old fart. All you brainless hacks are embarassing yourselves with your GODDAMM IGNORANCE.. now I’m finally starting to understand why theY play ‘FOX NEWS’ at all the truck stops ! to further brainwash you IGNORANT FUKKINGG SHEEPLE

  • fuck obamacare

    fuck this….nobody is going to order me to spend my money. any law that is against the Constitution is no law at all. I am a sovereign citizen..my rights shall not be infringed.

  • WES


  • USMC 69-75

    I’m calling it what it is, a penalaty. The Supreme court ruled it a “tax” because they can’t penalize us if we reject it, but they can “tax” us for refusing it…..If you let them, Putting feathers on a pig and calling it a duck, will not fly….

  • USMC 69-75

    Your an idiot BK, and you don’t have the kahunas to stand up for what is right!

  • Tracy

    Oh the poor dr’s and the poor hospitals. They all operate in the red because of the deadbeats who do not pay their bills. I haven’t seen many dr’s driving around in ford fiesta or geo metros. The hospitals are filing bankruptcy by the thousands. Ya right!!! More laws and more controls, just what we need. If you do not want to live in the land of the free. Then move somewhere that has all theses controls and laws. None of you people on here pay my bills. Dr.s or otherwise. I do not believe in insurance. We put the same amount of money in a savings account every year that you pay for insurance. When this life is all said and done I will be far and away ahead of you. Open your eyes. Ever see an insurance company building? How about hospitals, ever been in one that isn’t expanding with construction all over the place. They are not broke and will use any excuse they can to raise what you pay. I pay with cash and I can get any procedure done that you do and they will do it about 35% less for me than for your ins. plan.

  • BIGkahuna

    you’re ann idiot.the US dollar IS th WORLD RESERVE CUURRENCY and as long as that is the case, we can pretty much do whatever the hell we want with our monetary system (as lonng as it’s done is a ‘controlled’ format) and the rest of the world has no choice but to SIT THERE & TAKE IT ! The dollar’s not goin anywhere — you’ll be LUCKY if metals donn’t lose more than the dollar does over the next decade as we recover from George dipsht-W Bush & Greenspan & the dirtbags on Wall St..

    Our economy will continue to recover & eventually will establish a long-term growth trend annd the national debt will trend smaller & smaller, & the value of the dollar is going nowhere ! (as long as we don’t STUPIDLY choose to jump into any more TRILLION DOLLAR-WARS!)

    If you’re buying ‘investment grade’ metal (coins, etc) then you might be a smart man, but just buying the metal itself, you might lose compared to THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR. Be proud, it’s one of the few things our stupid politicians HAVEN’T screwed up !


  • BIGkahuna

    what’s RIGHT is for the politicians to give us the PUBLIC OPTION. it’s the only thing that’s ggonna work to compete with the insurance companies.

    and thanks to the idiot reBUBBAkinns, we’ll never have it.. iF THEY REALLY CARED about the people,, they would have an alternnate plan to the ‘obamacare’ law, BUT THEY DON’T .they’re too ignorant to try. all they can do is ‘say NO’. and you idiots sent them there. tea-party MORONs

    you DUMDUMs shouldn’t be allowed to vote unless & until you understand BASIC ECONOMICS

  • Opt Out

    How dare you tell me to move.Just because I have a different Veiw on Obama care.Doctors come out of school owing hundred of thousands of dollars in student loans.Not to also say they go for 8to10years until done.Then they go into practice and have a lot more overhead then you.malpratice insurance ,nurses,nurse practioners,secretary ,bookkeepers ,billing and coding specialist,transcriber for records,file clerks,taxes ,office rent,hospital affiliation fees ,ect.you say you put into savings the equivalent in money.One operation can cost about 20000.00 plus anesthesia ,labs,doctors.Kemo cost 8000 to 24000. A dose you need 15 doses.You are so out of touch.conservative brain washing.

  • USMC 69-75

    Little kahuna,

    What planet are you from? The dollor is getting weaker by the day, the economy is not getting better, and this lame brain you called “big
    kahuna” in the big house…..is spending money like a drunken sailer and taking multi million dollar vacations every month ( not to mention all the millions being given to countries that want to kill us!), on yours and my tax dollars, instead of doing his job! Wake up and get an education!!!

  • USMC 69-75

    WOW! Your vocabulary blows me away, and shows me your intellectual level on all basis.
    I know more about economics than you’ll ever know, been self employed most of my life. I run
    under my own authority, and have for around 20 years now, equipment is paid for and still
    getting compliments going down the road, also have several O/Os running under me.
    I guess that beat sitting in a bar playing bar keep and pretending to know something I don’t, and
    calling people I don’t even know, stupid names! You have shown all of us here that you
    apparently only have about three brain cells left, and two might be on vacation. So seeing you’re
    not even a driver, O/O or know anything about trucking. Go back behind your bar and get lost in
    a bottle of JB…..and that’s not HUNT! I’m tired trying to match wits with an unarmed wanna be,
    so I’ll let it rest here, and get a cup of joe! Good luck and God bless……. I’m signing off!

  • USMC 69-75

    MJ….this is nothing more than a job killer, to destroy our economy. Nothing is free, and
    companies aren’t going to be able to pay this “FINE, penalty, tax” whatever you want to label
    it……it still is a “FINE.”

    Nobody’s insurance is going to be good enough or they will make it so expensive that you won’t
    be able to afford it, so you opt out and pay their “FINE” to be compliant……That is illegal and
    against yours and mine Constitutional rights! What part of being free don’t you understand?

    Socialist anything is not good and will destroy a free nation. The best way to capture a herd of
    wild animals (or one), free food same time same place and over the course of a month, build a
    coral. One wall at a time, then close the gate when they are feeding……Your mine now to do my
    bidding, or feed me! Socialism at it’s finest…CONTROL.

  • BIGkahuna

    man, what is it with you idiot CONservaTARDs and this ‘communist’ CRAP ! THERE ARE NO MORE COMMUNINSTs, you morons..

    and THIS ONE — one WITH GOVERNMENT INSURANNCE (yeah, that’s what it is pal, VA, Medicare– GOVERMENT INSURANCE) —



    yeah right — YOU can have government insurance. But I CAN’T — I’M WILLINGG TO PAY FOR IT, but because of IDIOTs like you, I can’t have that option — but it’s OK for you. It’s NOT SOCIALISM when you have it, but if I WANNA BUY INTO A ‘PUBLIC OPTION’ — I AM the ‘Communinst’ ?!?!?

    talk about a ‘mental midget’ — SHUT THE FKK UP STUPID OLD MAN !

    — and that goes for anny of you BRAINWASHED RIGHN-WINGUT CONservaTARDs out there — SCREW ALL OF YOU !!!!!!!!! LEAVE THE COUNNTRY NOW ! — If not now, will you PROMISE TO LEAVE when Hillary is elected by a landslide in 2016 ? PLEASE ?!?!?!??

  • BIGkahuna

    you don’t have a clue old man.

    I have multiple degrees, onne inn econnomics. Bernannke played it perfectly. For the amount of economic activity we’ve gotten per dollar of ‘QE1’, QE2, etc, BY FAR outweighs the small amount of depreciationn of the Dollar. That combined with foreign spennding (that YOUR DUMB-ASS BITCHHES ABOUT) — that spending INSUREs the Dollars spot as ‘world reserve currency’ for a long, lonng time to come..

    as a matter of fact we SHOULD BE SPENDINNG MORE! We should be rebuilding our infrsctucture — this is the PERFECT time to do it, while the rest of the world’s economies & currencies are down — negligible effects to our econnomy if we did —- the BENEFITS would BE TREMENDOUS ! But because of you idiot CONservaTARDs, we don’t do it — you moron tea-bagggers ARE RUINING the future potential of this country !

    And you don’t even understand that you’re doinng it ! And the part you REALLY don’t understand is that this crisis, as bad as it was all over the world, & our response to it, practically INSUREs that there’s gonna be no innflation for many years to come.. I could explain it further, but you wouldn’t understand if I got more into it..

    sad you’re [and many Americans] are such fkknn idiots that it’s impossible for you to understand thinngs like this..

    I’d say GO GET AN EDUCATION YOURSELF, but obviously, it’s too late for you, old man…

  • mousekiller

    Take a chill pill, your about to bust a vein. To make this simple and short. You evidently tried the shoe on and it fits. You evidently went through school barely passing history english and you fail to see what is going on around you in the real world. I am sorry you are living in the kool aid pitcher but the real world is deteriorating a fast rate.. If not I am sure the lady behind the desk will see that you get on welfare with no problem. . I pray you are not a truck driver and we don’t have to share the road with your anger and confusion, I really don’t care if you buy steal or beg insurance. That is you and by your rant I am so glad I do not know you. However by your rant I know you voted for obama and will for Hilary to continue the down fall of this country at a fast rate. . One word of advice. Pay attention to your surroundings and to the political environment. If you have the ability to sort the wheat from the chaff you just might learn something. There is always hope .

  • mousekiller

    No matter what you say for proof nor how you say it to some that claim to have multiple degrees you cannot educate them. Multiple degrees makes me think sun burn only. USMC69-75 your right on the mark.

  • wsjevons

    Ill bet you know karate too!

  • wsjevons

    localnet says s/he makes more trucking than as a BSN of surgical nursing . . .

  • wsjevons

    I am truly sorry to hear that. I literally have no idea what fortitude it takes to live with a chronic, debilitating disease while trying to work and support the family. I wish you strength and grace. God Bless.

    The ACA was designed for people like you. No more pre-existing conditions. No lifetime limits for your MS treatments. Kids can stay on under your policy until 26. If, god forbid, you can’t haul anymore, your policy will be pro-rated for what you can afford and you can continue to get the medication you need.

  • M.j. Zuzich

    Your response is exactly what I was talking about in an earlier reply. Look, the big issue here is de-linking health care away from employment. In the last four years the Congressional Republicans have politicized this issue as a reply to Obama’s adoption of the insurance plan the Republicans put in place in Romney’s term as then Governor in Mass. This idea was thoroughly vetted by a number of Republican research groups and was found to be a sound idea.
    Those guys -as well as Obama, at no time said this idea was going to be free. It was only ever going to be a way to SLOW to rate of health care cost inflation for Americans. It has already started to do this in a number of ways -even before it’s officially begun. I’ve actually gotten two hundred twelve dollars back in rebate from Cigna -since they were not spending 80% of my premium for MY policy’s benefits. That a fact Jack, not a sound bite from FNN. If you’ve got kids in college, they can now stay on your policy until they are 26 -saving YOUR family cash. Again and also, not a sound bite on FNN or Limbaugh.
    Is Obama Care perfect? Of course not! It came out of Congress. THE MOTHER HOMELAND of all of our special interests. But, to do the job it is designed to do, it is a start.

  • BIGkahuna

    there is no hope when the CONservaTARDs block everything & offer no solutions. I should have the right to buy my health coverage policy from a ‘Public Option’. That’s the only way to have competition amongst the insurance companies, and to bring prices down. It’s either that, or do like Germany & Japan and many other countries do & start TELLING the insurance companies what they can & can’t do, and ‘big Pharma’ & equipment suppliers that are sabatoging the whole system by charging outrageous prices for stuff, basically gouging all of us. ex. GE builds a CT-scanner for about $150,000. then they turn around & lease it to the hospitals for multiple MILLIONS over it’s productive lifetime.. What CONservaTARD ‘principle’ is gonna stop that kinda shit ??? I’m all for ‘unbridled Capitalism’, just not in the health care field. There, IT DOESN’T WORK.

    A ‘Public Option’ designed to compete with insurance companies & all these free-market RAPIST equipment & drug suppliers, is the only way to force prices down. Either that or just ‘socialize’ the whole damm thing. Personally, I’d prefer good ole ‘competition’ instead of ‘socialism’.. but, whatever works…

    What was your ‘SOLUTION’ again, CONservaTARD ????? Did I hear an ‘idea’ in any of that garbage you posted ?? or just more right-wing-bitching with no proposals on how to actually SOLVE A PROBLEM ?

  • Guest

    Very Expensive Regulation.

  • Alphea McCulloch

    So I’ve read some comments not all. I couldn’t stomach most. I welcome Obama Care. This is why: 2009 I lost my job and lost my health coverage. 2010 I became pregnant, my first child….so far anyway…..I had no insurance….I couldn’t get any because the Insurance Companies refer to me as having a pre-existing condition. I couldn’t get approved on Medicaid for pregnant women because they said my husband made too much money as a truck driver. I was high risk….I had to have emergency surgery at 20 weeks, which should have been done at 12 weeks…I was also placed on bed rest. You get the picture….My surgery cost about $14,000. I was in the hospital for a week. I had to visit the doctor 3 times a week after that & more frequent at 32 weeks….My doctor (specialist) advised me of the fee for him just delivering my son not what the hospital would charge & I had to have a C-Sect….I ended up have an emergency C-Sect as well……After our son was born my hubby & I got insurance and we’re paying almost $700 a month for…..If I get pregnant tomorrow….I’m not covered….Maternity is not part of our private insurance. I asked. I was told to get Maternity I need to work for a company that offers it. Or get the insurance under our business which was even more. Yes, I am still looking for better coverage. Everyone has there opinion on the matter when they are not face with life altering decisions. Call Obamacare what you want but in my book it’s a lot better offer for people who need & are willing to pay for it. I would rather have Obamacare than no care any day. What would you do if you or your spouse or child got seriously ill and needed surgery, or any medical attention that may cost you thousands or over $250,000 for? Will your opinion be the same or will you be in the front of the line signing up because pre-existing conditions would be covered? It’s so easy to run your mouth when you don’t have to make that type of decision. You may not think you need a doctor today or in the future, but take it from me life is fickle. Things happen.

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