Opposition expected against restart rollback on Senate floor this week

Sen. Cory Booker is expected to offer an amendment to strip the Senate’s Transportation, Housing and Urban Development bill of its language to suspend the restart provisions of federal hours-of-service rules.

As the Senate resumes work this week on its 2015 DOT-funding bill, the American Trucking Associations said it expects an attempt will come on the Senate floor to undo work by the Senate Appropriations committee to halt certain provisions of the current hours-of-service rule.

ATA’s Chief of Legislative Affairs Chris Spear said during a conference call with reporters June 17 that he anticipates Sen. Corey Booker (D-N.J.) to propose an amendment to strike the amendment included by the appropriations committee two weeks ago.


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The committee voted 21-9 to include the amendment from Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) that would temporarily suspend the restart requirements — the once-per-week limit and the inclusion of two 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. periods — of the current rule until regulators can further study whether the provisions will have a measurable impact on safety. The rest of the rule and its limits would still be in effect.

The amendment, however, came under fire recently after the high-profile fatal crash involving actor Tracy Morgan, with senators like Booker, Charles Shumer (D-N.Y.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) making strong public statements against the amendment, touting the restart provisions as life-savers.

Shumer also is pushing a quicker turnaround on the agency’s electronic logging device mandate, penning a letter to Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx June 16 asking him to “expedite the remaining needed reviews and issue a final rule as soon as possible.”

Despite the HOS amendment’s opposition, Spear said he’s “very confident” the suspension amendment will hold. “We anticipate debate being rekindled on the Senate floor in the coming days,” he said. “And we feel very confident that the Senate will vote again in a bi-partisan way” to keep the Collins amendment.


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If the amendment does make it through with the Senate’s final version, the bill will go to a conference committee with House and Senate members who’ll be charged with reconciling the differences between the two versions.

The House passed its DOT-funding bill June 7, and it did not include the language to suspend the restart provisions.

But Spear says he’s also “very confident” the amendment would make it through the conference committee.

The full Senate is expected to begin debate on the bill the afternoon June 17.

  • William McKelvie

    Another dumbass Democrat? Imagine that! Two in a row, neighbors if you will, why am I not surprised? He has NO CLUE what the restart is all about, and why we are pushing to get it back to where it was. I wonder if he would like to take a pay cut, like most of us who have had to brunt because of this regulation change.

  • guest

    The Walmart crash will give the opposition fuel…..”truckers are out of control”….More Rules!! Diane Feinstein was the funniest so far….”Trucks are Zooming Everywhere”!!! Shows how Senile she is becoming….needs better Meds to focus better…….Killer trucks everywhere!! Run for your Lives!!!!

  • guest

    It will probably go the way the Puppet Masters dictate. Behind the scenes are the orchestrators of this Bullcrap…following a Blueprint and Agenda….that strenghtens Their Money and Position….and ambition to further Dominate trucking for their purposes…whatever they might be…they have made ALOT of progress so far…this crap did not come out of thin air……Agenda on the Move is what we are seeing….

  • martymarsh

    This just proves your elected officials don’t have a clue.

  • guest

    Senators wil be in the spotlight now…and dont want to appear Soft on Safety….they want to appear to protect their constituents from Maniacle crazed truckers….driving 24 hours like this WalmartClown…this may change the game when it comes to the vote…appearace is everything for a Politician….”why yes we do need to Crack Down on these killer truckers” they will vote for MORE RULES to protect the citizenry…..

  • Dan Mclendon

    William the majority of dumbass politicians come from the Republican/TP side. Graham, McCain, Cruz, Bachmann (batshit crazy) The list goes on & on.

  • Joe R.

    I wonder how enthusiastic truckers would have been about the original Collins Amendment if they had been told the truth about what else it contained…how about this little ditty…”Provided further, That the Secretary shall complete final regulatory action on the implementation of 49 United States Code 31137 no later than January 30, 2015:” and what is USC 31137? It mandates ELD’s! Imagine that!

  • William McKelvie

    Dan, it’s fact. That is what I stated. Fact. Another overpaid politician from NY who just happens to be democratic spewing nonsense about the trucking industry. Just like TONKO, another NY politician, another democrat who promised all that involved with the parking, remember that? Republican/Democrat does not matter, not many of them are looking out for us. But that is what this jackass is, a democrat. Don’t confuse or mistake my stance for one side vs the other. Thanks

  • D

    Omg! They have no clue. It isn’t the his. Its the few truck drivers that has no common sense. Leave us alone! We need to make a living. Hos rule that you passed is stupid. Makes you more tired than taking a reg 10 brk. What’s the difference of a factory working working then sleeping, then going back to work! They operate dangerous equipment too. Truckers should know, when your tired, not feeling good. Pull over & rest. And the majority do! I itterate, leave us alone!

  • Viki

    Protect constituents? Said b4, say again. Put us back b4 rules. Put us back to 15 hours in a rolling 24hr. ? Why? FLEXIBILITY. Trucker needs to be ‘Master Of Ship’ as states on bleeping Customs paperwork!




    for criminals/thieves/NarcoTERRORISTtypes

    Not LOL. You bleeping idiots wartington need 2get ur heads out of ur collective politically correct speak ‘ketman’ arses & do the right thing. This isn’t ‘piece work’. It’s not an assembly line or office work. Any1 who needs that sleep pattern 9 to 5, get out of trucking. Best time to drive is after midnight & b4 rush hour. This is hard dirty work some times & all the time for specialized types.
    These guys despite ur onerous rules still work hard at doing the job right the 1st time every time.
    They work hard at looking out for & helping one another & keeping our roads & cities safe.
    You don’t make it easy these days to even participate in the current version of Highway Watch, a project that adds a trucker ‘ eyes to help prevent the unthinkable from happening & report suspicious activity.
    Get a reality check & give US Truckers back the flexibility they need to not only maintain ownership of their drive hour day but to be those extra sets of discerning eyes we need to keep USA safe.
    You legislative types reading this, please please see the super position big picture here!

  • Clumsy

    Everyone who is paying attention to what is goin on the trucking ind needs to call there senators or email and tell them to support the amendment by sen Collins I will say this more drivers need to join ooida but as the old saying goes as long as I’ve been doin this we’ve got to stick together and either do a nationwide strike or just shut them trucks down for a week but I know everyone has house payments child support etc if we don’t what were see happening now we will b driving 55 mph cause that’s the next step is puttin speed limiters on trucks this will cause more crashes everyone stand together

  • Richard

    Has anyone posed the position that the current HOS rules may have contributed to the accident?

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