Overdrive’s top Christmas songs, counting down: No. 11

| December 10, 2013

Overdrive top christmas songs edit

In November, Overdrive began soliciting readers’ recommendations via our Facebook page, Twitter feed and in posts such as this one on the Channel 19 blog for the best Christmas song ever made. From their favorites, editors looked for repetitions, and those songs garnering the largest numbers then made a final list of 11 then put up for a vote.


Holiday trucking tunes from drivers Bill Weaver, Tony Justice

It's Thanksgiving -- what better time to share a couple Christmas tunes of considerably different hues by hardworking drivers Bill Weaver and Tony Justice.

Today, we start with No. 11, garnering 4 percent of the total vote, in the “Carol of the Bells” traditional Ukrainian folk song. It’s seen several different treatments throughout the last century, but given more than one commenter mentioned the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s dynamic contemporary version of the tune, we’ve included a Youtube-uploaded version of that below.


[youtube sCabI3MdV9g nolink]

Check out the No. 10 placing song — quite Grinch-y, as it were — via this link. 

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