Pay trends, part 2: Various segments rewarding performance

| October 17, 2012

The company is looking for teams to run the I-80 corridors West to East and back, as well as solo drivers for their high-traffic lane along the I-5 corridor into California and back.

Like the operators at Nussbaum, equipment owners with TWT have benefited from recent additions of side skirting equipment on TWT reefer trailers, and the operations team has been involved every step of the way to make certain that the pay increase is accompanied by higher efficiency in delivering operators quality miles.

“When we sat down and came up with this pay package,” says Benesch, “we also looked at our customers and lanes. Our operations team is focused on ensuring that our drivers are getting the miles that they demand.”

  • jescott418

    Its been a while since I read a lot about bonuses or should I say a lack of bonuses. How many times have companies waved bonuses in the past to drivers. Only to revoke them on any minor infraction. Nobody should go work for a company based on the bonuses they may or may not make. They are usual just incentives to get you to stay out longer and drive more miles only to find out you did one thing wrong that kept you from making the bonus. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.