Pilot close to ending manual rebate calculations, CEO says

| September 30, 2013

pilot signManual rebate calculations — the source of the fraud accusations against Pilot Flying J — are close to being eliminated at the company, said owner and CEO Jimmy Haslam in a prepared statement to the media last week.

Ending manual rebate calculations at the company “has almost been accomplished,” Haslam said, referring to an April 22 statement in which he said the company — as part of a five-step plan to try to ensure the company no longer would be fraudulently withholding fuel rebates — would be moving all of its customers to electronically calculated rebates.

In addition to the near elimination of manual calculations, Haslam said last week the sales department is no longer handling the manual calculation.

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In the statement, Haslam also discussed the other four points of his plan, including the field audits that the company began in April. Haslam said then the company would be reviewing all of its customer accounts that had been on manual rebate calculations.

Those were completed June 30, Haslam said, and customers were notified in all instances in which the team found a discrepancy. As Overdrive reported in June, the company then sent customers checks for the difference, along with interest.

“We are finding discrepancies in a relatively small number of our almost 7,000 diesel fuel sales customer accounts audited, and that the amount we’ve paid to correct those discrepancies represents a very small percentage of our overall diesel fuel sales,” Haslam said.

The checks with interest are also part of the settlement deal Pilot reached in Arkansas court in August, in which the company agreed to pay all affected members of the class what they were owed in fuel rebates, along with 6 percent interest and attorney’s fees.

Also in his update, Haslam said seven members of the company’s diesel sales team have pleaded guilty to criminal charges. “Others have been placed on administrative leave pending the results of the ongoing investigation,” he said.

Pilot, however, is not releasing their names.

Pilot also has, per its April 22 announcement, assembled an outside counsel and created a compliance officer position to “ensure that this type of activity  never happens again at Pilot Flying J,” Haslam said.

The committee is currently reviewing the company’s policies and will make recommendations afterward.

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  • guest

    When does Haslam go to PRISON?? If it was You or ME we would be talking this TRASH from behind Bars!!!!
    Prime Example of the ELITE RICH..who WAS stealing from the Working Man……..but gets OFF because he is RICH and his BROTHER is a Politician!!!!! Truckers Strike Oct 11-13…can ya figure out WHY truckers are PISSED??? Had Enuff???? Convoy to DC.

  • Rey Moreno

    Corporate America skates from the law again! Congress Gives up and the Shut down Begins. FMCSA Creates new sleep apnia law. When is it going to end people! Havent the People had Enough!

    I was on the fence weather the October Shutdown would make a difference. BUT NOW DRIVERS, NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION! There is no end to the laws Washington will think up. There is no end to the unscroopulous behavior of congress. When will all the trucks FINNALY get with the F u c k in g program and band together. We have to do something! Things have to be done. Changes need to be made.
    Enough talking about if a shutdown will work. Enough Complaing about everything. Enough of the dissagreements! JUST TURN YOUR KEY TO THE OFF POSITION.

    Lets make this October 11th shutdown happen. Lets make America see that we have had enough! Enough of the thoughless regulation. Enough of the of the do nothing Congress. Enough of The High fuel Prices. Enough of Low Freight Rates and cheep freight. Enough of the Bull!

    Tell America we wont be Bullied Any more because we have had Enough! The New Shutdown is from October 11th to the 18th!!!!!! After one week. We will be at the table leaving our demands and haveing our demands met!!!!!

  • GREG


  • guest

    YEA!!! The “laws” dont apply to the RICH..like Haslam and his Brother the Governor of Tennessee…they are ABOVE the LAW…..however the Trucker will be subject to MORE and MORE and MORE rules and Laws…while the CROOKS go free??? What in the HELL kind of Deal is this???
    Shut Down Oct 11-13 and every month until they UNDERSTAND OUR Multi-Million Dollar interests…we can Muster as Much Economic Muscle Power as Haslam any day……Thes cops need to Take Notice of OUR Power….now just Haslam and Pilot.

  • guest

    When these Cops see that Not a stick of freight is being Moved on Oct 11-13 AND there is a Convoy heading to DC…they will start to RESPECT us……..Not until then..You can bet on That…….Cops are bought and Paid For….Laws are being WRITTEN by special intersts…….this needs to STOP.

  • John

    A lot of people on here griping about how guilty Haslam is. Don’t buy Pilot/Flying J fuel. Don’t use Pilot/Flying J. Pilot/J must be doing something right though. There ALWAYS seems to be lines waiting to fuel there. Their showers are being used, their food eaten.
    Guilty or not? I don’t know! What I do know though, is if the accountants at Western Express let the supposed $70 million they feel is owed to them slip by unnoticed, maybe the CEO of W.E. should be looking at HIS EMPLOYEES! How do you miss $70 mil?
    Innocent until proven guilty!

  • Robert Henry

    The reason there are always lines at the Pilot/Flying J’s is the companies who use fuel optimization software that tells them where the best price for fuel is AND have cut deals with them that if they buy X amount of fuel each month, they get so many cents/gal off the posted price. Not saying that Pilot/Flying J or Jimmy Haslam are innocent/guilty, just stating a fact. I do know for a fact, from a conversation I had with customer service there, that the diesel locations and the gas only locations Pilot operates are separate entities. I found this out when I asked why my coffee refills were cheaper at the gas only locations around Knoxville when I was there in my personal vehicle than they were at the truckstop locations in the same town, and sometimes across the street. I still got the credit towards my free refill, however, as I no longer drive due to all the new rules affecting trucking, I use my preferred customer card in K-ville for coffee, as it then saves me $.03/gal for each cup I buy anywhere I choose to use said discount.

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