Pilot Flying J sued by N.C. owner-operator

| May 22, 2013

pilotAnother lawsuit has been filed against truck stop giant Pilot Flying J, marking at least the seventh suit to be brought against the company as a response to federal allegations that it defrauded trucking companies out of millions of dollars in a rebate withholding scheme over a multi-year period.

florida-pilot-flying-j-lawsuitThe most recent was filed by owner-operator Jerry Floyd in the Northern District of Florida and is a class-action lawsuit. Five of the previous six were also class-action lawsuits. Like the other lawsuits, Floyd’s relies almost entirely on a federal affidavit unsealed April 18 that alleges Pilot salespersons knowingly changed the rebates owed to Pilot customers to boost company profits and their own sales commissions.

Speaking last week to a gathering of fleet executives and representatives at the 2013 Scopelitis Transportation Seminar in Indianapolis, Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam said that about 250 Pilot customers had their rebate amounts altered. He also said he had no knowledge of the scheme’s occurrence until the FBI raided the company’s headquarters April 15.

Floyd is suing Pilot for alleged fraud, violating deceptive trade practice laws, unjust enrichment, conversion, breach of contract and fraudulent concealment and is seeking judgement of compensatory damages, punitive damages, injunction barring continuation of the rebate withholding and costs incurred by Floyd in the lawsuit.

Like all of the other suits so far, Floyd is seeking a jury trial.

Click here to see the documents filed in the Pensacola court.

  • No Reform

    Its about TIME….sue that Crook for all he has STOLEN off truckers over the years?? Americans are getting pissed about all this ripoff after ripoff……Government andBig business plotting everyday to screw the American Worker.

  • No Reform

    That Anus…Haslam..says he knows nothing..of course..what an extreme LIAR….just like the White House and their Spokesman..he actually admitted he has been LYING!!
    This jackass HASLAM has Joined So MANY Ripoff Artists who are SCREWING the American Trucker..they could start a Parade!!

  • DE_from_NC

    I applaud this guy !! I would too except my discount deal is through Love’s and WILCO so I bought very little from them (just lucky I guess !!). But this is MUCH larger than Haslam and his $$$ grubbing cronies who claim like Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes “They knew nothing” !! We now have a chance to shut down ANOTHER ILLEGAL OPERATION !! The Internal Rob Squad !! YOU DON’T LEGALLY OWE AN INCOME TAX UNLESS YOU ARE INCORPORATED !! Don’t believe me, I don’t care, here’s a couple things to read/watch THAT PROVE IT !! ANYBODY who’s in prison today for their infamous charges of “tax evasion” or “willful failure to file” MADE UP, TRUMPED UP charges are there because of two reasons- A corrupt judge or “gov’t plants” in the jury !! THESE CHARGES DO NOT EXIST in REAL LAW !! Now that they’re on the ropes pleading the 5th to try and cover their theft we have the opportunity to do what Ron Paul wanted to do, FINISH THEM OFF !! Here’s a couple things to read/watch, how much better would your profits be WITHOUT PAYING EXTORTION to The Mafia ? http://www.paynoincometax.com/pdf/federal_mafia.pdf AND http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6q0slMhDw8

  • gary d

    all owner operators were affected by this rebate scandal,even if they didn’t ever fuel up at a pilot. this scandal resulted in unlawful price discrimination giving larger competitors a superior advantage thus able to lower their rates, thus causing their competitors to thus lower theirs and eventually thus going out of business for most of them.

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