Pilot taking steps to rectify allegations, puts diesel salespeople on leave

| April 22, 2013

Pilot ODIn a prepared statement Monday, April 22, Pilot Flying J CEO Jimmy Haslam said “several members” of the company’ s diesel fuel sales team have been placed on administrative leave pending the ongoing FBI and IRS investigation into the company’s alleged rebate withholding scheme. 

In the meantime, the team will be “reconstructed” on an interm basis, Haslam says, and because the company is privately owned, names of those placed on leave will not be released.

In addition to placing certain salespeople on administratie leave, Haslam said, his company is taking five basic next steps to address the accusations and the company’s business with carriers moving forward: (1) Auditing all 3,300 contracts with PFJ’s trucking company customers; (2) Placing salespeople on leave; (3) Placing all diesel fuel customers on electronic calculation methods for rebates instead of manual calculation; (4) creating a Chief Compliance Officer position to deal with future issues; and (5) hiring an independent special investigator to “oversee and validate all of our internal inquiries related to the federal investigation.”

Haslam said he has already reached out to customers mentioned in the affidavit and others in an attempt to rectify the company’s standing with carriers that have been harmed by the alleged fraudulent activity. Moreover, moving all customers to electronically calculated rebates will “fully eliminate manual processing” from Pilot Flying J practices — the source of much of the alleged fraud.

Pilot Flying J was hit with its first lawsuit this weekend regarding the accusations — Click here to see Overdrive‘s coverage of that.


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  • gary d

    according to the afadavit the owner of the company was 100% in the loop and encouraged the practice even boasting about the profits. i dont understand why he and the others havent been arrested yet?

  • bigred

    What a bunch of crap,,As big as this company is<<<<and saying they did the rebates manually,,,,damn, ,,in other words, weed out a coupe and blame them , i have heard it all,,,I will never buy another drop of your fuel, as this biased company just caters to big business trucking

  • bigred

    i dont know how that comment got jumbled,,,is pilot here too

  • http://www.facebook.com/vaughn.canter Vaughn Canter

    its time to start throwing people under the bus

  • kiko kika

    next is mesilla valley transportation (MVT) for there oregon rigistration and money that they got from there skirts and wings on the trealer

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005233874510 Juan Guzman

    What took them so long to implement those five steps, specially number 3. The owner knew what was happening and he should be prosecuted

  • SafetyFirst

    Mr. Haslam must be worried that he is going to loose the Browns, should have thought about cheating trucking companies out of their money before this happen. Oh, that is right, this is how he can afford the Browns!

  • Debieve

    Mr.Haslam needs to place himself on leave!

  • SueJ

    WTH – He’s just as guilty as they are, so why isn’t he on leave himself?? This looks so stupid…Get a clue, Pilot!

  • http://twitter.com/michaelstruckin michael bechara

    I as an independant stopped at fjyin j and piolet everyday and enjoyed the points program now inlite of this i may not stop there anymore knowing that they give kick backs to larger customers we should all be treated the same and have a evan playing field thats the only way we can all stay in business . they shouldn’t be aloud to give kick backs to anyone . evan though they didn’t give them as they said they would it shouldn’t be aloud .

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