Leading candidate emerges for DOT secretary spot

| February 04, 2013
Deborah Hersman

Deborah Hersman

As reported last week, the departure of Ray LaHood as the Secretary of Transportation in President Barack Obama’s cabinet left a vacancy in the top spot in the U.S. Department of Transportation and question marks as to who would be his successor.

Overdrive sister site CCJ cites a report from the Wall Street Journal this week saying that Deborah Hersman — the director of the National Transportation Safety Board — is the leading candidate to replace LaHood, say WSJ sources.

Hersman is a Democrat and was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2004 to head NTSB. She was recently reappointed by President Barack Obama. Hersman worked on congressional staffs for members of both parties. The National Transportation Safety Board is an independent, bi-partisan group that researches and reports on aviation and highway safety.

The White House nor the NTSB have commented on the rumors.

  • truckerup

    i just wish that these offices that have anything to do with trucking would only appoint people with experience in trucking! If your going to be in charge of a bunch of truckers you really should have been one!

  • http://www.facebook.com/hippie388 Robert Martens

    If this is the case, it appears the industry is going from the frying pan into the fire.

  • Bob

    James oberstar of minnesota should be the next Transportation boss.

  • C Dunnington

    Unfortunately for us truckers, the head of the Dept of Transportation is not just us. They also have to deal with air and sea – among others…. They need experts, WITH EXPERIENCE, in EACH field to be in charge and then report to the Secretary with their needs for the particular field they are responsible for. And for goodness sake, they MUST take responsibility for their recommendations!

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