Readers want immigration enforcement, not reform

| May 03, 2013

HotButtons Poll on immigration reform“There already is a legal path to citizenship,” said David S. McQueen, summing up the near-majority stance among Overdrive readers on the U.S. government’s feints toward immigration reform. A near-majority favored the current law status coupled with tougher enforcement, whether along the border or among immigrants here illegally already. Add in the more than a third of poll respondents who believe the United States needs more restrictive immigration laws, and the focus is clear. At least some of the opposition to a more permissive policy stems from concern that encouraging more immigration would put downward pressure on trucker compensation.

“We as drivers have one of the last bastions of employment that pays a living wage” in the United States, noted Herb Williams, commenting at “Flooding the labor market with low-paid CDL drivers is a dream of the rich. It’s all part of the race to the bottom for the working class.”

The Obama administration at press time had unveiled its own immigration plan and was awaiting a bipartisan effort for a draft bill to make its way potentially through Congress. The administration’s plan would open a path to legal status for those working here illegally today while requiring business owners to check and report employees’ immigration status.

Given the dynamics in last year’s presidential elections, with minority subgroups tilting the outcome decisively to President Obama, more Republicans are lining up to express support for the path-to-citizenship route, bolstering the view among many national commentators that an immigration legislative package is likely in the near term. Some readers were hopeful for such. “I hope it does” pass, wrote Roby Dubric on Overdrive’s Facebook page.

Added Isabel Maria Solorzano: “It is going to pass this year.”

But more were cynical on the prospects. “Unfortunately, both Republicans and Democrats have been awful on this issue for years, with no end in sight,” wrote Sheldon Schipper. “Most people I know are completely for legal immigration, but that’s not what’s going on now.”

Other views:
David S. McQueen: The issue is enforcement of current laws, not immigration. Illegals are here for jobs that pay more than those in their home country. They really don’t want to be Americans – they just want American high-paying jobs.

Chris Edwards: Enforce the laws we already have. But big business doesn’t want anything to change – cheap labor!

Jeff Hailstone: Immigration should be a process, just like a credit card application.

Chauncy London: I had two illegal aliens on my truck yesterday. Called the cops, and they took them in. I’m for equality and for everyone to have the right to a better life, but do it the right way. Don’t cut corners – just as with driving a truck. You cut corners, and you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Daniel McCreary: We don’t enforce the laws we have. New unenforced laws are sort of pointless.

  • No Reform

    American Trucking Association is Lobbying and Cheerleading FOR this get Millions of NEW low paid “truckers” hired on and trained by Mega Fleets. Old Donahue who WAS the Prez of ATA is helped WRITE this Bill with La Raza and the Union Goons.

  • No Reform

    Huge Moneyed Interests in trucking cant wait for this crappy amnesty to pass. This gives 11-20 Million illegal aliens instant status of: Registered Provisional Immigrunt…which entiltles them to be here LEGALLY and be Hired by any employer in America…includng ALL trucking companies…and the RIGHT to obtain a CDL….and travel 48 states.

  • No Reform

    This will drive trucking wages and Rates right into the SEWER…this is what the SHIPPERS want.

  • No Reform

    There is HUGE support…even DEMANDS and Arm Twisting by Shippers and Mega Fleets to PASS this BILL and flood OUR market with Cheap “drivers”.

  • EF McHenry

    You are 100% correct!! Corporate Republicans & Democrats would love nothing more than to increase the supply of labor to decrease the demand for labor!!! Never Forget, the law of Supply and Demand!!! When ever you Got and Lot of something it’s not worth much!!! In the case of the south border it’s even worse since they send their wages outside our economy, it doesn’t even cycle back into it!!! Isn’t there anyone willing to die for their principals & rights and stand up to these sorry bastards in congress????? You people watch Gerard Butler in 300 standing and fighting and live his character yet you can even stand and resist these politicians on the right and left take your rights, your money, and jobs. Do they have to come for your wives and children before you people do anything?????

  • EF McHenry

    You are absolutely correct Mr. The American Trucking Association is way onboard with it!! They love using the force of govt. The ATA wants
    1)EOBRs(ELDs), 2)Mandatory Sleep Apnea Screenin!! 3)speed limiter on trks(65mph) 4)Environmental policies like SmartWay tech mandates 5)red-light cameras 6)CSA 7)Centralized Top-Down Federalized drug/al ohol programsI can go on and on & on!!!!!! They want all that, and they hate govt????? Are you kidding me?? THEY LOVE GOVT!!!!!

    This might come as a surprise to so many of you sleeping idiots out there!! Guess who really wants to take your guns away and is secretly funding gun control legislation. Nope, Wrong!!! MEGA CORPORATIONS!! Yep, corporations want you disarmed!!

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    The unions want this desperately to pass because they can organize a massive amount of new immigrant members willing to settle for substandard wage contracts easier to negotiate with potential employers.The ATA wants this because it’s a no lose proposition for their biggest members like Swift, knight, US Express, etc. who couldn’t ask for anything better than a freeze on current labor cost or better yet to lower driver wages back to the sixties era. This also will finish off the owner operator because now recognized as being here legal the doors would open wide to create government SBA status for thousands of new deprived clueless individuals who’ll willingly operate for peanuts..

  • jj


  • No Reform

    So True!!!! It will be HELL for all truck Drivers and Owner Ops too.

  • No Reform

    As far as the eye can see there will be foreigners behind the wheel..when this crap passes…and CHEAP???? You know these companies will be back to 10CPM for drivers and Peanuts to Owner Ops.

  • No Reform

    Part of the Gloablist Agenda…Rich and the POOR…truckers are going to all be 3rd worlders…begging for pay and Monitored by Hitler CSA COPS like we are NOW!!!!

  • No Reform

    These Rich Globalists already gutted the construction industry and flooded it with low paid foreigners and now for the trucking industry…Same Thing.

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  • Clapton Fan

    Why the hell is it Americans never band together and form associations or groups to fight this kind of stuff? As long as we all sit back and don’t do anything, nothing will get OUR message across. I see thousands of Mexicans marching in the streets demanding things from our government and yet they’re not even supposed to be here. They shut the port of Los Angeles down with the “Day without a wetback” yet we just go on websites and complain. There must be an uprising like there was back in the coal mining wars in Kentucky and West Virginia when people started cracking heads. There are enough people in this industry who can band together and stop freight from moving if we really wanted to. Start beating the crap out of these company drivers coming in from Mexico and they won’t come here anymore. This may sound crazy or like the wrong thing to do but those of us who remember the sixties and seventies remember what it took to get change. As long as the middle class does not organize and take it to the streets, were doomed. And if it makes me a racist for saying mexicans and other latin country migrants have destroyed our factory jobs and blue collar jobs, then I am the biggest racist MF that ever lived because I have witnessed it first hand right here in the middle of it in Los Angeles over the last thirty years.

  • Michelle

    My job position as a flatbed driver was eliminated, even though the company just hired a mexican for an identical driver position. No warning of my termination, no issues with my job performance, attendence, etc, just, “Clean out your truck”. I wouldn’t run over HOS like he does though and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is being paid less.
    This is just the beginning of the end for the American truckers.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Texas is catching up fast ,

  • Jimmy the Greek

    They well be paying .81/2 cents a mile and crome fog lamps , thats what it was in the late 70s strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.