Roadside Attractions

Overdrive Staff | February 01, 2012

File under ‘don’t try at home’

It wasn’t a bad injector or cracked cylinder head that put this truck out of operation. Rather, the 2011 Mack Titan was the truck of choice for part of the 2011 World’s Strongest Man competition, held in Charlotte, N.C. Competitors acted as if roadside assistance was not available and pulled all 22,000 pounds of the Titan – a truck Mack calls the “most powerful” it’s ever built – for almost 30 yards. The contest was won by Hapfor Julius Bjornsson of Iceland.





Six tons of potato pride

Set on a trailer and pulled by a Kenworth T660, this 6-ton, 28-foot-long potato was unveiled at the Dec. 17 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. This spud stud has since set off on a national, yearlong tour in honor of the Idaho Potato Commission’s 75th anniversary. To learn more about the tour, go to


Better health

Burn extra calories, reduce intake

• Drinking ice water with your meal helps you feel fuller and eat less food. Order extra ice with your drink and you will burn more calories as your body expends energy heating up the water.

• Chew each bite 40 times instead of the usual 15 most people average. Extra chewing may result in eating fewer calories per meal. The chewing motion helps fight hunger by reducing your appetite.

• Pack your daily snacks before you hit the road to avoid the need to spring for unhealthy convenience items. Put in reusable Ziplock bags and keep handy for snack attacks.

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A weak second half

After a strong start in 2011, the economy continued to sputter and rates fell during the second half.





Forecast: Rising rates

Last year through November, contract rates rose an average 6.5 percent compared to year-ago figures, while spot market rates increased 7.4 percent, load matching service TransCore says. Spot market rates rose unevenly in 2011, especially for vans, says TransCore analyst Mark Montague.

Rates are likely to climb as carriers’ costs increase, and especially if the economy improves. “Expect rates to head up as soon as mid-March,” Montague says. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.