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Overdrive Staff | June 01, 2012

Favorite coffee:

Dunkin Donuts

Best fast food:


Biggest difficulty on the road:

Eating right



Sweet delivery: live bluegrass

Meet the Lenoir City, Tenn.-based Holloway Sisters, Michelle (right) and Sondra. We met them next to Jimmy Jabo’s custom 1953 Ford F100 on the grounds of Chilhowee Park in Knoxville, Tenn., at the Southeastern Regional Truck Show April 13-14. The sisters performed with their family bluegrass band, Outta the Blue, including mother and father Nancy and David Holloway. For more photos of the show’s custom and antique rigs, see the April 14, 16, 22 and 25 blog posts.

For more of the interesting and odd parts of trucking, visit Senior Editor

Todd Dills’ Channel 19 blog at

Scan the QR to pull up vid of an Outta the Blue Band performance, or see the April 29 Channel 19 post. Bonus: Michelle tells a pretty good joke to start it out.





Rising fuel costs push income down

Fuel costs per mile rose, revenue stayed the same and income dropped in all three segments during the first quarter of 2012, according to financial services provider ATBS. Miles for dry van haulers did go up slightly, but declined for reefer and flatbed carriers.

DRY VAN -- red FLATBED-- yellow REEFER -- blue

















Citation-writing drones will hunt you down

Truckers, already accustomed to being watched, photographed at some state lines, and generally over-scrutinized, might well get ready for a further intrusion. Expediting owner-operator Phil Madsen, in the April 18 entry of his Learning Something New Every Day blog (, shares this ominous prediction: “Very soon, a DOT drone pilot will be able to sit in a chair in an office building … and use an eye in the sky to monitor thousands of trucks a day.” Flatbed loads can be inspected and securement citations issued with photo evidence, speeding tickets can be written, “heat signatures from wheels can be studied to detect a brake that is not working… You say it was not you who lit up a cigarette in a California city park where outdoor smoking is prohibited? The air quality police beg to differ.”

Do you need a documented business plan to get a loan?

No, said 83 percent of owner-operator respondents, when asked in a 2011 University of Arkansas survey about lenders’ requirements.



Hydration 101

Plan to get your eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, more if you’re active when not driving.

• Enjoy health benefits. Drinking plenty of water has been associated with losing extra fat, improving bowel movements, reducing blood pressure and easing common ailments such as joint pain, headaches and back pain.

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