Roadside Attractions

Overdrive Staff | April 03, 2011

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Help with lodging

Sometimes you need better accommodations than what lies behind your driver’s seat. has details on lodging that accommodates truckers and their rigs. It’s free for drivers to use the site, and a $10 per year membership fee provides discounts. Read more at



Use natural light for energy boost

Whether at home or in your sleeper, fling open any window coverings as soon as you wake up to let in sunshine. “You want to use light and stimulation to wake you up for the daytime, then use dark and quiet at night,” says Joyce Walsleben, Ph.D., of the New York University Sleep Disorders Center. “If you can go outside within 15 minutes of waking for 20 minutes and face east, even on a cloudy day, you’ll get enough light to energize yourself for the day.”

The cereal rule of 5

Breakfast is an important meal, so don’t fill up on sweet cereals or pastries. When choosing cereal, remember the number 5. Don’t get a cereal unless it has at least five grams of fiber, and don’t get a cereal that has more than five grams of sugar.

Pack snacks

Have healthy snacks like raw nuts and dried and raw fruits on hand between meals to prevent hunger pangs, curb your appetite – preventing overeating at meal times – and help keep your metabolic processes at work throughout the day. Snacks high in protein and fiber will satisfy your hunger more than processed snacks.


Record high cargo theft

Incidents of cargo theft rose 4 percent in 2010 to an average of 75 thefts monthly, the highest ever reported, says security logistics firm FreightWatch International.

The total value of the thefts dropped, with 21 percent of the heists involving foods and beverages. Nineteen percent of heists were electronics. For the second consecutive year, the most commonly stolen freight was televisions. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.