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Overdrive Staff | August 07, 2011


Here comes the judge

Not only will the Speed Channel show be on hand at the Great American Trucking Show filming an “American Trucker” episode, but host Robb Mariani will be one of the judges in the Custom Rigs Pride & Polish competition. Coming from an art and design background, he says he’s excited about the prospects: “The trucks I consider to be large artworks.” Check out a profile of Mariani in Overdrive sister magazine Truckers News’ July edition via

Drivers, start your legs

There’s plenty of activity at the Great American Trucking Show, but nothing quite as active as the 5K Big Rig Run. Show attendees will have plenty of time to make the 7 a.m. run, Friday, Aug. 26, at Katy Trail, and still put in a full day at the show. Read more at

Free Concert

Jamey Johnson will bring his brand of modern Outlaw Country style to the Friday night concert at GATS, sponsored by Mobil Delvac. Tickets will be available at the show that morning on a first come, first served basis.

Owner-operator seminar

Get a free copy of the 2011-12 Partners in Business manual, produced by Overdrive editors and ATBS consultants, at the free PIB seminar 2-4 p.m., Aug. 26, at GATS. It’s presented by Dollars & Sense columnist Kevin Rutherford. Visit for further info on the owner-operator training program.

Making exercise your new normal

• Make it a priority. Take a look at your daily schedule and decide if you need to cut out something else to give exercise its proper place.

• Plan your downtime. You have to sleep, but what are you doing with your other off-duty hours? If you are stuck at a dock, get out of the cab and walk around.

• Quit making excuses. Rather than invent 30 reasons not to exercise, list five reasons you should. Once you recognize excuses for what they are, you’ll overcome them.

• Start out small. Don’t overwhelm yourself by overdoing it. Even a small amount of exercise makes a big difference in how you feel, and you can build on that.

• Get support. Whether it’s from your spouse or a group on Facebook, find someone who can cheer you on as you progress. Support from other truckers who exercise can be especially helpful because they understand the challenges.

Soggy haul

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