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Secretary Foxx receptive to notion of tolling existing interstates

| April 29, 2014

tolls 2Members of the Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates say the “tolling issue is getting more concerning,” as Hayes Framme put it in a note to me with a link to a post on the StreetsBlog about an interview with DOT Secretary Anthony Foxx. Foxx showed openness to the idea of tolling existing interstates, should Congress make it a legal option for states. 

You can check out the post via this link, but here’s a piece of what Secretary Foxx said: 

We would never tell a state or a local project sponsor to toll but that optionality is increasingly becoming something that states are interested in, and we’ll consider finding ways to help when that’s an option that states want to consider.


Toll talk re-emerging in advance of highway bill

Today, it feels like we're on more solid footing with not only a wider swathe of industry opinion but also among the general public, where ...

There is a legislation — U.S. Senate bill 2051 — that seeks to encourage road pricing further, both as a way to fund new interstate highways and to rehabilitate existing ones. The bill, introduced by Illinois Republican Mark Kirk, would remove limitations on toll use for new routes, and expand the limit on state use of tolls to rehabilitate existing infrastructure from three to 10 pilot projects, a limitation I’ve written about recently.


Tolls in the news: Round-up

News from around Pennsylvania, New York and South Carolina show the rhetoric on and interest in tolls from lawmakers is high, if not always well-grounded... ...

With Congress actively working on a highway bill, such statements from the Secretary may clear some of the paths for legislators who would get on the toll train. Unless, of course, they hear from enough constituents. I suspect they may be getting those calls, too. What do you think? 

  • Brad Kayganich

    Yeah, lets pay for the interstate network again….Plus, this tolling of our interstate system is to put it in private hands. You want to toll our interstate system. Drop the fuel tax!

  • g

    YeaFoxx..thats a big help to Truckers everywhere… if they arent being ripped off enuff…go back to yer mayor job you idiot….ya never drove a truck in yer life….you are no friend of the The Trucker for sure you ANUS.

  • Kurt Keilhofer

    Will Secretary Foxx either be in favor of mandatory toll surcharges on all freight bills, which would be 100% given to those that pay the tolls? Or perhaps rulings eliminating state taxes for miles run on tolled roads to eliminate touble taxation? Probably neither…….

  • localnet

    The Progs strike again… First they came for my health insurance, and then the catholics, and then my log book, and then the… $20 for a loaf of BREAD!

  • localnet

    Obama has a pen, just cut a check… ;)

  • localnet

    And those toll booths and electronic readers will cost how much? Oh, $5 TRILLION, what an F’n deal! Im on board… Now, where did I leave that trailer load of 55 gallon drums of oil and that other trailer load of feathers… And the Propane bottle to heat that oil… Oh, there it is… All right, lets PARTY! Hey rats, you are IT!

  • MercenaryMan

    What part of HE’LL NO don’t they understand strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.