Sleep apnea bill becomes law, FMCSA can’t use guidance to address driver screening

| October 17, 2013

sleep apneaThe so-called sleep apnea bill that quickly made its way through both chambers of Congress in recent weeks was signed into law by President Barack Obama Tuesday, Oct. 15. The law forbids the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration from using guidance alone to address sleep apnea screening for drivers. 

The law does not require FMCSA to make a sleep apnea screening rule. Rather, it requires that if the agency take action, it do so via the formal rulemaking process rather than guidance, as the agency had hinted it would do. 

The House introduced its version of the bill in early September and passed it less than two weeks later. 

Truckers offer their take on the sleep apnea bill

In the meantime, FMCSA had released a statement saying it would use rulemaking and not guidance when it decided to pursue action on sleep apnea screening. 

However, the Senate introduced the House bill in late September and passed the bill it last week.

In a letter to House colleagues after introducing the legislation, Rep. Larry Buschon (R-Md.) said the FMCSA plan to use guidance alone would prevent the industry and the public from having the ability to properly evaluate the rule and take part in the process.

“In the interest of due process,” the letter said, any action FMCSA takes should come in the form of a rule. Guidance also, the letter said, would make carriers vulnerable to lawsuits.

Click here to see the full text of the two-page bill.

  • MercenaryMan

    TO PROTECT CARRIERS FROM LAWSUITS……in todays litigous society thats the bigger issue, AMBULANCE CHASERS who with the sleep industry’s Insistence that Truckers are dangerous, unsafe, FAT/UNHEALTHY…..ya its hard to maintain our GQ image when we sit and drive 80,000 lbs thru todays traffic. I challenge any lawyer to come and ride with me for a week, and see what we face hourly, daily, and then they might see its not Truckers…..Lawyers and Lawsuits are the bain of any Industry, but the ATA,OOIDA and independent trucking agents etc should be pushing OUR SAFETY RECORDS.

    Wahst the purpose of PSP, DAC, CSVA, FMCSA, DOT if not to gather safety date, THEN WHAT…

    They have improved year after year, less and less accidents, less fatalities, we do a better job then any other country of operating fleets and trucks. Its time to push back, its time to get a voice at the table, Its time to voice loudly your right to be part of the process.

    Sleep Apnea is a problem if you have it, its a proven killer, and with a CPAP machine or other treatment you can recover your life and live a normal life and be productive. Thats said these Statistics that the sleep industry LOBBY is pushing saying were an unsafe industry due to our BMI…
    I wonder how much sleep an emergency room doctor gets while he makes life and death decisions on children everyday….or soldiers facing a firefight and an enemy set on killing him as soon as he falls asleep….yet they say were not facing these kinds of situation but thats nuts….

    We do face that daily, we must guide a heavy vehicle, in traffic, in weather, in a new location daily, thru the mountains, deserts, crowded citys, and across the plains.
    We must maintain control or this vehicle that can kill as easily as a scalpel or a gun….and Men and Women have been doing this for generations.

    Many of us are raised into trucking, we drive all night, or all day, we work when most folks are huddled up warm and dry because we move the countrys needs, The Food, Hardware, Electronics, Bulk materials, Fluids, Flour….the products of our country.

    Stress is part of this job, but being able to do the job safely day in and day out is also ingrained into many of us, were at work, we do our job, professionally, and day after day, night after night, year after year…..but now were all FAT and Dangerous BECAUSE SOME lobby pays legislators to make a ruling to protect Carriers from Lawsuits, over our BMI…Belt size….NO !!!!!

    Its wrong, its robbery from workers and familys and its not proven that thru some statistics 3 million truckers are the cause of mass accidents all over America…..NO !!!

  • localnet

    Soon, after the government has access to ALL of our most personal information, via Obamacare, many people in many professions will lose their jobs due to “health and safety concerns”. And then our voting habits, may just cost one their life, as this Obamacare is tied to voter registration via the leftist groups that have been hired as “navigators”. Groups that have been tied to numerous accusations of voter fraud in every major election, all good democrats.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    I really thought I had a lot to say about this topic, but you pretty much hit all the points…the problem is in Washington, not Republican or Democrat, but all of them. They think they know better, are smarter then the rest of us. They look down their noses at anyone who doesn’t it behind a desk and push paper all day. They do not understand the satisfaction a person feels at having gotten a job done, regardless of the adversity, despite the long hours and shitty conditions. They look at the common working man in this country as either a vote to get or a piggy bank to tap into but without an idea or intelligent thought in any of our collective heads.

    Every single one of the those bastards are elitists, and if they are not when they get voted in, they are by the time their term is up. All they want to do is get publicity and line their pockets. Too many damn lawyers running this country, not enough working stiffs running for office. They all think government is the answer, but in fact, this country was built on the back of the working man – the farmers, the construction trades, the truckers, the small business owner – not the large conglomerates. Now individual incentive and initiative is targeted and scorned – punished for being “outside the box”, for not being a sheep…people better wake the f*ck up…otherwise our way of life, the thing that made this country what it was and a place where a pennyless person could come and make a life for themselves and their family, is over. Now the only reason people want to come to America is the ability to live a life suckling on the government’s teet.

  • Randel

    This issue could have grave implications to drivers. Any accident or fender bender (the Driver) could be held responsible by looking up his sleeping pattern on CPAP machines. Your HOS while in sleeper will not hold all the evidence against any legality issues pertaining to accidents. This is a scary senerio for myself and the myriad of individuals with sleep apnea. As records recorded on CPAP machines could hold up in court against you.

  • Robin

    here’s one more little thing about the CPAP and sleep apnea for my research is that once you are tagged with sleep apnea it can also affect your non-commercial drivers license for one.

    For two, even if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea unless I missed it, the FMCSA is not telling drivers which of the three treatments to get but the companies are requiring drivers to use the CPAP [mainly for insurance reasons] because it monitors COMPLIANCE.

    With that also means is that even if you take a vacation for a couple weeks… you still have to maintain compliance with the CPAP or you may lose your job.

    You tell me how many other “items” that your job requires you to do on your days and time off without being compensated for it.

    Even drinking in which a lot of companies will fire a driver over if they are doing it on duty however, a driver is allowed to take vacation and get drunk as a skunk on his own time as long as he is responsible about it and comes back to work sober.

    It’s a matter of choice in my opinion… if I felt that my health required a CPAP machine… then yes it should be my choice to use one or not if it is not affecting my job.

  • Larry

    It basically all comes down to everyone being Responsible and doing what is Right. Ignore the sleep apnea and one could end up killing another person or themselves because it does hurt your health in other ways. If a person knows they have sleep apnea and refuse to use the cpap then they are being irresponsible and risking other peoples lives when driving so No it shouldn’t be a choice. I have been on bipap for 10 yrs and fully aware of the dangers if ignore the situation.

  • Larry

    The recording on the cpap is more likely to be to your advantage in court if in compliance. If not been using yes it would hurt you in court.

  • Robin

    I’ll agree and disagree in the fact that if you have sleep obstructive apnea and you’re not just fatigued because of the crazy schedules that we have to keep, then yes, seek treatment by all means, it could be life-threatening.

    my bitch and moan is not so much the diagnostic of sleep apnea but choice [or lack of choice] of treatment that is being imposed on drivers

    simply put [and I will cite my source] there are other alternatives for CPAP, such as EPAP which is the most recent treatment by the FDA which is simply a simple to use device that fits on your nose

    companies won’t allow it because it can’t be monitored for compliance.

    oral devices is simply a mouth guard that is designed to hold your throat open by bringing your jaw forward.

    Companies won’t allow it because they can’t be monitored for compliance

    surgery options —

    UPPP or tissue removal, a permanent “cure” for obstructive sleep apnea however less effective.

    Companies may allow it after another sleep study is completed.

    and of course the extreme is you could have a tracheostomy in which a surgeon creates a hole in your neck which would most likely means the end of your driving career.

  • MercenaryMan

    Absolutely they would use that against you, the lawyer would subpoena that and hold your sleep accountable, its already being doen though and lawyers, AMBULANCE CHASERS are pressuring the Insurance companies with huge lawsuits, that pressures congress and downhill it runs until we all wind up with tubes coming out of our face, cameras in our face, heartbeat monitors, ECU readouts, all EVIDENCE…to pretect WHO….Lawyers can mess up DODEGBALL, Sleep Apnea makes money for all of them, BUT WHOSE PAYING FOR IT….

  • MercenaryMan

    I disagree, Healthy men or women, no matter there BMI with good BP and no record of accidents on a DRIVING RECORD should be subjected to the tests or costs….Im glad it helps you, frankly my best friend was put on CPAP and in 4 months he was dead….ANY driver who doesnt know hes tired and is drifting all over the road or nodding off and doesnt stop that truck is an Idiot….Im glad it helped you I really am, I know its a succesful treatment for some, Its just not required for all of us, and not because my waist is larger then yours…Ive never had an issue with driving tired, quite the opposite, when Im behind the wheel I am energized, I enjoy driving, Ive never experienced nodding off or going thru a ditch, and those that do, need more then a CPAP, THEY NEED A NEW JOB,.

  • MercenaryMan

    I love the phrase, after another sleep study CHA CHING $$$$ Thats what they want, they dont care if you got treatment, they sell treatment, and machines, and service. Keeping a Captive customer, who must face compliance to keep there jobs…

  • EF McHenry

    WRONG!!! Apparently you have no idea what you’re talking about or you’re being dishonest!! Todays Oral Dentures have tiny micro-electronic chip that monitor compliance/use when worn! You sound like a plant from the CPAP advocates

  • EF McHenry

    Robin is speading false information!! She’s pushing CPAP and fails to mention the Oral Appliance Dentures have tiny micro-chip electrodes imbedded in them that monitor compliance! She’s on this forum pushing CPAP!!

  • EF McHenry

    All you people are duped! There are lots of over-weight large drivers with apnea that have driven millions of safe miles!! There is NO, I repeat NO DIRECT CAUSATION evidence that the presense of sleep apnea causes CMV crashes!! PERIOD!! Correlation or contribution is NOT CAUSATION!! I can have a fight with a dispatcher, become emotionally disturbed and might or might not get in a accident!! THINK PEOPLE!! DON’T BE STUPID!! They are upending this industry under the premise that the presense of sleep apnea will lead to a CMV crash but they can’t even prove that it might let alone it will! Then they got the nerve to push CPAP over Oral Appliance?? Non of you people are fighters! You are all sublte conformists and don’t even know it!! Your thinking is defeat because your position is that the regulation pushed is inevitable!! When you have this type of mentality, you already lost!! This is exactly why our govt just raised the debt ceiling. And they will continue to do so until something breaks!! People that made a difference in this world were also people willing to die for their conviction!! No such sentiment exists here with you people!!!

  • Robin

    Typically, I wouldn’t even give your comment the time of day especially since you don’t cite your sources however, in some respects you’re not that far off at least as far as technology goes.

    First of all, I didn’t even know about sleep apnea until the carrier that I was working for started requiring us to take surveys and found out that at least one third of our drivers are married to a CPAP machine.

    I found that a little strange so I started to do a lot of research on this, and what I found was pretty scary.

    Not arguing the fact that in some cases the CPAP machine is beneficial [and the insurance companies love it] but if it’s so wonderful, why do you need to require a device to monitor compliance and why do only less than 60% of the users don’t use it on a regular basis?

    And speaking of compliance… why do you think the FMCSA wants ELOG’s in your trucks?

    While the QUALCOMM monitors your vehicle for compliance with the HOS [and a ton of other stuff] what it currently does not do is monitor YOU… YET!

    However, technology does exist today and it’s actually installed in some passenger vehicles using facial recognition technology actually knows that it’s really you behind the wheel, using a cell phone and voice recognition to understand what you’re saying.

    Use a smart phone? My galaxy S2 is equipped with a GPS, Accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensitivity meter, magnetometer, orientation, proximity and sound level dB sensors.

    What would you do if the FMCSA,NTSA, or some other agency that seems to spring out of the air to regulate us just about every month was to decide that in the name of safety and to fight fatigue that they are going to start requiring drivers to be implanted with GPS biometric telemetric implantable microchip devices in order to monitor your respiratory, EEG, biorhythms, blood sugar levels, stress, electro-oculogram (EOG) [monitors the eye movement, keep your eyes on the road] and whether or not REM sleep is achieved during your break. [Got to be sure that you are rested enough to get behind the wheel]

    By the way, some of this information can already be collected just by sensors in the steering wheel. Example, next time you’re at the gym look how much information can be collected just by touching one of the sensors on the machine.

  • EF McHenry

    Do you really think this industry will withstand absolute total monitoring?? Are you kidding???? Do you realize how much current unpaid labor your beloved mega ATA carriers will loose if every move of a driver is monitored?? All that unpaid on-duty not driving OUT THE DOOR! After all, got to have that hose up your face and need to be in the sleeper! Do you actually think cameras will fly?? I DON’T THINK SO! This might be a company owned truck but this truck goes from public access to private leave me the hell alone when it stops for off-duty and sleep time!! And don’t give me the PROPERT RIGHT BULLSHIT EITHER!! Show me a landlord that can bust into a paid renters place and nose around!! YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY TOO!!!

  • Robin

    Thank you, you just made my point, :)

  • MercenaryMan

    Ive got a Dental appliance that costs Ten Bucks, stops snoring and works just fine, the monitoring is what they want to make sure your actually taking the treatment. What my gripe is you dont get off this,, it never ends, once your in treatment these folks have the golden goose by the neck, whay do you think they want TRUCKERS $$$$ CASH….these are working guys who have a working mentality and earn a living, there a ready source of easy money once the Medical Board says OH YA CHA CHING….We really shouldnt disagree about Sources, so far the sources are all over the place with claims and etc. You can be sure the Sleep lab folks are compiling more statistics to show that EVERYBODY, even members of the FMCSA have sleep apnea and by the time there done lobbying and marketing and getting the Ambulance chasers and lawsuits flying, thats the real agenda….EVERYONE…

  • Gary

    the government needs to get the fuck out of my bizz and stay out!!!!!!

  • Larry

    Seeing where some want to install cams inside the trucks to monitor the drivers already. That i say is going a bit far even though they could see if a driver was drowsy or nodding off.

  • Larry

    Some devices my stop snoring but snoring isn’t what causes the apneas. The apneas come from the airway being obstructed in the back of the throat when the muscles relax and let the soft palate drop.The more weight a person gains they normally need a higher pressure because the palate becomes more fatty, just the oppose if one loses weight. I still say they are doing this for everyone’s safety and not all about money. Some are not aware they have OSA, especially in the mild cases. I know from experience that one can go into the first stage of sleep and not really realize they are, most would just say i was day dreaming when in fact they were in the first stage of sleep and not fully alert to what was going on around them. This is why some run over cars in front of them, they are off in la la land and not realize the traffic has stopped in front of them.

  • Larry

    Those that have the issue and ignoring it is the ones i am talking about, they are not being Responsible and likely the one’s driving off into the woods and ditches like your saying. Yeah if they can’t be Responsible they have no business’s being on the road.

  • MercenaryMan

    Anyone whose not in control of there actions etc such as driving is a danger, that can be a teenager, or a man returning from work, a Pilot in a plane or a Police officer….its doesnt mean ALL truckers with a larger belt size are likely to drive tired and run over cars, I wonder what the statistics are for Lawyers driving tired with there overly soft palette who get in car wrecks because there belt size…, YOU sound like a commercial for a sleep clinic, and I dont agree. If its for everyones safety, why just truckers, lets tell EVERYONE whose going to operate a motor vehicle THEY eill be required to got to a sleep lab, BEFORE thery get there licenses….EVERYONE, Mom, Dad, Mayor, Nurses, Drs, Teenagers, Football players, EVERYONE….that would be for safety, were being targeted because the Medical Boards are complicit in the manufacture and sales and PROFITS…SAFETY MY A$$

  • MrYowler

    Seriously, you have got to stop telling people that you know nothing about, what they are or are not. No one is going to rally to your cause because you called them “conformists”. It would be just as “conformist” for them to do what you tell them, as for them to do what anyone else tells them, and you won’t win friends by calling them names. The lemmings won’t march off the cliff to die for your cause while you sit back and snicker at their stupidity, because you challenged them to do so. If you’re really lucky, they just might turn on you.

  • MrYowler

    I’m sorry that you had a bad day, and I’m dubious about your claim that your sleep problem was responsible. Don’t you know when you’re tired? Don’t you have enough sense to shut down and sleep, when you’re tired? I will not sleep better with a tube in my mouth, just because some doctor whose income depends upon the sale of treatment and equipment related to sleep disorders, says so. I will not sleep better with a mask on my face, either. I will not sleep better, having someone messing with me in my own bed, in any manner. And if this is a genuine safety issue, then everyone should have to put up with it, in order to be permitted to do anything dangerous – including driving to work at their desk job. They’re just as much at risk of falling asleep as I am, and doing so is just as dangerous, because they could become the cause of my wreck. If this sort of thing applied to everyone – including the people who come up with and pass this sort of stupidity – then it would never see the light of day. If you have a sleep disorder, get whatever help you feel that you need for it. But don’t shove your problem down my throat.

  • MrYowler

    Great. Then let’s make sleep apnea testing mandatory for *everyone*, as a condition of getting their driver’s license. And as a condition of keeping that license, if a driver (commercial or non-commercial) is found to have sleep apnea, *all* drivers (commercial or otherwise) must use a CPAP machine every night. And then let’s implement enforcement; the CPAP automatically sends compliance data to the Department of Motor Vehicles, and if you are out of compliance, you receive a fine (since we can’t actually prevent non-commercial drivers from driving).

    If we did this, the population would soon rise up in revolt, at the invasion of their self-evident right to liberty.

    It’s really simple. My health is my own private affair, and other people do not get to dictate to me, how – or even whether – I will manage it. Get out of my bed, or I’m liable to climb into yours. Get out of my wife’s bed. Get out of my children’s beds.

    This crosses a privacy line, and not by just a little. The proof of that is that the rule doesn’t apply to the people that are imposing it. They don’t drive big rigs. If it applied to 4-wheeler drivers, too – as it should, if the “safety” justification were a sound one – then I could maybe put a little faith in the notion that this is the for my own good (and not just at my expense) – but it doesn’t, so I can’t. Every oppressive society starts out by making rules that oppress a small minority, on the premise that it’s for the good of the majority, in order to win the support of that majority over the minority (who invariably oppose being oppressed). You may think that this stops with truck drivers, but it doesn’t, and if you let this pass, then it shouldn’t. Before long, public schools will be monitoring your children’s sleep and blood chemistry to ensure that they are properly prepared for school, so that they do not develop behavioral problems and/or become a disruption to the rest of the class. The people passing that rule will have their children in private schools that exempt them from this level of monitoring – or will be too old to have children that the rule might apply to. This crosses a line, and the argument that it’s for our own good is specious. If it were for our own good, it would be for *everyone’s* own good – and the rule would apply to *everyone*. Of course, if that were proposed, it would suddenly become front-page news, and nearly universally unpopular.

  • MrYowler

    That might be useful – in the cab only – if someone were watching the camera, to take corrective action, instead of merely watching the video recording after an accident, to try to find some flimsy justification for offloading blame to anyone but themselves or their employer. If you yawn, you automatically become the cause of any accident, because you showed signs of drowsiness. Not that you’d have been allowed to shut down and sleep, if on-time freight were on the line; but then no one monitors the pressures that the driver is under – just where he might be perceived to have failed, under them. And there are other reasons for yawning, that wouldn’t be considered. But sure; if they want to put someone on a video-phone with me, and not just record my every move for later blame-casting, then maybe a camera in the cab – not the sleeper – is acceptable. I might have to start wearing a safety helmet and face mask when I drive, though… for the protection of my face, head, and neck, of course, and not just so that my facial expression remains a private matter…

  • Larry

    People that don’t have OSA don’t know what they’re talking about because they have never experienced it. You don’t have to be physically tired to doze off at the wheel if you have the condition and its never been corrected. If you don’t have the condition you shouldn’t worry about it but others that do should.

  • Jason Haggard

    Odd I didn’t see your signature on any documents fighting this or other issues. I didn’t see you at any of the conferences regarding these matters as well. Some of us were there, where were you?

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  • Richard Wilson

    Well when the DATA you use is tainted and admitting it is false, the FMCSA lost all credibility to their research. The rule requiring Certification of Medical Examiners supports that most of the Dr’s doing Physicals will be associated with Occupational Medical centers the same ones that own Sleep study centers, just another attempt to make money from our industry!

  • Trucker A.J.

    Yea well maybe so but I had just renewed my DOT card and I had to take a 6 question test to see if I had “signs” of sleep apnea so I don’t think this “law” means jack and they are gonna do what they want regardless!

  • thomas

    same way with the pre employeement and sap

  • MercenaryMan


  • MercenaryMan

    YES THE MYSTERY QUIZ, You need to read these questions, they are trick questions, what seesm likely is wrong, you dont snore, you dont want to take a nap, you never yawn…it leads to a situation where a man cant say hey, I am tired, I must stop and take a break, but if you do you get penalized, styigmatized as a drowsy risk, dangerous, instead of a wise driver realizing when and why you should stop….NEVER ADMIT TO ANYTHING ON THAT TEST…its a scam and shouldnt even be givien, this is no law, there is no mandate, no LEGAL requirement, But there sure making bank on the fact they can blackmail you, hold your licenses and ability to feed your family and FORCE you into these programs…just say no and ask where is the legal requirement, State or Federal

  • MercenaryMan

    EXACTLY, Drivers get involved and write and call your representatives in Congress and tell them this law is intrusive, too costly and ridiculous in implying that ONLY truckers should be forced into these programs, Insist everyone be tested, EVERYONE… even the management who drives a car to work, the drs giving the tests, the Congress and Medical Boards…EVERYONE.

  • MercenaryMan

    Im busy driving a truck not going to conferences….when the public comment time comes for this I intend to go to Washington or where this comment is being taken and give testimony…and I have no problem signing my name either.

  • Jason Haggard

    if you would have read my comment you would have noted it was in response to Mr. EF McHenry

  • Tina

    S o many people have Sleep Apena, but not aware, I have OSA, I was tired all the time, had no energy. I slept but what was happening while I was sleeping, my throat closed up causing me to stop breathing then I would wake up to breath, and this continues all night, I am lucky because my brain would wake me up to make me breath again. Some people die in their sleep ( no age limit) truck drivers and other drivers are being targeted due to not only can you fall a sleep while driving, some also have other issue’s that could be due to Sleep Apena, high blood pressure is one. Its not a bad thing to use a CPAP, in reality you will notice a difference. Make sure you have the mask that makes you comfortable if not you won’t be compliant. Tina

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  • hammer head

    Me too Tina…..precisely. Same situation for me. When I was tested, I stopped breathing something like 140 times in one hour, and they said the longest was for almost 40 seconds. I slept usually 8 hours and hated getting up…, after 19 years of using one religiously, I love it. I sleep 5 1/2 – 6 hours a night and wake feeling well rested. I rarely get tired while driving….very rarely, and am an OTR driver. I think mine has probably saved my life, and most certainly prolonged it. Once you get one, they lasy for years….like 10 or more, so cost is minimal. Getting the SD card read is 25.00 per year, and it doesn’t monitor every day, just overall time, so my Dr. has to simply divide total time by number of days to come up with average time per night (or day) used. Mine was 6.12 hrs per night….average, so she was able to say, that I was in compliance, since I used mine regularly (in other words, was following the program).

  • Murphy

    So I was recently laid off, got hired by another company pending drug screen and DOT physical. Can’t get a DOT card because I have sleep apnea. So how will these politicians feel when I apply for disability because of sleep apnea. It only takes one person to get approved for disability to set precedent. Then the government will see thousands of drivers applying for disability. Probably the only way to get politicians to realize the problem they are creating.

  • Bobby Black

    I was given a 3 mo medical cert because I am overweight and my neck is too big. my wife has been very ill for about 2 and half years we have gone thru every dime we had lost our house are in middle of chapter 7 possibly loosing even more. I do not have money for sleep apnea study and now face loosing my job I am a good safe driver with a lot of years behind me just turned 50 last month. for me this new law has me thinking suicide is the only way for the rest of my family to survive. she will be able to get all the help and social security can stop saying no no no to her disability and start paying survivor benefits to her and my two young kids. this is what this law has done.87days and counting till my med cert expires


    Once again, further proof that “professional” truck drivers are the whiniest group of workers this side of a union picket line.


  • Roy Ijams

    I had 2 million safe driving miles. Was put on cpap and sleepwalked out of truck while wife was driving about 60mph. Lost my job. Sleep folks don’t admitt side effect of sleepwalking.

  • Jeff Wolsieffer

    Yeah, well, that’s not how companies are using it. I won’t be driving much longer sense the Compliance Department has my truck in the shop and never gave me the time to get my c-PAP Machine out of it. Now, they are declaring me non-COMPLIANT and withholding my C-PAP Machine as Proof of such. C.R.England’s staff is good at doing stuff like this. Last week, they said I was non-COMPLIANT then took a week’s vacation leaving me defenceless. I can’t afford these new rulings when experienced driver has no say as to what companies are doing to those Drivers in their GOD Mode!
    Jeff Wolsieffer
    P.O.Box 3834
    MPLS, MN 55403
    . Anybody need an experienced truck driver and not need a C-PAP compliance?

  • Jeff Wolsieffer

    hmmm, well … if it’s the law, then Companies need to provide the Transmitters for Every Driver whose under said law.
    I am currently under a HOLD because my due date arrived while my C-PAP MACHINE was with the truck when it went in for repairs. Now, If I’m reading this LAW correctly, the Compliance Department’s are under pressure to supply the Drivers with Transmitters for On-Demand Downloads of the Compliance LAWS spelled out in said documents.
    So, where’s my S9 Transmitter?
    C.R.England Driver Code jefwol
    … strange laws! cause up until now, it’s been on the Honor system.
    .. well, it’s a good thing then that The Companies need to Supply the Drivers with all three items:
    1) a C-PAP MACHINE.
    2) the Transmitters for that machine.
    3) the exhausts system and fuel filters needed for the SPo2 level safety requirements set by OSHA.
    .. That’s a little over $18,000.00 for each driver on the road today November 2014,
    be glad that the wording does not say that This Cost is to be picked-up by the Drivers themselves!

  • Mark Mozulay

    I’ve got to spend well over $1,093.56 to get tested to keep my CDL??!!! WTF?!?! all the BS and Paperwork and time spent off chasing all the BS Federal DOT has put me through, is starting to get under my skin, the $1,000.00+ is the deductible for the insurance and its still out of my pocket!! who’s going to reimburse me after they find out I don’t have Sleep Apnea??? Certainly not JB Hunt!!! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.