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Todd Dills

Slowing down for your fellow driver

| November 25, 2013
  • g

    Professional “killer” driver…..ran over the trucker with His 18 wheeler, dragged the body around until it fell loose…then LEFT Walmart and was finally CAUGHT in Loganville. Another one of the EXPERT “drivers” doing what they do best..destroying anything in their path….

  • g

    Walmart DC’s HAVE a speed limit….it is Posted for a REASON?? Witnesses say he was driving WAY too fast in the parking lot when he Killed the trucker.

  • Hurricane

    First off having a governed truck has nothing to do with speeding in a parking lot. I was almost hit by a large car with a 102 inch sleeper at the T/A he was doing id guess 45 through the lot and about got me. I’m so tired of all you idiots blaming every thing on governed trucks, company trucks or rookies. Fact is you were a rookie once as was I. If a truck runs 65 or 110 doesn’t effect how fast he drives it in a parking lot. I drove a governed truck for years, never once felt the need to speed in a parking lot at a receiver or at a truck stop.

  • guest

    The guy pulled a Hit and Run too….he would have to be awfully stupid NOT to have KNOWN he ran OVER a human being ina Parking Lot??? THAT is also something to consider how STUPID alot of these jackasses are pretending to be Truckers……They didnt CATCH him till he was in the next town. We had a “trucker” run over and KILL a motorcyclist on 60 Freeway recently in slowed traffic…he stopped…looked at the dead body and drove away!!

  • g

    These Mega Fleets “train” these jack asses enuff to be Dangerous…up on the Highway and rolling….but the newbie doesnt really give a damn he just wants a paycheck…..they are just “trying it out”..if they bash into something they have no concern…its all a Joke to them AND the subsidy grabbing trainer Company…they dont give a damn and never have.

  • John

    Maybe the “killer” driver didn’t/couldn’t understand ENGLISH, when told he had hit another driver. How can anyone hit another driver, opening his doors, and NOT KNOW IT? The IDIOT had to know he was too close to the other truck to safely pass it. This would be a GREAT time for FMCSA to ban another unsafe driver, FOR LIFE, from ever getting behind the wheel of another semi. I hope the deceased drivers’family sues the other driver AND the company he drove for, for whatever they can get. Companies that hire drivers like that, don’t deserve to be in any kind of business, let alone the trucking business!

  • guest

    Yep..they HID the name of the driver and his Company of course….always protecting the ANUS who puts us all in Jeapordy….so MANY Kooks at the wheel today…I cant even count all the times some A Hole rushed up behind I am driving the speed limit and throws his truck from wide to side..hangs on the bumper for aMile or two…then races by at 80 MPH…..that is just ONE example of the Maniacs..that probably got their start as a “student”at amega fleet…and MANY of them are Mexicans who drive by smiling and laughing…….just being A Holes(what they do best).

  • guest

    Walmart has “security” cameras..but the idiots had NO IDEA a man was KILLED??? really comforting…..the MORONS at “Security” let the Truck OUT THE GATE?? after he Killed
    a man???? doing a fine job aren’t they???? It was a Blatant Hit and RUN….Cops FINALLY found the “driver” in the NEXT TOWN???? really comforting to know a simple delivery to BILLIONAIRE Walmart can easily take your Life??? Incompetency for A to Z……be CAREFULL anywhere you go today…this can easily happen in a Truckstop too.

  • guest

    It is actually SCARY knowing how INCOMPETENT Walmart Security is AND the GROSS NEGLIGENCE of this HOMICIDAL DRIVER…….beyond belief….he ran OVER the man…RAN WAY and was ALLOWED out the GATE????
    Cameras everywhere back there…..but NOBODY sees anything???? What in the hell do ya have SECURITY for?

  • MercenaryMan

    This is sad and how do guys operate in this truck parking areas not KNOW, WE, US, YOU are constantly walking around moving between and in front and behind trucks. Weve all seen the truck parking crashes, guys who dont look, dont know that driver side backing is the ONLY way…dont use flashers, dont slow down or give others time to park before zooming around or past. My biggest Pet peeve is guys using Jake Brakes in these areas, If you need your JERK BRAKE while your in a warehouse parking or truck stop parking your a JERK, But this works both ways and Drivers, Helpers etc must pay attention, realize there are guys who dont give a damn, dont look twice, dont use a helper or get out and look, or who zoom around because they believe they have the right of way, There SUPER TRUCKER and a mere man on foot should not cross there path….Blame….is on all of us, we, you, us have to watch out for our fellow drivers, dock workers etc…while opening a door is especially dangerous, and I suggest you use Conspicuity tape on the door edges and bottom to shine and let guys know its open…..unsafe driving hurts all of us, in the publics eyes and the FMCSA……WATCH OUT FOR EACH OTHER…

  • RM

    There is so much I would like to say about this but I will leave most of it out. I just arrived home bringing this friends truck home from that Wal Mart DC in GA. It was a very horrible thing but I put most of the blame on WM they had no lights around the dock. One of the employees said that has now changed it is sad that a man had to die for them to turn them on.


  • guest

    Yes RM this is an example of the Incompetency in trucking at all Levels….Shippers and Receivers are Ignorant on so Many levels it is hard to begin saying how Horrible are…They employ the CHEAPEST labor they can find…they SHUT DOWN as many LIGHTS as possible to SAVE MONEY…… this Fatten the bank accounts of the they need MORE…people are Killed at these dumps…that is dismissed as something that “happens”..when in FACT it is due to NEGLIGENCE and Corporate Mania for Cost Cutting….these crap hole dumps are Very Dangerous…be on Guard…industrial accident is what they call it…dont be their next VICTIM…like Mega Fleets..they are GREED FILLED PIGS….human life is very expendable…..these Pigs do NOT care.

  • guest

    Witnesses say the LIGHTING was an ISSUE at this dumpy
    Walmart DC….they DO dim the lights in those hell holes…and companies DO employ speeding maniacs…recipe for DISASTER like THIS where a man was KILLED on their CRAPPY Hellhole Dump Property…they will INSTANTLY deny any LIABILITY but Lighting was part of the problem that cause this DEATH…….

  • guest

    Ive seen theYard Jockeys in those DIVES race thru the lot
    so fast they could Never stop in time to prevent a wreck..
    Those places are private property but should be monitored..I would be the KILLER was a Walmart Driver…..

  • guest

    Make that I would BET the killer was a Walmart Maniac.

  • texan2thebone

    Cameras on a lot are not normally monitored, they just record for later review. The gate would have no knowledge of what happened unless someone called them. Especially where it is dark should the truck be driving slowly and away from other vehicles (the man was opening his doors!) The blame lies solely with the driver racing through the parking lot, a
    place where others are walking, driving, backing, and opening

  • Augustine Jones

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    The most important thing ALL of us should remember is we should always be alert and watch what WE and others around us are doing. Lots of times we walk around in a fog not thinking, watching or paying attention. I do this myself. Things like this accident could have been prevented.

  • Dan Roe

    First off everyone needs to slow down in plants & lots & such. Secondly always assume that no one can see you, watch out for the other guy. Reflective vests can give you a false sense of security like a motorcycle helmet. So that is no answer. Sad to see anyone get run down like that, however I’m sure the deceased bears some of the responsibility as well. Know your environs. Always assume all drivers are preoccupied & in a hurry. That’ll definitely make you think twice before you step off the curb. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.