These are the most annoying drivers and driving habits

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Who are the most annoying drivers? For you, it’s a simple answer: four-wheelers, at least the bad ones.

The same question was put to four-wheelers, and their responses were based on relationships. The top three, in order: my spouse, a friend, my mother.

Survey respondents say one of the most irritating behaviors is drivers talking on a cell phone.Survey respondents say one of the most irritating behaviors is drivers talking on a cell phone.

If you’re wondering about that leading “spouse” response, women were slightly more likely to choose “my husband” than men were to choose their wives.

The survey was done by, which  provides information on auto insurance and other forms of insurance.

Respondents also rated most annoying driving habits. Many of you would agree with #1 (following others too closely), but I think you would rank higher #4 (cutting off other drivers) and #5 (talking on cell phone while driving).

However, that spread was narrowed when readers ranked “irritation level,” which seems redundant with “annoying,” but whatever. The behaviors picked most often for the most severe irritation (“I can’t stand it”) were using cell phone, following, cutting off, and another: “failing to stay in their lane.”

So comment below: What do you see as the most annoying driving behavior or driver type?

And for the complete results:

Who is the most annoying driver?

  1. My spouse: 36 percent
  2. A friend: 22 percent
  3. My mother: 16 percent
  4. My father: 9 percent
  5. Other: 8 percent
  6. My teen son: 5 percent
  7. My teen daughter: 4 percent


The most annoying driving habits are:

  1. Following others too closely: 14 percent
  2. Driving too fast: 13 percent
  3. Driving too slowly: 10 percent
  4. Cutting off other drivers: 8 percent
  5. Talking on cellphone while driving: 7 percent
  6. Merging too slowly onto the highway: 6 percent
  7. Getting lost: 6 percent
  8. Taking inconvenient and/or long routes: 6 percent
  9. Fiddling with radio/CD player: 6 percent
  10. Failing to stay in their lane: 6 percent
  11. Not signaling: 5 percent
  12. Taking turns sharply: 5 percent
  13. Looking at passengers while talking: 4 percent
  14. Braking at green lights: 4 percent


How do you react to annoying driving?

  1. I comment: 42 percent
  2. I don’t say a word: 20 percent
  3. I grab the door handle or dashboard: 16 percent
  4. I yell: 11 percent
  5. I make faces or noises: 9 percent
  6. Other: 2 percent