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Still ‘dressed for success’ — Henry Albert’s opening salvo at GATS PIB

| September 29, 2010

Overdrive 2007 Trucker of the Year, independent owner-operator Henry Albert (pictured, right, with our current Trucker of the Year, Mike Crawford), delivered an opening salvo at Overdrive’s Partners in Business seminar Friday, Aug. 27, at the Great American Trucking Show in an address that elucidated the effects of a very-small adjustment in his  business that, Albert said, led to “increased business, new customers” and big revenue, generally, for his Albert Transport business. But, perhaps most importantly, it garnered him no shortage of respect from shippers, consignees, the general public and, to one degree or another, a core group of fellow haulers.

The adjustment was one that, since he was named our Trucker of the Year those years ago, I’ve talked with him about more than once, most definitely — it’s all in the uniform, or a single small aspect of it. As he told the assembled at GATS, “The simple addition of a tie to my uniform has had the highest return on investment of anything that I’ve done in my business to date.” The talk on the whole was, well, captivating, for lack of a better term. And fortunately for the health of my typing fingers here (though it was a short opening-remarks-type address), I caught it on video. Enjoy:

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