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Support swells for U.S. trucker detained in Mexico

Jill Dunn | May 04, 2012

Jabin Bogan

A congressman and a well-known lawyer are among those who have rallied behind an American trucker recently imprisoned in Mexico. As reported Thursday, Hotels 4 President Daniel Fuller also started the website to provide information and contacts to express support.

Demco Express driver Jabin Akeem Bogan faces charges on smuggling ammunition after he missed his exit in El Paso and wound up in a lane designated for Juarez, Chihuahua. On April 16, Bogan spoke to supervisor Dennis Mekenye by phone and told Mekenye he had asked a border official at the Bridge of the Americas for help, who instructed Bogan to drive straight on the bridge, then do a U-turn and return to Texas.

Mexican authorities instead detained Bogan several hours before imprisoning him for the 268,000 rounds of ammunition t designated for Phoenix. The 27-year-old Dallas resident has been a Demco driver for three years, Mekenye said.

Rep. Silvestre Reyes said April 27 he’s going to do what he can for Bogan.

“We need to work with the Mexicans to develop a process to deal with individuals who inadvertently enter the bridge lanes and end up in Mexico” Reyes said. The Texas Democrat added that he requested that issue be on the agenda of the next US-Mexico Interparlimentary Group meeting.

Reyes said he had contacted Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan to ask Bogan’s case to be appropriately handled in Mexico’s legal system. Carlos Spector, who has gained recognition for asylum and immigration litigation, is representing the Bogan.

While the driver could receive as much as a 30-year sentence, Mexican federal authorities contacted Spector to request documents for an appeal, which the El Paso attorney described as a “hopeful” sign, the Dallas Morning News reported. Bogan had played quarterback and served on his church’s board, according to the newspaper’s May 1 story.

Mexico’s federal district court in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, has jurisdiction over Bogan’s case, said Ryan Matheny, a U.S. Embassy deputy press attaché.  The American embassy has not provided a statement regarding Bogan’s case, he added.

Other U.S. and Mexican officials have not responded to requests for further information.

Last week, Mekenye said officials of both nations have not been provided information on getting back the company’s tractor-trailer nor the customer’s cargo.

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  • ATruckers Wife

    Maybe if he’d been of hispanic lineage and spoke the language they’d have let him do what he needed to do! They come up here using NAFTA taking loads away from American drivers and then imprision one of our for a simple mistake… NAFTA needs to GO

  • Bill

    So, we don’t arrest illegal aliens on this side of the border for knowingly violating our federal laws. Then the Mexican’s arrest an American citizen for following the instructions of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent after making an honest mistake. Time we drop the hammer on Mexico. Arrest all the illegals, put them in jail and at hard labor for as long as hold Mr. Bogan.

  • Jenna the Trucker

    The subject is an American was mistakenly imprisoned, not anything to do with immigration. You stupid asses. Learn how to read. Well, we did still the land away from the Indians, including the Mexicans. I guess they have every right to take it back!! They need to arrest every American who can’t read and write. The lanes are clearly defined what is the lane to Juarez.

  • John Shields

    I always thought that “Native Americans” came to North America from Asia by land. Who did they “take” the land from?

  • Jared

    Really? Do you bother to read the words you type. You must be trolling, because nobody could be as stupid as you sound without deliberately trying to be stupid. First the Spanish, Conquistadors took away and systematically slaughtered the native populations that were living in the Central American and SW region, so I have no sympathy for the la raza assholes that want to take back the SW from the United States. Secondly why is it only the white man that has to be magnanimous and respect other cultures. Try being a non mexican and getting a decent shake in Mexico. You will get you ass arrested. Yet, the United States is supposed to open up it gates and allow every illegal immigrant into the country and greet them with open arms, so they can spit on us, sell us drugs and proudly fly a mexican flag, over an Upside down U.S. flag.

    Lastly people need to stop saying America when the are referring to the United States. I am from the USA. If I were to just say I am an American, I would be lumping myself in the same boat as those Mexicans. I do not want to do this.

  • Laurie

    @Jenna…your post makes me want to punch the stupid right out of ya…yep im a female & your one dumb broad…must be mexican!

    I hope they get him out of their & fast this is a crying shame & abuse of power…I agree with everyone else ..imprison all illegals & close off all crossings period till our boys on home ground…this is sick! on so many levels…shouldnt be happening & that border patrol should be held accountable as well if this is what happens when you listen to one of them…the mere fact all the trailers are stripped when they come back across the border anyways is stupid..stinking dirt maggots..

  • ken w smith

    i was a trucker for 23 yrs. love every minute of it..i always spend an hr or 2 pre-routing my keeps you out of trouble that way..

  • john kenwood

    A little much, it is time for some of our leaders to find their testies – Heck even Hillary is finding hers slowly.

  • Barb

    Can we send funds to help this man? If so where. This is horrible what has happened.

  • john kenwood

    Thanks for the history lesson and the, well almost english/slpelpling lesson too – there, their, there’re.
    I’m not racist, I hate everyone the same – at the end of the day I hope we are all on the same page. Iv’e past my exit once or twice – makes for a non boring trip sometimes – perhaps a little to much for our trucker friend. So, how can I/we help this guy get a get out of jail card?

  • Steve

    What difference does it make what football position he played and that he prays to an imaginary friend?
    The guy made a mistake, he was given bad advice by someone who wont own up to that advice (big surprise there)
    Like the Border Gaurd at the Windsor tunnel told me “You’re in a foreign country BOY, its not my job to hold your hand when you enter it”

  • Ronald

    Your dealing with a corrupt government,on BOTH sides.I was accused of a crime on Sept 2005 that I did not commit in Fostoria,Ohio,because the Ohio Highway patrol falsified the facts of the accident to cover up for an Ohio state employee,driving a Ohio state owned vehicle. He ran a red light into the right rear of my truck witness said,but that fact was ommitted by the police on the accident report. Dishonest police officers with an agenda? I drove coast to coast for 38 i can even drive a car according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.I’m from a different state,not Ohio.

  • Robert the Trucker

    I think it’s high time we send our Marines in to clean up the country, thus includes the dumb drug cartels. Once they return home with our driver, we need to permanently close the border and cut all freight from or to Mexico making them revert back to the mud huts they used to live in before we came along. We need to lock up all Mexican immigrants and ban the Mexican flag in this country thus allowing officers to make arrests if someone is caught with a Mexican flag in their yard or a Mexican bumper sticker. Time to get serious!

  • Brian

    I say cut Mexico and all Mexicans off. Enough of this crap. We’re the most powerful country in the world. Why are we being nice about this??? Give us back our man, take back all yours or we’ll destroy your little piss poor country.

  • Don Dierdorff

    The laws, and lack of law enforcement by the United States, is a clear testament to the preferential treatment of Mexico and Mexicans. Too bad if Mexico is still pissed off about Texas being signed over to the United States by General Santa Ana, who got whipped by a smaller American army. If you love Mexico, go live there amongst the drug cartels. Bueno suerte!

  • Don Lanier

    anyone can make a wrong turn, and why didnt the Officer immediately contact someone at the other end of the bridge and say Hes gonna make a U Turn walk him thru, This probably happens daily, he shouldnt be in jail if all his paperwork, and shippers papers were accurate, sounds like the Mx Govt needed some Ammunition and decided to HIJACK a legal load…I hope our Govt is paying attention to this, FREE THE DRIVER

  • Rose

    I dont think this has nothing to do with skin color. its more like a way of keeping the cargo. alot of the freight we get comes from mexico.Its more like a way of trying to keep the cargo. who knows. but why did the custom boarder petrol make hom do that stupid turn. Wake up. wow. you know entering another nation is entering into a whole different rules n regulations ..I would have just said..excuse me but no way i will reverse regardless what anyone said

  • roses129

    I truly do not believe color of skin or race has to do anything with what happened here.It just that cargo full of ammunition crossed their boarders. We in the other hand would have done the same thing. But. I don’t agree with us making judgments towards a race issue. Nothing to do with that its more like a problem with entering another nations rules n regulations. But Hopefully he will soon be released.

  • Gilro70

    You have got to be kidding. You are exactly what’s wrong with this country. You would rather illegals come here and steal from hard working Americans. People like you Jenna make me want to puke. If your on their side why don’t you take your liberal ass over there and live in that shit hole of a country. Oh yeah that’s right their constitution doesn’t allow for scumbag foreigners to come and live there illegally.

  • ted

    I can’t believe you people are actually arguing on here the man needs help not you acting like12year old children.I mean come on people.

  • Rose

    i find it scary to hear so much racism on the comments. Let get serious here. n smart. united states is mafe up of all kinds of immigrants. before it was the blacks now its the Mexicans. what next. remember we will reap what we sow people. we do good n desire good to others n all that produces good to you n your family. but if you wish bad unto others bad will follow you n your generations. if not read romans chapter 2 all of the chapter n see what it says about those who desire to do evil. now God word does not return back to him empty. so look at things as for what the really are. n stop hating. hating only rottens your soul n all negativity will follow you. n all the thing you wish others will become true unto you. others call it carma. i call it Gods Golden Rules.

  • Porter M. Corn

    Jenna, Bogan was NOT “mistakenly” imprisoned. He was arrested and charged with a very serious violation of Mexican law. It matters not whether he entered the country intentionally or mistakenly, although it’s difficult to believe it was a mistake as he should have been nowhere near that crossing.

    Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. If a Mexican driver “mistakenly” crossed into this country under a similar situation, you guys and everyone else would be demanding life in prison, ignoring Mexico’s demands for his release and much more severe sactions.

    At the end of the day, Bogan violated the law and the courts will have the final say. Threats, demands, boycott’s and of course, those who will set up silly little websites to solicit funds for Bogan’s release will not do a bit of good.

  • Porter M. Corn

    How utterly stupid you and your comment is Robert. Mexico has had advanced civilizations since before Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon’) was a wet spot in his daddies tighty whiteys…. and dating back over 1500 years.

    You want corruption? Look north to Washington DC. They’re called “lobbyists”.

    Bogan will stay where he is until the case is adjudicated through the Federal court system in Mexico.

    His case will also be complicated by the fact that the US is ignoring the murder warrant and extradition request for the BP agent Jesus Mara Jr. who murdered the 15 year old kid in 2010.

    Cause and consequence brutha!

  • Robert the Trucker


    I must state the facts today. I will admit I’m very racist. Normally, I’d say the beaners can keep the jigaboo, but being the fact that I hate beaners more I feel he should be returned. People need to open they’re eyes. Racism is still very alive! It will never go away. I’ve noticed an increase since that dune coon made the Presidency. Ever hear the statement “the South will rise again”? It will, then y’all Yankees will be thinking “damn, should have listened”. Just as Mexico will think once we invade their shitty country again to clean house so to speak. The drug cartels cause a major problem in all US Mexico border towns and cities. That’s one great reason to invade, if we can bring our driver home then that’s a great plus. It will happen. Mark my words.

  • Robert the Trucker

    And as for you Porter,

    I do not give two craps about their shitty little country, their civilization, or their retarded sounding angry chipmunk language. I believe strongly that if you love Mexico so much, then go there! I am tired of seeing idiots flying the Mexican flag here, or speaking their language, or polluting our towns with their filth, food, and ignorance. They need to return! As for this Cross Border Trucking Program, you know that will take freight away from the American trucker. Why in the hell would we keep sitting back allowing all of this crap to go on? It’s time we take a stand against NAFTA, FMCSA and even EPA retards and make it clear that enough is enough!

  • roses129

    Well,lets see. How many many murders do we have in the united states n child molesters all different race color n sitting in our grounds. Let’s get real here. There’s all sorts of drug users again all color drugs coming from Florida,California n all areas.Why why. Cost people from the United States. More then likely request them. Now here you see people on crystal myth n home made drugs. Driver every is already corrupted. We need to stop hating this is the reason United States is being hated from some many different nations. We need to change n stop calling people name. Hate rottens your soul. N makes you bitter. That’s why you see so many bitter races. Coz of the rottenness of their heart

  • sparkn

    *steal, not still. Now carry your ass back into that hole you crawled out of.

  • Steve

    What a load of racist, uneducated swill. I can’t believe people still talk this way in the 21st century.
    wow…..I thought that was just a caricature of parts of America, but I guess not.

  • roses129

    I will tell you what. Racism is everywhere n it coz of people like this that get together n start blaming everyone for what’s going on. Its all the yuppies that create jobs n deside to take them elsewhere. Coz the richer wants to get richer n doesn’t care bout the poo getting poorer. N beside that. We font want to work nit all jobs maybe just the best jobs. But without someone working the unwanted jobs. We will not have meals on our table. Or low paying restaurants would close. Why,coz we Americans do not want to do it. Stop blaming start blaming the real people what’s up with walmart,but yet we go n buy from them coz of the cheap prices. Instead of buying all american. What bout our cars. Instead of buying American we buy a Toyota for better fuel.. our fuel is coming from the middle east.. n i hear we have enough of our own. But we want more. Now in a war. We are all together white,black, Mexican,n all other races. We all fight for our country. So not every black is bad or every Mexican from Mexico or every white from other places we have great people here from all races that help build jobs for othets

  • Andre

    It’s no surprise they took a trailer full of ammo into custody. In case nobody has noticed, they have a problem with gun violence on the Mexican border! Better they take possession than one of the cartels as this guy tries to find an off-ramp, negotiate a double turn, get back onto the interstate, and head back to the US. Why doesn’t anyone else see the obvious dangers with this? The Mexican border patrol sure did. They figured it would prolly have been used on them if it got thru the checkpoint. And they were right!

  • roses129

    Very True

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  • Steve

    We got the armedforces wat is the problem? go get him! gov. needs to get a backbone ! This is un real! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.