Weight loss documentary

"Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" is a health documentary that looks at the juice fasting diet and how it may help people stay alive and healthy.

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‘Shipping wars’ TV series starts tonight on A&E

The Austin American-Statesman reminds us that the latest in the phenomenon of truck-driving reality-TV series debuts tonight, with back-to-back half-hour episodes of 'Shipping Wars' occupying the 9 p.m. (ET and PT) hour on A&E. The debate over whether the show will be a boon to the image of drivers in the public imagination has already begun, as evidenced by comments on my previous post on the subject, from December. "I’ll definitely be checking it out on ...

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Quebec filmmaker debuts ‘Vapeurs diesel (Diesel fumes)’ documentary web series

Quebecker Alain Fournier (pictured, of a fashion) is a filmmaker focusing his efforts on fantasy work and -- this is where we come in -- online documentary. His first big web series, on YouTube and titled "Vapeurs Diesel" or "Diesel Fumes," looks at long-haul truckers, among them the character of "Big John," featured in the snapshot you'll see below. Though the portrayal of John in this clip lacks much depth, and the wisdom imparted is ...

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