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TCA coverage round-up: Hours of service, driver shortage, EOBRs, drug testing

| March 06, 2013

Sable EOBRIn addition to the announcement of the TCA/Overdrive Owner-Operator of the Year and Company Driver of the Year winners — click here to see that story — the Truckload Carriers Association hosted at its annual convention this week in Las Vegas at the Wynn hotel a few fleet panels and speakers geared mostly toward fleet executives and managers.

However, if you’re interested, here are a few links and highlights:

A panel held Tuesday discussed upcoming changes to federal hours of service rules coming July 1, in which panelists from three major carriers said that they thought the changing rules would intensify a driver shortage they say has already intensified. Click here to see coverage from the panel. 

TCA announced at the convention that it has updated some of its policies to include support for drug testing drivers via hair sample instead of urine, implementing standards for screening and treating drivers with sleep disorders and implementing testing for on-board technologies like electronic onboard recorders. Click here to see that story.


  • martymarsh

    I’m loving it, you think all the younger guys are going to want to live on the road for nothing? 39 years later, I might be out but I still did it my way. You can regulate until you have to drive them yourselves, Washington is full of clowns.

  • Smitador

    The issue is broader than only illegal immigrant drivers, most can only operate in the TX regional area anyway due to language barriers. The main issue i have is the lack of pricing power in the hands of the carriers. It is time to control capacity and implement rate hikes to make it possible to compensate drivers appropriatly with the new HOS regs. With productivity decreases on the horizon, procing increases must follow, or the company and the driver will feel the pinch.

  • Mike Jones

    ATA just announced Today that a Good Solution to the driver shortage is the 11 Million Illegal Aliens that Obama wants to give Amnesty and Guest Worker Status……this should be the final nail in the coffin for the American Trucker.

  • Smitador

    I agree that this is not the solution, your comment about the driver shortage is true, there is only a shortage of drivers willing to work for shit wages. The sad part is that you are right about them operating illegally. if there was a program set in place that required a Mexican driver to meet the same regulations and qualifications as an American driver it would cause them to need to driver for higher rates as well. Truck driving is not the only job that this is impacting. there will always be a a way to find cheaper labor, look at the manufacturing industry, FOXCONN making ipads and iphones in China… they had to install nets around the roofs of their buidlings becuase so many workers were leaping to their deaths. it is and always will be about the dollar.

  • Smitador

    I would agree that the Cops and DOT officers are severely uninformed and maybe even misinformed, but i would like to think that they arent told to only target American drivers, that would be a sad truth. I actually had a driver get pulled over the other day with 60′ steel beams on a 53′ flat in AR. First thing the cop says is “There is no way that thing should be on my road”, then the driver showed him the OSOW permit i got for him and the cop, rightfully, looked like an idiot. The driver was pretty upset after he ended up being delayed nearly 45 minutes over nothing, just because the cop doesnt even know what is legal on the roads he is enforcing.

  • Mike Jones

    Yep..some Rookie Cop….Barney Fife!! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.