eNow cab/trailer roof solar-charge system for battery-based APUs and more

Jeff Flath of eNow says the company's five years' worth of design and testing work with partners among the larger fleets has proven out the design of their system, ready to market to owner-operators with auxiliary battery-based anti-idling systems.

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Partners in Business tip: Log maintenance records

Only with complete records can you track the work done on your truck and, when necessary, prove that required maintenance has been done.

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Daimler brings industry’s first electric-powered truck

Daimler Trucks, parent company of Freightliner and Western Star, introduced Wednesday the industry's first take on an electric-powered truck, besting upstart Nikola Motor Company and electric vehicle maker Tesla, both of whom announced plans this year for a heavy-duty electric truck.

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Video: Owner-operator Gary Buchs’ ‘plan for success’

"People complain about the rates," says owner-operator Gary Buchs, but "not everybody's losing money." Buchs suggests too much emphasis is placed on an aspect of the business that owner-operators have only partial degrees of control over. "It's better," he says, "to have your costs in line -- I have total control over that."

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Penray’s crankcase and differential cleaner

Penray’s 7612 Crankcase and Differential Cleaner includes a combination of solvents formulated to dissolve sludge and other deposits and collect moisture so that contaminants can be drained during oil changes before causing damage. Suitable for use with diesel and gasoline engines, the blend also removes ...

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InventHelp’s tire pressure adapter strap

InventHelp’s TPMS Tire Pressure Adapter Strap is designed to allow a user to repair a tire’s broken air stem or sensor valve without having to replace the sensor. To install, a user centers the adapter on the rim’s outer section and places a large cable ...

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Voyager’s heavy-duty monitor

Voyager’s Heavy-Duty VOM74WP quad-view 7-inch monitor is built for rugged environments with multiple camera inputs and a waterproof IX5 rating. It is suited for all commercial vehicles, including over-the-road trucks, box trucks, buses, agricultural applications and construction equipment. ASA Electronics,

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Nexiq’s crossover cable

Nexiq’s CAN 3-CAN 1 Crossover Cable is designed for use with 2016 model-year Peterbilt and Kenworth tractors, as well as Volvo trucks with Cummins engines. The product is engineered to move J1939/CAN 3 diagnostic communications to the J1939/CAN 1 channel. Nexiq Technologies,

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