Societal benefits of speed limiters outweigh trucker safety, Canadian court rules

“The public benefits associated with improved highway safety exceed the detrimental effects on the truck drivers," a Canadian judge wrote in the court's majority opinion.

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SEC notifies Navistar enforcement action coming, truck maker posts $28M quarterly loss

Navistar's truck segment recorded a loss of $36 million, compared with a year-ago third quarter loss of $3 million. The SEC has also notified the company it could take enforcement action within the next 180 days.

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Upcoming stops for Cummins cross-country tour showcasing current, next-gen engines

Cummins began its cross-country tour this weekend. Here's when and where to find stops upcoming in the next two months.

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EPA, DOT extend public comment period on Phase 2 emissions regulations proposal

Federal regulators have extended the public comment period for the recently proposed second phase of emissions regulations and fuel economy standards for heavy-duty trucks, pushing the last day to comment two weeks to Oct. 1, 2015. Here's how to comment.

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Webasto’s medium-duty HVAC system

Webasto’s London air-conditioning and heating system for medium-duty applications is engineered to be compact and efficient and to offer up to 32,500 Btu/h of cooling capacity and 44,500 Btu/h of heating capacity. The integrated HVAC system can be installed in the driver’s compartment bulkhead area ...

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The Overhead Door Co.’s hold-open door keeper

The Overhead Door Co.’s Hold Open Door Keeper is a bottom roller holder designed to allow an open rollup door to rest in the open position behind the header. The hinged roller is attached to the bottom door panel, and when the door is in ...

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Commercial Vehicle Group’s wide Bostrom truck seat

Commercial Vehicle Group’s Wide Ride Core premium seat for Class 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks, the latest addition to the company’s Bostrom Seating brand lineup, builds on its Wide Ride II platform that features a wider seat design and adds several features and options, such ...

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Michelin’s regional retread

Michelin’s X Multi Energy D Pre-Mold retread for regional and emerging super-regional applications is SmartWay-verified and designed for added fuel efficiency and scrub resistance in regional applications. Suited for 4x2 applications, the retread features a dual-layer energy compound; the top layer is designed to provide ...

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