Rollover system mandate set for publication as OMB clears rule

A federal rule to require all new trucks to be equipped with electronic stability control systems has been cleared by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, meaning the rule likely will be published in the coming weeks.

Waste-haul success story in South Carolina

The 60-truck fleet is comprised mostly of Mack models, which cofounder Scott Fennell says he turns to for reliability on rough-and-tumble urban routes and in and out of landfills.

POLL: New, used, leased: How did you buy your last truck?

New, used or glider? Lease-purchase or straight lease? What best describes your most recent truck purchase?

Changing Gear: Team-ups from Wabash-Aurora, Kenworth-Meritor and Eaton, Peterbilt-Bendix

Trailers from top-flight manufacturers tend to last a while, and trailer maker Wabash National recently announced a collaboration with a leading aftermarket supplier to make sure its trailers can carry your loads as long as possible. The company has signed a five-year deal with Aurora Parts & Accessories to be ...

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Phillips’ trailer wire box

nge Socket in either split (16-8000) or solid pin (16-80002) designs and is engineered with high-impact composite material and interchangeable mounting holes to facilitate faster and easier socket replacement. Phillips Industries,

American Heritage Firearms’ personalized revolver for truckers

merican Trucker is plated with true 24-karat gold and engraved intricately with fine art specific to the American truck driver. The fully functional revolver retains the solid frame, feel and comfortable grip of all big Ruger single-actions. Appealing to collectors, handgun hunters and long-range competitors, it features Ruger’s patented transfer bar safety system, an all-coil spring mechanism, adjustable sights and a frame-mounted firing pin. Ample space is provided for personalizing each with the name of a business and an employee or associate. American Heritage Firearms,, 970-294-2381 or 970-672-7311

Amsoil’s coolant line

fe in both diesel and gasoline vehicles of up to 600,000 miles or 12,000 operation hours in heavy-duty and off-road applications, or 150,000 miles or five years in passenger cars and light trucks. The ethylene glycol coolants are designed with a polyorganic acid formulation to virtually eliminate scaling problems while providing added protection against metallic corrosion and erosion pitting – even in extreme temperatures and operating conditions – via a 50/50 premix compatible with all other coolants and all cooling system materials, including hoses, gaskets and plastics. The reformulated propylene glycol coolant offers many of the same benefits in a low-toxicity biodegradable option. Amsoil,

Giti’s regional drive tire

print and square shoulders help enhance stability. The GT639 features the company’s proprietary Equal Force Casing carcass technology designed to enable an optimal tire footprint and equal force distribution for better control and regular tread wear. With Giti’s Cap Base Design, the cap layer provides added wear-resistant qualities, while the base rubber between the top layer and the casing includes a cooler running formulation that helps insulate the casing from heat buildup. The company’s Duo Filler Technology is a combination of hard and soft bead fillers; the soft bead filler helps provide a more comfortable ride and smoother handling, while the hard bead filler is stiffer to facilitate improved durability. The tire is available in four sizes: 11R22.5, 295/75R22.5, 11R24.5 and 285/75R24.5. Giti Tire U.S.A. Ltd.,

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