Love’s set to acquire Trillium CNG, expand natural gas network

Love's Travel Stops has reached an agreement to purchase Trillium CNG, which will give Love's a total of 65 compressed natural gas locations across the U.S.

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FMCSA grants exemption for wireless rechargeable tow lights

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has granted an exemption to allow the use of rechargeable wireless temporary stop, turn and tail lights during towing situations.

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Ritchie Bros. set to hold largest auction of year in Orlando

Ritchie Bros. annual auction in Orlando, Fla. will be held Feb. 15-19 and will feature more than 300 trucks and 180 trailers.

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Freightliner announces four new ‘Hardest Working Cities’

Freightliner announced New York City, Charlotte, Edmonton and Seattle-Tacoma have been named to its Hardest Working Cities list.

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CVG’s National Seating midrange-priced seat

Commercial Vehicle Group’s Corsair seat by National Seating is designed to provide a mix of premium features and options at a midrange price. Standard features include a triple-chamber air lumbar, a contoured cushion and a six-way cushion adjustment. Optional premium features include a suspension cover, ...

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TSE Brakes’ visual brake stroke indicator

TSE Brakes’ TSE Visi-Chek visual brake stroke indicator is designed to make it easier for drivers and maintenance personnel to see if a vehicle’s brake stroke is in compliance. If the indicator shows any green, the system is functioning properly, but if only red is ...

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Budget-friendly parts from ProVia

Wabco’s budget-friendly ProVia spare parts line is engineered with a no-frills design that meets reliable performance standards without compromising quality or safety. ProVia’s initial portfolio includes more than 40 individual products in four aftermarket replacement categories – brake pads, coupling heads, relay valves and coiled ...

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SAF-Holland’s aftermarket parts line

SAF-Holland’s Gold Line Quality Parts brand offers landing gear accessories, brake chambers, tapered wheel bearings, kingpin locks, air springs and grease, as well as Gabriel shock absorbers and TSE brake chambers, with plans to include brake and wheel end offerings. Most parts carry a standard ...

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