Volvo halts production of VNX tractor, nixes D16 engine

Market conditions dictated both decisions, Volvo says, as demand for the D16 has waned. The VNX will remain in the company's product lineup, despite the halt in production, the company says.

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Navistar recalling certain model year 2017 trucks for potential battery problem

Navistar says the affected vehicles have a metallic battery cover that could unlatch and contact the battery’s jump start stud, causing an electrical short to ground if the jump start stud isn’t covered.

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Mack’s updates mDrive transmission with auto neutral, rolling start features

Mack Trucks announced at World of Concrete in Las Vegas Tuesday it will make rolling start and auto neutral standard on all Mack mDRIVE and mDRIVE HD transmissions.

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Former operator James Brotz and the Super-Air on-board tire-inflation system

Former driver James Brotz details the Super-Air on-board tire inflation system, detailing efficacy in improving tire life and avoiding road calls for flats. Do you have experience with such a system? There are several on the market today.

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Ridewell’s air-ride single-point suspension

Ridewell’s RAR-254 air-ride single-point suspension leverages components of the company’s RAR-266 suspension to facilitate the smoothness of an air-ride suspension with the advantages of a single-point pedestal-mount suspension. The trunnion-mount suspension is available in ride heights as low as 10 inches and is designed for ...

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Amsoil’s metal protector

Amsoil’s Heavy-Duty Metal Protector is formulated to inhibit corrosion on metal surfaces that are exposed to salt, moisture or chemicals. The quick-drying long-lasting protectant helps displace water and resist dirt and is suited for steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper and other metal surfaces. Available in ...

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Bendix’s brake shoe coating

Bendix’s PermaGuard protective coating for its remanufactured brake shoes is engineered to improve resistance to rust jacking while offering increased brake life. In creating PermaGuard, the company reformulated its coating and wash process to help improve its ability to adhere to the metal shoe. Bendix Commercial ...

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Continental’s heavy-duty belt

Continental’s Extreme Duty Poly-V straight-ribbed belt is designed for higher underhood temperatures, resulting in lower emissions standards. The belt is engineered for additional flex life with advanced EPDM polymers and is offered in 90 parts numbers for Class 6-8 trucks in the aftermarket; current offerings ...

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