Older trucks holding value better since ELD announcement

Wholesale auction data over the past two years exhibit that 1995-1999 truck prices have declined at a slower rate than 2000-2004 trucks, particularly since announcement of the ELD mandate's pre-2000 model year exemption.

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Swift outfitting 7,500 trucks with FlowBelow aero package

Swift Transportation, country’s largest truckload carrier, will outfit approximately 40 percent of its 18,000 truck fleet with FlowBelow’s aerodynamic Tractor AeroKit System next year, the company announced Tuesday.

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Goodyear tire recall prompts recall of 850 Freightliner trucks

Daimler’s recall covers approximately 863 trucks that were equipped with those tires. Models include: 2017 Freightliner Cascadia, 2017 Freightliner 122SD and 2017 Freightliner Business Class M2.

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New electric Class 8 truck: 1,000 hp, 1,200-mile range

The zero-emissions truck's fully electric drivetrain is powered by high-density lithium batteries. It will be available for monthly full-service lease that costs $5,000 to $7,000.

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Freedom’s pre-filters for Mack CH, CL models

Freedom Air Filters’ pre-filter pair for Mack’s CH and CL models is engineered to prevent larger particles of debris such as grain chaff, rubber, dirt and sand from getting into and clogging the air filter elements. The pre-filters are treated with a hydrophobic water-repellant process ...

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Purkeys’ continuous battery charger

Purkeys’ 100-amp Pack Accelerated Charger is designed to charge batteries safely and keep them at a good state. The charger is engineered to be compatible with both AGM and flooded-cell batteries and to be continuous to help decrease recharge time. The PAC can charge up ...

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Galeton’s rubber-coated knit gloves

Galeton’s Otterback 3/4 Nitrile Palm Coated Knit Gloves have breathable backs to facilitate added comfort and flexibility. Nitrile synthetic rubber coating is engineered for handling small, oily and wet parts and covers the palms and fingers and extends to the knuckles for added protection. The ...

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Optronics’ LED lights with shapes, patterns

Optronics’ latest 4-inch round and 6-inch oval LED stop, tail and turn lamps employ the company’s Light Guide light delivery method designed to transmit LED light from one location in the lamp to another and enable the illumination of complex shapes and patterns. Using optical ...

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