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Truck stop chains pull Maxims with truck ‘serial killer’ ad, TCA encouraging responses

| June 05, 2014

Update: Maxim has responded to some of the requests by TCA and ATA. See their response at the bottom of the story.

Serial Killer

Maxim continues to take heat from the trucking industry over an ad featured in its current issue that features a truck with the words ‘Serial Killer’ above it, as both the Truckload Carriers Association and the American Trucking Associations have issued statements calling the depiction of the industry ‘unfair’ and a ‘mischaracterization.’

The ad — which you can read more about in OD blogger Wendy Parker’s post from June 4 — is for a law firm seeking clients who have been involved in crashes. 

ATA has asked Maxim to apologize and has asked for complimentary ad space in its next issue to “provide an advertisement about the industry that serves America.” ATA says it has also written a letter to Maxim and its holdings company and a subsidiary of its holdings company. 


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TCA says the ad “not only [depicts] us in a negative light but the stats are wrong and misleading.” 

“The editors and staff of Maxim need to know that we are their family members, their neighbors, their friends,” the statement says. “When we are on the road, we look out for them as we would our own children. And we will not let this mischaracterization go unanswered.” 

TCA is encouraging members of the trucking industry to respond to the ad by contacting Maxim either on its website or on Twitter, @MaximMag, or on Facebook. Its encouraging the use of #NotASerialKiller, too, on both sites. 

“We encourage everyone to take a moment to collect their thoughts and craft a well-reasoned message to Maxim about why this ad was wrong and how the magazine can make things right for the hardworking men and women in our industry,” TCA writes.”

As noted in Wendy’s post, both TravelCenters of American (TA) and Pilot Flying J pulled all issues of the magazine from its shelves, with TA saying in a tweet it “destroyed” them.

Wendy penned her take on the fiasco and its depiction of truckers in her blog Wednesday. Click here to read her post. 

Maxim’s response: 

TCA says the vice president of Maxim, Gretchen Tibbits, called to apologize for the ad. To remedy the situation, TCA says Maxim has agreed to do the following: 

-Sending an apology to the trucking industry

-Taking the ad out of its digital magazine and replacing it with an ad supplied by TCA, ATA and other industry partners

-Giving the Trucking Moves America Forward group, of which ATA and TCA are both partners, a free ad in the July/August issue of Maxim for a pro-trucking ad 

  • gary d

    6000000 million people a year die around the world from cigarettes that’s the true serial killer not us truck drivers. This ad is so wrong on many levels.

  • doug

    Did you know America has 235 lawyers per 1,000 people. Did you know that the U.S. has more lawyers per capita then any other country. Did you also know that the so called “LEGAL SYSTEM” in the U:S: is responsible for 80% of our insurance cost because of there bogus law suits. Did you also know that when asked individuals from all classes rank LAWYERS as the most unethical profession in the U:S: BOTTOM LINE, if it werent for LAWYERS this country would still be the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY…!!!

  • doug

    Sorry, 1,000 individuals should have been 10,000

  • James

    Know why the Labs use Attorneys instead of white mice for experiments?

    Because there’s SOME things a mouse just won’t do.

  • Roger Xavier Jackson

    Guess they paid them hush money because you can find a lawyer to represent a child predator/killer and dog.Now sympathy

  • whooops


  • Erik Hiebert

    And if it weren’t for giant corporate monopolies and terrible government practices damaging the job market and warping the resource sectors.

  • Erik Hiebert

    And from people driving normal cars, lol. Truck drivers aren’t any different from people driving cars… most of them are responsible, and there’s a couple shitheads that give a bad name to the rest and make the roads less safe.

  • William McKelvie

    It’s HARD not to disagree here, but what are we doing when a fellow trucker runs over a TWO YEAR OLD….. DAMMIT!!

  • Laure Simpson

    Are you refering to the local fuel delivery truck that hit a child while delivering fuel to the residence? It’s a sad incident but this happened in a private residence driveway. Sadly the parents knew the truck was there to make a delivery.

  • William McKelvie

    No, I am not but sounds to me like you are trying to SOFTEN the incident? Stop that nonsense already. Just like this guy of Walmart, this is what FEDERAL ANNE promised to all of us, drivers and the general public to RID the industry of, and she has FAILED! So PLEASE stop trying to SOFTEN the incidents. Surely you would not soften it if it was your family or friend right? Thank you.

  • Laure Simpson

    You have your hackles up and are on the offense towards me for absolutely no reason. And yet, you do not answer my question as to what incident you are referring to. I researched and found two incidents of a 2 year old being struck by a truck, neither of which were a semi. One of those incidents occurred in China. I could claim on a forum that my 100 yr old grandmother was killed by a semi with no validity. As to your claim that I am trying to SOFTEN any incident you are completely wrong. I hang my head in shame when I read or hear about an incident such as this Walmart driver. I have posted on other forums calling for drivers to police our own and call each other out when we observe someone doing something stupid. I also ask drivers to use their CB’s to give each other a heads up when there is a traffic slow down, and also to use their 4-ways to communicate (4 wheelers can’t see what we see). NOW, please be specific as to what incident you are referring that a two year old was hit by a semi please.

  • William McKelvie

    I am looking for it now, Todd Dills should know. It was a semi that ran over a two year old, and the driver did not see the child crossing the roadway.Driver was making a right turn and the child went into the roadway. It was out west. Just recently. I will keep looking to see if I can find it.

  • William McKelvie
  • lady trucker

    The saddest part of all of this…truckers won’t band together this way when the FMCSA goes to changing HOS, or plagueing us with more laws than we keep track of. I agree…nasty ad. However there are many more important things to band together and get changed. If all the negative feedback made this much difference on a national magazine, just imagine what we might be able to accomplish on Capital Hill!

  • Kerry Murphy

    your figure 235/1000 is just plain not even remotely true. complete nonsense.

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