‘Trucker spy’ shooter sentenced

| July 19, 2013
Bruce Johnston was featured on the cover of the July 2013 issue of Overdrive, concurrent with his part in our story on short- and long-haul operations. Johnston's dedicated haul runs short back and forth between Murfreesboro, Tenn., and Atlanta. Find the feature online here.

Bruce Johnston was featured on the cover of the July 2013 issue of Overdrive, concurrent with his part in our story on length-of-haul trends. Johnston’s dedicated refrigerated hauls run short back and forth between Murfreesboro, Tenn., and Atlanta. Find the feature online here.

Sunco Carriers-leased owner-operator Bruce Johnston says Joseph Volpe, convicted in May on three counts — second-degree attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon — after shooting through the back of Johnston’s 1997 Peterbilt on I-24 in Chattanooga, Tenn., in 2010, was sentenced yesterday, July 18, 2013.

Rather than get “the maximum” for his crimes, as Johnston hoped, Volpe will go to a Tennessee state work house for inmates, where he will spend close to a year and thereafter pay restitution of $17,500 to Johnston in $250 installments spanning the next seven years of his life.

In spite of his disappointment that Volpe won’t be serving “serious prison time,” Johnston says, he takes heart in knowing that “seven years is a long time commitment, and you know it’ll be a thorn in [Volpe’s] side to write that check. It’ll be a monthly reminder of his actions.”

Johnston’s got his own daily reminder in the bullethole in the back wall of his Peterbilt’s sleeper.

Johnston adds that, if Volpe’s term in the work house is marred by incidents, or if he thereafter fails to make a payment through a probation officer, he will ultimately serve the entirety of three consecutive sentences for his convictions totaling 13 years.

For more of the background on the case, find Johnston’s video recounting of the crime below, shot in June 2013, and Johnston’s letter to Overdrive in May 2010 following Volpe’s conviction via this link.

  • Mind Games

    That’s BS!!! If had been a driver that shot at anybody and or any thing it would have been jail time right of the top no questions asked.
    I guess its OK since it was a driver that got shot at and so he must not be a danger to anybody.
    And while they were at it I’m sure they got plenty of videotape of other drivers on the road that was more important.
    I won’t spend anymore money in Tennessee!

  • krash

    There again the fucking judicial system SUCKS ASS

  • krash

    Joe JOe i hope i run into you once ur little vacation is over. You video taped me and NOW there is payback comming.. hahahahha

  • Truckman

    At least there’ll be money in the mail every month;the guy coulda been released for time served in a less “scrupulous” Court. Enjoy the money and use it for something he won’t be getting for seven years-FREEDOM and a good glass of beer or wine,maybe an occasional toast to his royal stupidity that’s giving you that refreshment.

  • Ben Miller

    What if he file for BK?

  • Dan Leidal

    Bk does not apply to restitution!!! He would default, and have to serve the time… I expect then still have to pay the money…

  • jim stewart

    Very lucky driver to be talking to anyone. This guy meant to kill him and send that truck crashing into anyone else in the way. No justice served here. This guy should have been sentenced as a terrorist! He cared absolutely nothing about where that truck would have ended up after that driver died. Sadly though I don’t believe this will be the end of the story. It will happen again except this time it’ll be a planned premeditated murder of this same driver. Any idiot this crazy will become even crazier while paying out money each month. He will either do this again much differently or pay someone else to kill this driver for him somehow. It will probably be done by another loser friend or someone he meets in jail. I would be watching for this moron like a hawk plus no more dedicated run for Sun Coast.

  • Hayward Carson

    this what happen went you pad all the George Zimmermans on the back. Give them time and they will turn the gun on you.

  • Jo Mama

    What the fuck does this have to do with Zimmerman?

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  • Raveman

    I hate to break it to you, but he will skip while on probation and you will recieve next to nothing. The judicial system in this country is seriously broken as you will soon find out.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    You have no idea what you are talking about…stop believing everything the media tells you. Flipping drone.

  • J Williams

    Your a jack off for your stupid driving. I have been driving for 34 years and to think a tailgating asshole like you survives. Vople did wrong, but you are no better with that rig tailgating and driving aggressively.

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