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Truckers react: Obama wins ’12 election

| November 07, 2012

Election: Romney loses the race, but wins with trucking

Most commenters on Overdrive‘s Facebook page were not thrilled to hear news that incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama had been re-elected and were quite vocal on where they stood relative to the national political scene. Most cited concerns over the president’s economic policies in an already-shaky economy.

Those who supported the president’s re-election piped in when asked if the right guy had won, though most simply said “Yes” and did not elaborate much.

In an Overdrive Hot Buttons poll conducted in October, 66 percent of Overdrive readers who responded said they preferred Mitt Romney over Barack Obama, who had the backing of 21 percent of respondents. Six percent said they preferred neither, while 7 percent said they preferred a third party or write-in candidate.

Poll: How should lawmakers deal with the ‘fiscal cliff’?

In terms of ideology, Overdrive readers in another Hot Buttons poll — this one in September — favored a more hands-off approach in terms of government and job creation. In answering the question “What role does government play in job creation?” a whopping 83 percent favored Republican or limited government-type policies — 47 percent said the government should cut taxes to stimulate private investment, 23 percent answered the government has no role in job creation and 13 percent said the government has little to no role.

Seven percent favored government raising taxes to fund job-creating programs and 10 percent supported other government initiatives besides tax policies. See those poll results here, along with drivers sounding off on their answers.

We tried to gather driver commentary throughout the day Tuesday either via email or on Facebook. Via email, Shawn H. of Victorville, Calif., said he voted for Romney: “We have given President Obama four years and he hasn’t done the job on the economy.  Since we have never elected a true businessman ( I don’t consider Bush Jr. and Sr. true businessmen) to office, I think it’s time to give one a shot. I believe Mitt Romney can end this economic malaise by instituting economic policies that will jumpstart the economy, as well as return confidence to the market.”

Douglas Kennedy, however, emailed to say he voted for Obama — his second time to do so — referencing the two most recent presidents as examples of policies and their effectiveness: “When Clinton was President, we had a surplus, and I made money,” he writes. “Bush became president and every year he was president, I made less money and every expense associated with operating my truck increased, with no increase in my rates to compensate. Since Obama has been president, I’m slowly making a little more money.

“I feel in my heart that Romney is, of, for and by the Corporation. That leaves me — the one man, one truck — odd man out.”

Here’s what Overdrive readers had to say on Facebook:

Jim Dos: It’s a sad day for business independence everywhere in America. Rules and regs will be worse and not helpful.

Brandon King: Heck no the right guy didn’t win! Obama has made a mess and now has 4 more years to make a bigger mess! It’s not fair to our kids.

Nick Lichty: Yes. Bush [screwed] us for 8 years and it’s going to take Obama at least 8 years and the next Democrat at least 4 years to fix this. Anything is better then Mitt the twit.

James Shelburn: Nope, wait ‘til fuel hits 7 bucks a gallon! And people have to pay 20 bucks for a loaf of bread! Because the haul bill was so high for hauling it.

Willie Dixson: It doesn’t matter who won (both much the same, just a fall guy for GOP or Dems). The masters are the ones controlling the value of our dollar — banksters. It is not the cost of fuel; it is the value of the dollar.

Jenni Reynolds-Kebler: No! The right guy was narrowly defeated. Now I am forced to live with the decisions of others. Hope you Democrats are ready for the rest of your life, because I think that we are truly in the beginning of the end.

Greg Krueger: Trucking for the owner operator has been bad last 6 years, might as well make it 10.

Stacey W. Betz: We are screwed…..period! You think fuel prices are high now and that there are too many regulations, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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  • Charlie Baker

    ya’ll can keep your socialism,if texas and Louisiana secede I’m immigrating there

  • Cathy Guignet

    In no way shape or form is Obama good for this country, business, trucking or anything else. He didn’t help the ambassador and the others because he would have had to shoot his own people. Under Obama’s watch I have lost my home. more people are on welfare then at any other time in the history of the United States, there are few jobs to be had. Right now part time help is being hired for the Christmas after New Years they will once again on the employment line and welfare. The layoffs have already started, being announced the day after the election. When companies aren’t producing goods trucking will have little to haul.

  • stacyliterski

    you sound like one of the freeloaders that live off of the taxes that working men provide to your ever-growing government.

  • Don Lanier

    When Americans decide that a PARTY is more Important then OUR COUNTRY, when a Majority leader can say WELL MAKE SURE HIS PRESIDENCY IS ONLY ONE TERM, and then proceeds to do nothing as far as passing legislation thats needed to run and maintain THE PEOPLES LIVELIHOOD, they use words like COMMUNIST, MUSLIM, SOCIALIST. hate filled diatribe thats meant to DIVIDE and DISTRACT while they do nothing, and Corporations pour 800 MILLION dollars into an election and LOSE…Abut what if they won….??? Who would be the master then….The PRESIDENT, DULY ELECTED AND PAID FOR, Thank God there is a Multitude of Races, Nationalitys and Peoples in the United States of America, Or maybe they prefer NAZI GERMANY where One race, The Superrace decided and if you didnt fit the mold THEY KILLED YOU….no Im glad Barack Obama was reelected and the Old Past ways are changing, Its time as theyve really run the country into debt, Companies that have moved to China and profitted hugely while funding Political partys and hiding behind People Corporations. Its time ALL PEOPLE voices were part of this Great country, America and its time for our Legislature to begin the hard work and get us back to greatness, CONGRESS its your turn to be the leaders you claim to be, at least I hope you are.

  • R T

    You are a coward. The name is not false it simply describes what I do to those of you ilk.
    I do not need to kiss his ass. I voted and so did all the others including those whose vote they tried to suppress. I just hope and pray that everyone will be as motivated in 2 yrs.
    Consider yourself rebuked.

  • R T

    Why don’t you just go ahead and use the word you really want to use or are you afraid. Do you use it on the cb while rolling down the highway while listening to the race baiter rushelle limpbaugh?
    For a while I was worried that this country had devolved into what it was before and overtly racist society but these election results were a pleasant surprise. The electorate saw through the divisive tactics and didn’t succumb to fear ,greed and selfishness but voted for a country to build some thing together, not on the backs of some.
    Rebuke them.

  • R T

    Your every post reveals the depth of your stupidity and hate for the president because of the color of his skin. Did you vote for Mutt Romney because he’s white. Who’s the racist?

    Face facts you lost and America will win if the 60+ million people who voted stand up and demand that the congress work together to solve the problems and stop blocking

  • R T

    You blame Obama for losing your house, are you serious? You lost it because you couldn’t pay for it or some other reason not related to the president. You people are either so blind or willfully ignorant. How the heck do you know what happened in Benghazi? do you work for the government? Were you there?
    The republicans are responsible for the state of affairs we’re in now. The screwed it up in the 8 yrs they had it and then did everything to block the new administrations efforts to improve it.

  • R T

    That’s why we need campaign finance reform.
    The people have to stay informed, not be lazy and demand their legislators do the job for the people and stop lining their pockets with lobbyists money

  • greek

    White Pride Worldwide !

  • greek

    If the Germans had had a chance to finish the job the jew bankers would not have been around to screw us around an run our country ! And oboma would not be were the jews put him . 14/88 A-HOLE

  • greek

    The dam jews thats who !

  • greek

    You got that right !

  • Michael Snook

    Wow , talk about “haters” . Look in the mirror .

  • Mike Smith

    Yes, a piece of trash like you would support the very savages bring our country down, & attacking the very people who made this country what it was. Your a filthy despicable scum supporting the destruction of this country that Europeans built. Not the minority scum you support.

  • Mike Smith

    The truth hurts you & you try and diminish what I say with an empty headed statement.

    You face facts. What I say is true. Furthermore, Americans must recognize the truth I have put forward and start acting against these enemies. It’s time for a revolutionary war. This is why free speech & the 2rd are being attacked.

  • Jacob Chak

    Manifest Destiny? Really? You mean the systematic slaughter of an entire race of people? You racist idiots seem to forget we stole this country. So unless your name is Runs with Bears your opinion is moot. Take your racism and shove it up your ass.

  • jdeeds

    oh well i wonder if the native americans felt that way when your great grandfather was around

  • jdeeds

    who is this they that outsourced

  • jdeeds

    dont argue with that guyhe,s just like hitler and that group

  • gregbo

    We got tweedle dee instead of tweedle dum. Both parties are slaves of the debt money system designed to transfer wealth from the productive classes to the financial class. The value of labor has been stagnant since Nixon ended the gold standard to finance the war in Viet Nam despite huge increases in productivity. The cost of fuel isn’t going up, the value of your currency (and your labor) are going down. If you think dollars have value try investing in a CD. Not worth your trip to the bank? How about giving it to an investment bank and hoping you can get out before the next bubble busts. Without the FED continously creating monopoly money, we have no economy. That won’t change no matter which republicrat is in office. It is an unsustainable system that is on the verge of total collapse. You can have my last can of beans when you pry it from my cold dead fingers.

  • Bruce Kolinski

    Until we the people realize that the Establishment Right and the Marxist Left are just two sides of the same Globalist coin; and that as a result we the people lose every coin toss; we will continue to incrementally lose freedom and with it, our ability to prosper. We are becoming feudal serfs, which is hardly progressive is it?

  • Bruce Kolinski

    Thank you.

  • Bruce Kolinski

    Excuse me. Obama had the White House, U.S. Senate and the House for two straight years.

  • Kingtut

    You’re a nut job. Obama hasn’t got any experience. He was a first-term senator. He’s an Oreo whether most people don’t realize.

  • Kingtut

    Wayne, you’re a prejudicial twit! You don’t know Jack Shit!

  • George White

    for the last 20 years or so i havent liked our goverment. we need to kick out the good o’ld boys set term liments for all (house & senate members ) and stick to the constitution not change it to fit their needs.

  • wayne leverton

    I beg your pardon, I DO KNOW jack shit, and his name is Kingtut ( which translates to “King Twit” )

  • Marion

    I think you missed Bob’s point. If you haven’t taken Government 1 and 2 in college, you really don’t have any insight into how government works and therefore aren’t likely to add anything relevent to the conversation.

  • Marion

    Two little Nazis sit’n in a tree! K-i-s-s-i-n-g! Greek and Mike, you two should get a room!

  • Steve

    It isn’t that Romney lost, it almost doesn’t matter who runs against Oblamer, what hurts is that Oblamer wins with the entitlement vote – which now outnumbers the worker vote.
    Unless you get a government check every week, hang on – the next 4 years are going to be tough.

  • Alex

    Yes obama was reelected and i am not happy either. Now we have to continue to move forward. Pushing the people in Washington to work for us not for their own interests. My biggest concern is the dollar value but i also concern myself with tax increases. Our government, both parties have shown the inability to run our country on a budget. Right now the only thing protecting the middle class from paying more taxes is that they have not increased the rich taxes yet. Yes the rich could probably pay a little more but when that money runs out who will be the next to pay the higher taxes? We need Americans to take accountability in their lives. We need to stand strong for our families and realize that we are what makes the difference in our families well doing. The government programs will only weaken you and take away the fire you need to succeed. When problems occur they make us stronger in mind and in lesson. Over coming the challenges of life is what makes us better. Please America stop relying on our government to shape your life and lets take control of our futures.

    Sincerely The Middle Class

  • Ray

    Why would you even post an article about this? Especially in light of the hate filled, racist comments you got on the subject over on your Facebook page? Truckers are by far the most ignorant, most racist, most intolerant group of people I’ve ever worked with. This industry could change if it weren’t for the ignorance that runs rampant within it. I’m embarrassed to even say I drive a truck for a living knowing it associates me with these people.

  • Mark Hayward

    Back in the Clinton Era they encouraged Fannie May and Freddie Mac to make loans to anyone to buy a house.. Even to people who could never repay the loans.. Bush even warned that Fannie and Freddie were out of control.. then the house Crash thanks to too many low % high risk loans that inflated home values.. but you think like a Liberal so you will never understand the truth !

  • Guest

    There is nothing unclear about what I wrote. I’ll say it again seen you missed it. Voters vote reps into office. When they get in to office they do what the corporations bribe them to do. The only one who has missed my point is YOU. If you don’t know history you are doomed to repeat it. It appears you know nothing about bribery in politics. You can forget what you learned, or didn’t learn, such as the case might be, in your government class. You probably believe there are two political groups too. “They are 2 wings of the same bird”. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.