Two more class action suits filed against Pilot Flying J

| April 29, 2013

pilot flying jPilot Flying J has now been sued for a second and third time in response to federal allegations that it defrauded carriers out of tens of millions of dollars in a rebate withholding scheme over nearly a decade-long period.

pilot-ed-arkansas-complaintBoth lawsuits are class-action lawsuits seeking settlement for certain Pilot customers “and all similarly situated.”

Pilot Flying J was hit with its first lawsuit April 20 by Hazlhurst, Ga., carrier Atlantic Coast Carriers. Like that one, the two filed this week stem from Pilot allegedly withholding rebates from carriers and engaging in deceptive business practices.

The two lawsuits seek settlement, damages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

One is being filed by Charles Winborn and W.T.W Enterprises, both in Alabama, and the other is being filed by National Trucking Financial Reclamation Services.

Overdrive sister site CCJ has the full story on the latest lawsuits — Click here to see the article.

PDFs of both lawsuit documents, however, are linked to the right.

  • Ghostrider

    I was a I/C with Schneider National and I always fueled at “Pilot” I was just thinking if Pilot did this ti them, and if so I might be able to file lawsuit. Just asking.

  • Todd Dills

    Given that these lawsuits are attempting to specify a class outside of primary litigants, my thought on this is that you could well be a class member whether you filed direct or not, depending on how the class is ultimately defined.

  • LandstarIdaho

    I believe you are correct. However, I think in this situation, Schneider would have to file the lawsuit and in return, reimburse it’s carriers accordingly. If a I/C is using Schneider’s fuel cards and taking advantage of the bulk fuel discounts, the driver may want to consider suing Schneider instead (since this information has come to light).

  • No Reform

    This really Highlights what a RIPOFF the trucking business is all the way down the line. Cant trust anybody. Thieving crooks everywhere….the cops are as bad as any of them…screwing the driver every chance they get and then laugh about it with their cops pals..while they Leach up Gov. Money.
    Trucking company Execs cheat the driver whenever they can..entire industry is a sham.

  • kiko kika

    mesilla valley trans. got ton of oil they make there oil like its going around and use it so any body notice that

  • Brown Eyed Country Girl, 6 yr

    I want to Sue Pilots, for ALL the MOLD I had to stand in, and Breathe In while getting my showers there. I strongly advised MANY ‘Managers’ to get the MOLD cleaned UP before I came back, or the County Health Dept just MIGHT be coming out to take a look.

  • Brown Eyed Country Girl, 6 yr

    Going PUBLIC with my 5 YEAR Attempt to GET MY MONEY from WERNERS! They MARKED my last two weeks loads ‘PAID’, but…they did NOT pay me! Base $750 plus Loads/Drops…= right at $2000.00. I had Direct Deposit; SENT them my Bank Statements. No Deposits. They sent me NO Checks, Money Orders, or Cash. WERNERS Co. is LIARS, AND THIEVES. I WANT MY $2000.00. Kathy Rains, Clearwater, Fla. ‘Brown-Eyed-Country-Girl’.

  • No Reform

    Alot of trucking companies steal from the driver like that…and get rich doing it. Sometimes if you CALL the Senior Officials and present your CASE..they will get ur money…Raise hell until they Pay Up. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.