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Drivers mostly support marijuana ballot results

| November 07, 2012

While most states were going either shades of blue or red Tuesday evening, Colorado and Washington state went green, as voters in both states approved initiatives to legalize the production, possession and distribution of marijuana for residents 21 years and older.

Overdrive sought feedback from readers in October for our monthly Hot Buttons section, and according to a pole, 56 percent of Overdrive readers who participated said marijuana should be legalized outright nationwide for any use, while 19 percent said it should be kept illegal, no exceptions. Click here to see the results of that poll and to see feedback from drivers and owner-operators. 

Of the comments on Overdrive‘s Facebook page Tuesday when the results were in, most seemed to favor the bills, while some seemed indifferent. Several dissenters also expressed nervousness over motorists driving under the influence of marijuana, while others seemed to disagree with the voters’ decision based on moral grounds.

Here’s are a few highlights from the comments:

Robert Duane Bogard: I support it — One step closer than 10 years ago.

Russ Morgan: Just what we need — more stoned drivers to be on the look out for.

Carina James: Create jobs (growth and cultivation), state funds through taxation, lessen the jail populations, decrease the amount of marijuana coming into the US illegally (because it’ll be available locally). What’s the downfall?

Michelle Mathews: Bad enough having drivers under the influence of alcohol. Now I have to watch out for the stoners.

Dawn Allen: My personal opinion: Legalize marijuana, ake alcohol illegal. You might be surprised at the outcome.

Chris Flowers: Guess we’ll buy live bottom trailers and haul the s***!

Guillermo Gonzalez: Me calling my dispatcher: “Got a load to Colorado?”

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  • Dave


  • dotdoctor

    While come drivers may fall under “Dave’s” description, I feel the group as a whole are much more professional. There are always a few bad apples that make the entire group look bad. Yes, all the things he listed do happen however I feel that demographic are a dying breed. PSP, drug tests and EOBRs are weeding out this type of driver. OTR freight is now moving via rail or on team only in greater percentages than ever before. All of this detracts from the “need” of such things.

    Most drivers I have encountered over my 25+ years in this industry have been courteous and caring about their appearance and driving record. Today drivers are proud they are ticket and accident free. The cowboys that collected trophy tickets and were reckless are fading. It is a new breed of drivers on the road today. Some are less skilled behind the wheel but with the digital age moving into the cab; they are the one’s trained to operate in today’s fleet.

    It was once cool to be rogue. To be the pill popping, coast to coast non-stopping runner. Today I hear more drivers raising concern about those who take such actions, are distracted in any way while behind the wheel and are concerned for this CDL as well as their personal hygiene and health.

    I can visualize a driver smoking a joint at end of the day to go to bed. Don’t approve but I can see that being the thought process behind this post of agreement to legalization of marijuana. As a majority, I find it hard to comprehend a driver getting stoned to roll down the road with 80k behind him/her. I know we are short on common sense these days but human preservation should kick in on this decision.

    I said kudos to the drivers who say NO! The four-wheelers are crazy enough. They work the laptop, tablet, text, cell, read the paper, read a book, put on makeup, shave, eat/drink, engage in sexual acts, change clothes and who knows what else while “driving”. If you are doing all that; you are not driving. You may be behind the wheel or even a steering wheel holder but you are not a driver. A driver concentrates on the road and removes distractions.

    Even is a miracle occurs and this stuff is legalized; I would have to believe enforcement regulations would be put in place to penalize those who “smoke and drive” just like someone who “drinks and drives”. Just because marijuana becomes legal does not mean it is legal to do so while behind the wheel. Reality dictates that those who do use, legal or not, are already making those types of choices. While legalization may add to the numbers slightly, I doubt there would really be a measurable increase in use while driving as to add to this concern.

  • KeepTruckin72

    It’s not a driving issue – we don’t ban alcohol or prescription drugs because someone might abuse their freedom to ingest those things into their own bodies. Driving high would carry the same penalties as alcohol or prescription drugs. It’s the safest inebrient that exists. Only ignorance and the ability to tax for drug wars keeps it illegal while alcohol – a much more dangerous and destructive drug – isn’t. It’s also the easiest drug to test for as it stays in the body much much longer than the other 4 categories tested.

  • Marty Marsh

    With random testing I don’t see that this will be a problem,most drivers are not drug addicts and are only trying to make a living. To suggest that the industry is full of people using drugs such as Dave has done,is nothing more than ridiculous. But I would agree that there are a lot of pigs.

  • HiDollar

    drivers will not drink alcohol or smoke marijuana and get behind the wheel. spending weeks on the road and coming home to a cold one or a cocktail or a hit on a joint what’s the difference

  • Shonda

    Make it legal, that’s all well and good, but I believe that it should be just like beer, etc.. If a CDL holder want’s to use it, they should have to test clean, before they are allowed back under the wheel of a possible 80,000 lbs. This, coming from a truck driver. I have seen what drugs can do while ” they” the drugs is behind the wheel, because if you use ANY drugs, it’s not the person in controll it’s the drugs..

  • D Zart

    only prob is the affects of weed are gone in a few hrs but the test just says you used it cause its in your system an takes 30 to 90 days to not been in a urine sample. They need a test that determines if you are high or not. Example. Im on vacation for two weeks smoke a joint the first day the affects are gone in afew hrs so i cant work for 30 to 90 days thats just rediculus.. Has a young man I smoke alot an would now cause its relaxing but making a living an doing what I love doing for last 17 YRS out ways so I don’t an haven’t for years. The testing is a sham they know the affects are gone in a few hrs the natural chemical called THC clings to the urine for the 30 to 90 days MAKE TESTING REFLECT WHETHER HIGH OR NOT what some was does on there time off should be there business…..

  • Scott

    I couldn’t have said it ANY BETTER! You’re exactly right. It makes absolutely no sense to restrict a driver from doing his job just because the THC clings to the urine for so long, when the actual “high” effect of the drug has long-since subsided. I think the only reason that this simple fact has not gained “traction” from a legislative standpoint is because the politicians who write the laws are afraid to attest to the truth for fear of losing their constituent base. I can understand that, but talk about DENIAL!

  • Scott

    Thank you for a very well expressed comment. I agree with just about every word you posted!

  • Guest

    Those that Drink or Smoke and drive do it any way, what just because they legalize it doesn’t mean you are going Drivers going down the road token just because it’s legal — there are responsible Drinkers and Smokers.

  • Robert Duane Bogard

    Those that Drink or Smoke and drive do it any way, Just because they legalize it doesn’t mean you are going to have Drivers going down the road token just because it’s legal — there are responsible Drinkers and Smokers.

  • Hard Pax

    Dave , You are the reason why birth control was invented to bad your parents didn’t listen, now we suffer.

  • Dave

    While the mentality of your response proves my point. I’ve been out here for a long time. That would be like giving a child a key to a candy store. There’s to many out there now that thank they know how to drive a 80,000lb truck. So, lets give them a free pass to be stoned while doing it? You or me may not be stoned while driving. And, keep it for the house. And that should be our business! Lets consider the facts. As with everything else, the idiots would screw up. Take advantage of the situation and make it worse on everyone else. And run over people. As far as the rest my response. I own trucks and as i said. I’ve been out here for along time. There’s nothing i said that isn’t true. And it doesn’t apply to the whole industry. Just a high percentage. Or, did i hit a nerve? Don’t we have more important things to worry about? While our industry goes down the drain and the government breaks us. You know important stuff. Regs, taxes etc. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.