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Todd Dills

Why is a JakeBrake important to you?

| September 26, 2011

Answer the question by November 15 and you may just win a weekend in Las Vegas March 9-12, 2012, around the time of the NASCAR events. JakeBrake makers Jacobs Vehicle Systems, as I wrote in May this year, share a 50th anniversary with Overdrive this year. To celebrate and thank customers, via their Facebook page they’re collecting drivers and owner-operators’ stories, pictures and video in answer to the question of the engine brake’s importance and sharing them as they come in. The story that gets the most votes from readers by the end of the run in November will be the winner.

Vote for the best of what’s come in as yet via this page, including Deborah Okolotowicz’s story of pulling doubles loaded to the doors with Miller beer (140,000 lbs.) and blowing a steer tire on a downgrade that disabled her air brake system — now that’s a crucial time to have the engine brake!

For info on how you can send in your own entry, check out this advertisement for it on Jacobs’ Facebook page. The main page is here.

  • mark major

    going up an down rockie mtns without one smoking your brakes every time.being pulled into truckee with cracked brake drums written up having them fixed.then smoking them again going eastbound to sacremento an doing it again.with a jake brake this never happened on worse grades than this.

  • Brent Robertson


    Thanks for posting this on your blog. It really is rare that an honest to goodness thank you comes around. This is one of them. I hope your readers take advantage of the opportunity!

  • Rob Tykal

    Todd, thanks for the blog! We’re really interested in hearing how truckers feel about their Jake, and how we can improve upon one of the best inventions the industry has ever seen! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.