Computing the owner-operator business — Part 2

| September 21, 2012

Other programs allow for direct links to load boards and other freight resources from within the software, such as Prophesy OnDemand. “You can post to load boards within the system,” says Bill Ashburn, creator of Prophesy’s Tax Tally IFTA product and current company vice president. “You can post a load or your equipment. And our software works with our own Prophesy mileage/routing system or PC*Miler.”

A version of the full-service TruckingOffice suite, developed by former owner-operator Allen Campbell (pictured here), is available online in a partnership with the load board as GetLoadedOps. Campbell says they’ve “grown from dozen a month signing up for a free trial in 2010 to 100 a month since July 2011.”

Programs like these are best characterized as full business management suites tailored toward small operations rather than basic trucking accounting software. Via MYSTC, for instance, a small fleet owner can do things like bring up “real-time MVRs anywhere in country” when considering new-driver hires for a $2 up-charge.

MYSTC is Web-based, making it portable between machines and places, Owen says. “You can access your data from your yacht, or you can manage it from your beds

With MYSTC, Owen says, “You don’t have any up-front costs” other than an $800 set-up fee for non-NASTC-member operators ($300 for members and $100 for operators who attend one of the organization’s new-entrants training seminars).

“If I were trying to go from a startup to a larger trucking company today,” says Owen, “I’d try to do it from the cab of my truck, using the Internet, with some damn good software.” strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.