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International ProStar named heavy-duty Truck of the Year by ATD

| January 27, 2014

The International ProStar with the Cummins ISX15 was named the ATD Truck of the Year.

International made a clean sweep of this year’s ATD Truck of the Year honors, as its long-haul ProStar with the Cummins ISX15 won ATD Truck of the Year in the heavy-duty market and the International TerraStar 4×4 won medium-duty Truck of the Year.

The announcements came Sunday at the American Truck Dealers Expo in New Orleans, La.

“It is an honor to be recognized this year with both the 2014 ATD Heavy-Duty and Medium-Duty Commercial Truck of the Year titles,” says Bill Kozek, president of North America Truck and Parts for Navistar, said after the announcements on Sunday. “Being recognized in both these categories proves International is back with great product offerings.”

The TerraStar 4x4 was named the Medium Duty Truck of the Year.

The TerraStar 4×4 was named the Medium Duty Truck of the Year.

The judges — veteran trucking journalists who judged the trucks on innovation, design, safety and driver satisfaction — say they liked the ProStar’s simple trim and the power of the Cummins big-bore engine, along with the truck’s overall maneuverability. It beat out the Kenworth T880 and the Peterbilt 579. 

The TerraStar got high marks for its towing ability, tilting hood and roomy interior. It was competing against the Hino 195h-DC, the Kenworth 370 and the Peterbilt 220.

The victories mark a bright spot in International parent company Navistar’s turn-around efforts, which began in September 2012, when it announced it would be moving away from its EGR-only approach to meeting EPA emissions regs and partnering with Cummins to implement an SCR-based strategy. 

The company reported $3 billion in net losses in 2012, following the beginning of its transition. That number, however, dropped to $898 million in 2013. 

It also reported stronger sales in the fall.

  • Mike Smith

    There’s no mention if this truck has been in the shop for warranty repairs, or any repairs for that matter. It’s a little hard to believe this article when it seems many drivers are complaining about brake downs.

    I do hope, as this article seems to suggest, that the engine manufacturers have solved the emission problems that damage these engines. Damage like the damage to the turbos, etc., do to Soot build up in the engines, from the emissions controls on the trucks.

  • Dave Nichols

    i have one. It costs 5.6cpm more for maintainence, 57.8 cpm for fuel, vs 52.5 cpm for my older trucks, so in my average year it costs me over $12,000 more to run an emmision truck with no increase in rates.

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  • Milk Man

    It’s hard to believe that International could win such a prize after they placed on the market the”Maxx Force” engine. This so-called “advanced EGR” engine has cost companies,owner ops,and company drivers lots of money in constant breakdowns! These engines were never any good an International knew this.

  • Mrslosh

    The article says it won with the Cummins ISX15 not the Maxxforce engine, but our company is testing one of the new 2014 Maxxforce 13L with the Cummins exhaust and so for so good. The real test is when the 2014 engine hits about 130,000 miles thats when my 2013 emission problems started.

  • tater relocater

    It was chosen by journalists not actual truck drivers. A journalist may see the truck for a week, the driver sees it while it is at work. Driving on rough roads for 4 years. No comparison. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.