George & Wendy Show

Wendy Parker

It finally happened

  • quickphil

    Things happen no matter what you do ! Be sure to check landstars safety dept report after a few months too ! As you can never be to careful on these kind of things

  • cw

    But he didn’t have a accident ….the other party did

  • David Jesse

    It might go on his psp for a recordable accident , it was a tow away , did George get a drug and alcohol test ? Should request one anytime there is a accident . Keep copies of everything including pictures ,it might come back latter , been there . He will have a dot recordable on his record for 5 years .

  • joe bielucki

    I like your thinking on being thankful instead of being angry. I had a fatal accident at 22 years of driving wasn’t my fault and my insurance dropped me! Dot audit, truck impounded etc. I’m still here in business, it sucks when it happens but you have to think of the odds vs miles overall, 29 years is great, good job George! You just can’t prevent these things sometime.

  • Richard Wilson

    This is the very problem with the Accident portion of CSA! No fault just based on the Criteria for a Recordable accident, Perfect example how this is an unfair Status of a driver or Company really does not reflect the true accountability of the carrier or driver, it justs gives the FMCSA more data to use for thier benefit, and not for Safety. Again CSA and recordable accidents= Enforcement not safety!

  • Richard Wilson

    It will unfortunately go as a recordable, If he is not charged he doesn’t need to post accident test!

  • ironage

    For the record….in North Carolina, the State Patrol and DMV Enforcement are one and the same.

  • JJMcClure

    Screw Landstar….this is why people should have their own authority. A guy hits you and you have to jump through hoops…claim an injury and take the summer off. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.