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Med examiner rule takes effect: Drivers must now use FMCSA-approved docs

| May 21, 2014

examinerDespite recent attempts by trucking trade groups to delay the effective date of the rule, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s rule to require drivers to be medically certified by examiners approved by the agency became effective May 21.

Drivers’ current medical cards are still valid until the date shown on their certification, but when renewing their current certification — or for new drivers being certified for the first time — they must use an examiner in the agency’s registry.


Overdrive’s Truckers Tools offers easy access to FMCSA registry of med examiners

In line with the effective date of the federal rule requiring drivers to see an FMCSA-approved medical examiner for DOT physicals, Overdrive has released in ...

FMCSA spokesperson Duane DuBruyne said May 17 that the registry has 21,600 examiners in the registry and is set to approve 4,000 more this week. 

That total number — roughly 25,000 — is still about half of what FMCSA hopes to have and the number the agency’s rule said it would need to serve the 4.4 million drivers subject to the rule’s requirements.

But the agency did announce this week that an additional 27,000 examiners had started the process of being added to the registry.

Both the American Trucking Associations and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association had formally requested a delay in the rule until more examiners were added to the agency’s rolls.

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However, since their requests, the agency has been on an examiner-approving spree, clearing about 15,000 examiners in the last few weeks.

Examiners in the registry must be retrained and recertified periodically, too, FMCSA says. 

The agency earlier this year announced a delay to part of the rule, pushing back the date through which drivers must continue to carry paper copies of their medical certification to Jan. 30, 2015, from Jan. 30, 2014. 

  • guest

    They do look at BMI….to determine sleep apnea TESTING rquirements as
    per Government Mandate….Hellish Nightmare in the doctor’s office now.

  • PattyCakes

    Why would any Doctor with half-a-brain associate themselves with this fiasco … mind boggling, simply mind boggling.

    Yo’ Doc, did ya’ give it any thought that now that you’re ‘ Certified ‘, you’ve given any 2-bit-ambulance-chaser more ammo for his Truck Crash case ?

    ‘ Jeepers Mr. Wilson, why did my Malpractice Rates just go up ? ‘

  • Douglas

    Why don’t all members of the FMCSA have to take the same physicals as us. If we have to live by all their rules, then they should too.

  • ex-trucker

    this is exactly why I got out of this dysfunctional industry. good luck to those of you who choose to stay.

  • Patty Cakes

    BINGO, friend … BINGO !

    How many of these Pencil Pushers would be unemployed if they had to meet the same Regs + Requirements they are immune from , but use to hold us hostage !

  • Patty Cakes

    If I read the Update correctly, there is no ” Mandate “, just a ‘ Recommendation ‘ .

    Apparently most Docs are attempting to get their ‘ Kickback ‘ from the Sleep Apnea industry and lead their clients into believing the Testing + Machine are ‘ Mandatory ‘, which is apparently Total BS and a scam.

    Believe I saw info posted OOIDA.

  • jose

    thank god I am out of this “health and safety” industry, thanks again smh

  • Sam

    I used my own doctor for 22 years, but 2014 my company finally existed on me using FMCSA doctor sat Concentra clinics and I still got a two year card. So I was stressed over nothing except excepting change and I’m going to have to change old ways or get out of trucking.
    I have two more yeas to make my mind up but either way the stress is over for awhile.

  • Jeff

    Looking over the list with in 25 mile radius of my home 20, half of the examiners are chiropractors. I also noticed in one office alone there are 3 people certified. I no this office they do my IFTA reports.

  • DAGR

    I revised this for you….”I used my own doctor for 22 years but in 2014 my company finally expected me to use an FMCSA doctor at a Concentra clinic. I still received a two year card. So, I was stressed over nothing while accepting the changes, but is now clear to me that I now need to change my old ways or get out of trucking all together. I have two more years to make a decision, but either way the stress is over for now”….We all feel your pain in this industry. Best Wishes.

  • Sam

    It is only required if you are very over weight and have a huge neck due form fat build up..
    I took my DOT physical this month form a qualified FMCSA doctor and he never said a word about it,but I am not over weight

  • Sam

    I know you meant well but there was Really no need to revise my words. Even if written rather quickly
    I think every driver could understand what I was saying ,
    It was a nice of you to to say
    (We all feel your pain in this industry. Best Wishes. )
    But I am still a truck driver and stubborn as a mule.

  • Sam

    my company is making our safety department take the same physicals required for drivers,

  • Sam

    Very true and I used to feel like that but being diabetic for past 25 years has showned me that I personally had to take control of my problem. Sometimes it feels like a circle that I have to take medicine and exercise to drive, and then I have to drive to pay for medicine and doctor bills. But I have grown to understand healthy is better for me and I have seen some very unhealthy drivers that can barley walk from the fueling pumps to the showers without breathing hard.
    Truth is every industries does t to themselves and the pendulum is swinging the other way . I wish you luck wherever you go,

  • kevin

    What I want to know is why does government hate small business . And why are we all just sitting by and letting them distroy all of us its time to say enough . Or are all of us just a bunch of azz kissing pansies

  • DAGR

    I understand. Been a driver since 1990.

  • havocc

    Everyone wants to complain but do nothing about it. There is always something to do about it it you idiots think about it and stop being afraid of losing your job. Soon there won’t be a regular trucking next it it will be 9 to 5 and you will still do nothing about but complain.

  • kevin

    Just so you know I have been an o/o for over 20 years and haved tried to talk to people like you with all the answers and none of the action I have been to every action or rally that I have heard of . You sound like an oboma and one world government supporter

  • gemstoneprincess

    I think it’s been allowed to go to far, to long. Just like Illegal Immigration. Democracy is Dead. It’s all being Dictated. Freedom, ain’t nothing anyone will die for in their own country. You gotta be a poor little Iraqi. Remember Bush saying after the we are going for Bin Laden, then weapons of Mass Destruction, then it was to set the poor little Iraq’s free, you know that war?? It’s all lies, on all sides and Freedom in our own country is the enemy. And people don’t care.

  • Empty

    If BP is so critical to save driving, why doesn’t every driver from non CDL to CDL drivers have to pass

  • wow

    Hellish is is dead on. i wnt today to renew my dot card. doctor stated i failed the eye test. went from doc office to eye doctor 10 mins down the street. had and payed for a full exam. passed with flying colors. went back to doc who said i cant see gave him the eye doctors paper work. still no card with out glasses. so what to do now?

  • Steve

    It is not a government mandate…read the latest issue of Truckers News. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.